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Why You Need to be Using Facial Massage For Lymphatic Drainage

Are you interested in using facial massage as a form of lymphatic drainage in order to get a thin face? Or are you looking for ways to get healthy skin?

In this article you will find all of the information that you could possibly need on lymphatic massage!

We will be talking about its benefits for your skin as well as how you can do it at home and what products to use.

Everything has been broken down into easy steps for you to follow so that you can achieve the best results!

So, keep reading to find out why you need to start massaging your face for healthy clear skin. As well as why the lymphatic system is so important!

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Facial Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

Facial massage is something that I am a huge advocate for as I think it is so beneficial to the skin!

It can help in such a variety of ways from increasing blood circulation, creating a thin face, giving clear skin, and removing excess fluid.

It is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine and will allow your skin to have a bit more pampering.

To find out how to perform facial massage on yourself keep reading until the end. Where we will discuss how to give yourself a massage and what products are best to use in combination.

You can also check out this article on Facts You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing. As the oil cleansing method can also be used as a facial massage technique.

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Decreases Puffiness

Sometimes our faces can become chronically puffy due to a sluggish lymphatic system. This isn’t always the case, but it couldn’t hurt trying now could it?

If you suspect that your face is puffy from congestion you could try lymphatic massage in order to get a thin face.

Facial swelling can also be caused by fluid being held in the facial tissue and by massaging your skin you are helping the lymph nodes to remove that excess fluid.

Doing so can greatly help to decrease facial swelling and puffiness and result in a much thinner face!

You could also try the other optional technique of using a jade roller to massage your face. It works wonderfully for puffiness as it is cold to the touch!

facial massage

Encourages Healthy Circulation

The lymphatic system and circulatory system work hand in hand which is why facial massage also benefits your circulation.

Healthy circulation will benefit your lymphatic system and vice versa!

In general, facial massage is wonderful for your tissues circulation as you are encouraging healthy blood flow.

Which will result in healthy skin that will generally look and feel better as it is getting proper amounts of blood flow.

Removes Toxins

The lymphatic system is there as a way of transporting and removing certain waste. This waste includes toxins, bacteria, and excess fluid usually.

Sometimes our lymphatic system can become stagnant and less active which can result in these wastes building up.

By encouraging lymphatic drainage through lymphatic massage, you are helping the lymphatic system to do its job.

Facial massage contributes to this process as it encourages excess fluid and waste build up to move towards the lymph nodes.

Creates Healthy Skin

Some research has shown that lymphatic massage can create healthy skin as it helps with the anti-aging process.

Not much of this research is conclusive but it shows a promising hope that face massaging can help to get healthier and clearer skin.

It might be able to help skin from sagging and wrinkling with age by improving its elasticity. It might prove to be a natural way of slowing down the aging process by strengthening the lymphatic system.

Grape seed oil is an especially good option when using facial massage for anti-aging purposes. As it is great for mature or wrinkled skin!

Massaging your face also just generally improves the texture and appearance of your skin!

How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

When it comes to giving yourself a face massage you can make it as easy or as complicated as you please.

There are only a few simple guide lines to follow and the rest is up to you to decide!

I personally like to do use this face massage on a nightly basis to help relax my facial muscles and to prepare for sleep.

I started out with a massage that lasted ten minutes but now only do it for about three to five minutes. And it works just as well even with less time.

  • Use a serum or facial oil on your skin to start
  • Start wherever you like on the face always moving outwards
  • Apply firm pressure and glide your fingers across your face
  • Move from your chin down your neck
  • Start at your nose and move outwards towards your ears
  • Work your fingers down the bridge of your nose
  • Apply pressure at your eyebrows and glide up towards your hairline

You can repeat these massage movement as frequently or as few times as you like. Just make sure to always move outwards and to only apply firm pressure.

If you feel your skin pulling you are applying too much pressure, or you do not have enough serum or facial oil.

You could also use a facial tool such as this jade roller instead of your hands if that is your preference.

Do this facial massage as frequently as twice a day or a few times a week to see results.

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What Products to Use in Combination

The truth of the matter is that you can use just about any facial oil or serum to do your facial massage.

The only product that I wouldn’t recommend is a water-based moisturizer or lotion. As they soak in too quickly and will leave you pulling on your skin.

The best product to use is a product that you already have in your skincare routine. If you have a nightly oil or serum that you use this is the perfect time to use it.

Just use a little more product than you would normally use. The movement of massaging your face will also help your product of choice to absorb that much better!

Some oils that I would highly recommend and often use myself are:


Do you practicing facial massaging at home or are you just looking into it? If you have tried it let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your experience with it!

Lymphatic massage can be such a great thing to incorporate into your skincare routine! Not only for the health of your skin but for all of the important muscles and vessels that work so hard beneath it.

Whether you want to start massaging your face for lymphatic drainage, puffiness, youthful skin, or as a relaxing activity. I am certain that you won’t regret it!

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