why use rosehip oil for the face

Why Use Rosehip Oil for the Face and Why it’s so Good for Your Skin

Have you heard of one of the most underrated skincare oils out there called rosehip oil? Ever wondered what the big deal is and why use rosehip oil for the face.

That is what we are going to be talking about today. All about the reasons why you should use rosehip oil for the face. For your skin just in general because rosehip oil is just that good!

There is an unbelievable amount of specialty oils out there to add into your skincare routine and it can be hard to know what to use.

If your anything like me, you will understand the ridiculous pull to want to try every option under the sun. But that isn’t good for our skins needs and it most certainly isn’t good for your bank account!

If I were to only be able to recommend one facial oil it would be rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is an all around beneficial oil for your skin that gives almost everyone positive results.

So, if you want to know more about how and why use rosehip oil for the face then keep reading.

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What are Rosehips?

Rosehips are considered to be the fruit of a rose plant. The rosehips are what stores the seeds and is where the roses themselves spring up from.

They are considered to be some of the most highly concentrated sources of vitamin C. Which is why you will often hear them being referred to in herbal medicine.

It is the seeds which is where the oil is extracted from. Which is why some brands of rosehip oil are called rosehip seed oil. Either way they are all made from the seeds.

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why use rosehip oil for the face

Why Use Rosehip Oil for the Face

Rosehip oil is one of those specialty facial oils that packs a powerful skin loving punch without being ridiculously expensive.

It can take the place of many other products that you have stashed away giving you more bang for your buck. As well as simplifying your skincare routine without having to take away from your skins needs.

Rosehips are incredibly beneficial little botanicals and I will be going more in depth on why that is below.

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Rich in Skin Loving Nutrients

Rosehips are full of all of the good stuff such as vitamins A and C. 

Our skin loves vitamins which is one of the reasons why rosehip oil is so good for the face as the skin there is very delicate and easily damaged.

It is believed that rosehip oil can even be used to treat eczema as it contains an anti-inflammatory fatty acid.

Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants that help to fight inflammation and irritation.

The combination of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins are what makes rosehip oil such a good option for our skin.

When combined these properties are extremely nourishing to our skin and help it to better do its job. We have to remember how much stress is put on our skin at times and how important it is to make sure that its being well cared for.

This rosehip oil is the brand that I often buy from. It is very affordable and has always been good quality!

Toning and Brightening to Skin

Rosehip oil has a very brightening effect on the skin as the fatty acids in rosehip oil help to deeply nourish and moisturizer the skin.

It is also an astringent which helps it to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

This creates an equally effective treatment for skin while remaining moisturizing and gentle on the skin. Unlike some facial toners and brighteners that you might buy in a store.

The vitamins and fatty acids in rosehips also make it a handy option for reducing scars on the skin. By helping your skin generate more collagen to reduce signs of scarring. Helping to smooth them out and remove discoloration over time.

Some say that rosehip oil can even work as a treatment for stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. That should be taken with a grain of salt, however. 

You can even find rosehip oil in a roll on form for ease of use. This rosehip oil roll on would be a good option for easy application to specific areas or for traveling!

Treats Aged and Sun damaged Skin

The high amounts of vitamin C that rosehip oil contains makes it a great option for sun damaged skin. As vitamin C helps to protect your skin cells from the side effects of sun damage and sun exposure.

It can help to reduce your chances of early aging in relation to excessive sun exposure and sun damage. Helping as well to reduce your chances at getting age spots further on down the road.

Some people swear by rosehip oils ability to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles but there is no evidence to back that up.

If anything, I would consider rosehip oil to be a good skincare addition in order to prevent the signs of aging rather than reverse them.

Ways to Use Rosehip Oil in Your Skincare Routine

There are many ways that you can incorporate rosehip oil into your skincare regime.

The simplest way being to just apply the oil directly to your face as a facial oil. Preferably however, it is best to mix it with another oil such as sweet almond oil or any other option that you prefer.

You could use rosehip oil a kind of spot treatment. Dabbing the oil in the places on your skin that need the most work such as dry spots and areas that are discolored.

This best selling rosehip oil roll on is a great option for on the go use or as a spot treatment!

One way that I like to easily incorporate rosehip oil into my skincare routine is to apply a few drops into my morning moisturizer. Enjoying its benefits while minimizing the oiliness of using pure rosehip oil.

You could also go a step further and make your own rosehip oil facial serum with the addition of another carrier oil and essential oils.

You can use this recipe from Root + Revel for her Facial Oil Blend that includes rosehip oil and a few other goodies!

How you decide to use rosehip oil for your skin is completely up to you and one way might work better for you than another.

I almost always use my rosehip oil in combination with this rosewater as they pair so nicely together.


After reading all of the benefits of rosehip oil you might be able to understand now why it is a popular option. And why I would personally recommend everyone to at least try it out to see if it works for them.

Rosehip oil is affordable and easy to find which is something that I always take into consideration. I have even included links to the kinds of rosehip oil that I have purchased and enjoyed!

Do you use rosehip oil? Has it worked for you? Or do you use a different kind of facial oil?

Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your experience and preferences!

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Be the first to treat yourself to this excellent brand of rosehip facial oil! It is just a small investment for the good for your skin.


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