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Why Should You Eat Raw Garlic? How and Why I Eat Raw Garlic Daily

Why should you eat raw garlic? Have you ever considered eating a clove of raw garlic? No? Well you definitely should because raw garlic packs a powerful punch of healthy goodness.

I don’t know about you, but I always used to think of October through December being the sickest months of the year. But now I’m starting to feel as though more of us are getting sick in the beginning of the year.

Though eating raw garlic doesn’t have to be about just keeping the seasonal sickness away that is the way that I discovered its benefits.

I had never really thought about eating garlic because why should you eat raw garlic? Its pungent and sharp and not something that I was too excited about in the beginning.

If you are like me and feel skeptical then keep reading because I’m going to get into the science of why you should eat raw garlic! Plus, how you can do it.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

Why Should You Eat Raw Garlic?

Below I’m going to get into all of the reasons why you should eat raw garlic but first why do you want to eat raw garlic?

Most likely you are after the health benefits of consuming garlic raw. Its important when starting a healthy habit to understand why you are starting it in the first place.

If you approach it with just a vague idea of achieving better health, you most likely won’t see the benefits because they are on a smaller scale.

Whether you want to start consuming raw garlic to ward off seasonal illnesses, allergies, or get more nutrients into your diet it’s important to know what you are after.

The History of Garlic

The history of garlic is quite a long one as there are records that mention it as far back as when the pyramids were being built.

Even Hippocrates would prescribe garlic for many different health issues. Such as for eliminating parasites, respiratory issues and problematic digestion.

Garlic was used as a kind of performance enhancement food for Olympic athletes.

Eventually, like most things’ garlic traveled across the world and became a staple ingredient for many different cultures.

It was most often used for digestive issues, bronchitis, flatulence, internal parasites and colic.

Nutrient Rich

Garlic is absolutely packed with all of the good stuff that our body needs to operate at optimal function!

It contains vitamins such as B6 and vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, copper, selenium and magnesium.

One of the biggest reasons to eat garlic in raw form is because cooking it often decreases these nutrients or completely removes them. Then we end up missing out on all of those important vitamins and minerals that garlic has to offer.

why you should eat raw garlic

It is Anti-Inflammatory

Garlic thas have been shown to reduce cancer in several ways. Though garlic will not cure cancer it could definitely help prevent and treat it.

Garlic also helps to protect the body from free radicals which can lead to serious health issues. One of the main ones being different forms of cancer.

It contains an anti-inflammatory compound called diallyl disulfide which can help to fight inflammation in the body.

As well as help to treat diseases that stem from chronic inflammation such as arthritis.

For chronic inflammatory health issues it would be best to take garlic on a regular basis for best results.

Such as using hassle free garlic products like these handy garlic capsules for ease of use!

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Behaves like a Natural Antibiotic

The diallyl disulfide that garlic contains has been shown to be a more effective treatment than many antibiotics.

Though garlic should not be used as a replacement for antibiotics. If they are needed garlic can help to reduce your need to ever take antibiotics.

Garlic has been shown to be specifically useful in treating intestinal infections.

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Supports the Immune System

Garlics antimicrobial qualities make it a wonderful way to strengthen your immune system.

The fact that it also contains vitamin C is very beneficial in upkeeping your immune system and keeping it healthy.

There isn’t much evidence to show that garlic improves symptoms of seasonal and viral illnesses. But it has been shown to decrease your risks of getting them.

If you consume raw garlic regularly you just might slip through cold and flu season unscathed!

Why I Eat Raw Garlic 

I started eating raw garlic when I came down with my second sinus infection in two months. I was sick of being sick and congested so I decided to experiment with many different home remedies.

Once I had recovered from that sinus infection, I had a scabies outbreak in my house. Yikes, I know!

So, in my desperation to avoid getting the scabies I started to eat raw garlic. In the hopes that it would act as an internal pesticide.

Then allergy season hit without warning and I started taking garlic regularly again to ward of the sinus infection. As I could feel it creeping up on me.

And it worked!

I have stopped taking raw garlic everyday as I found it to be a bit hard on my stomach. But any time I feel my allergies getting worse or a sinus infection on the way I start taking raw garlic regularly again and see an instant difference.

If you plan on taking garlic regularly I would highly recommend you treat yourself to something like these garlic capsules!

Are you wondering why you should eat raw garlic? Well speaking from experience I think that you can eat raw garlic for a number of reasons.

I just personally enjoy using raw garlic as a way to manage allergies and to nip infections in the bud.

You can read more in this article on Natural Allergy Relief Remedies about the remedies that I have used to treat allergies!

How I Eat Raw Garlic

When I first tried eating raw garlic, I came across so many articles about the dangers of swallowing whole cloves of garlic. That kind of seemed like a no brainer to me but apparently that has been an issue.

So, don’t try swallowing raw garlic whole. Just don’t do it!

The first method I tried was to cut the garlic clove segment into small bits and pieces and take them like pills. 

That method worked okay but the edges of the garlic pieces often scrapped my throat on their way down which was pretty unpleasant.

The method that I use now is to zest a garlic clove segment with a citrus zester and mix it into about half of a tablespoon of olive oil. I then take this like a shot and wash it down with plenty of water.

The raw garlic can burn your mouth a little but for the most part the olive oil helps to coat it and protect your mouth.

Other Ways to Incorporate Raw Garlic into Your Diet

Some other ways that I have seen people consume raw garlic is by adding it to honey. I would personally never do this as just the thought grosses me out too much, but it might work for you.

Emillie from Fermenting For Foodies has a post on a Honey Fermented Garlic Recipe if you want to get creative.

I have even heard of people making a garlic tea or smoothie which I guess is only for the bravest of people to try. You can count me out on that one!

Some tastier ways of eating raw garlic is to add it to salad dressings or foods such as avocado toast.

If you just can’t handle the taste of raw garlic whatsoever but still want to reap its benefits, then there are other less offensive options.

There are many brands that carry products such as garlic capsules and tinctures that are made in a way to preserve its benefits.

You could try these garlic capsules for ease of use or this garlic extract.


If you are looking to nip those allergies or seasonal illnesses in the bud, then raw garlic is the way to go!

I am a huge fan of low cost and low maintenance remedies that actually work, and this remedy is just that.

Garlic is affordable, easy to find and incredibly beneficial in many different ways. It is one of the ultimate home remedies in my opinion!

Would you be interested in eating raw garlic for its health benefits? If so you might want to treat yourself to these hassle free garlic capsules.


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