why am I always hungry on a plant-based diet?

Why Am I Always Hungry on a Plant-Based Diet? And How to Fix it

Why am I always hungry on a plant-based diet? Well I’m glad that you asked that because your worries are over.

Say goodbye to ‘hangry’ days and less than adequate meals because it’s time to structure your meals according to what foods have the most to offer.

So, put down that salad. No, I mean it! For as long as your reading this article the word salad isn’t in your vocabulary anymore.

It’s time to stop focusing on what we have been told is healthy and start focusing on what is satisfying! Eating plenty of green leafy things is all well and good. But at the end of the day you’re going to be left hungry and unsatisfied.

It’s time to get creative and go a bit wild. Discover new foods and new meals. Get creative and make strange food combinations!

If there’s one thing that I believe and would happily shout from the rooftops. It is that food should be enjoyable. Food should be a treat.

I never have and never will believe in force feeding yourself because a certain kind of food is healthy. First look at it to see if it is satisfying and filling then look to see if it is healthy. Because just healthy doesn’t always cut it!

If you want even more inspiration on creating healthy and filling plant-based meals. Then check out this Plant Based Diet for Beginners Cook Book for more meal ideas!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

Why am I Always Hungry on a Plant-Based Diet?

We have all heard it before, right? That never-ending joke that revolves around a plant-based diet. How no one believes that any of the food is filling or that it even tastes good.

Well I’m going to blow someone’s mind because food is food. It isn’t the food that is unsatisfying it is how it is prepared. I promise you that an unseasoned steak is going to be just as appealing as a plate full of raw broccoli for dinner.

That being said, it is a common issue for people to be hungry when switching to a plant-based diet. The foods are often water based such as vegetables. And if you don’t know any better you might still be eating regular portions.

Number one rule when eating plant-based foods. Eat more, eat more, eat more! Don’t skimp on the portion sizes! Remember these foods are often lighter and lower in calories. So you need to bulk up those portions in order to feel satisfied.

What’s the second rule you ask? Well it’s to make sure that your incorporating filling foods into your meals and snacks.

Don’t just sit down to a veggie platter or a warm salad. You have to incorporate more filling foods into every meal to balance it out and create a substantial dish!

If your interested in reading more on the topic of food. Then check out this article on Eating Healthy on a Budget for more inspiration.

Filling Foods to Include in Your Diet

You may be feeling a bit lost when it comes to food and that’s very understandable. Plant based food completely dismantles the average plate that was given us as we were growing up. You know? That vegetable, starch, meat combo?

Why are you always hungry on a plant-based diet? Well it’s because you haven’t reinvented what your meals look like. It’s time to get creative!

always hungry on a plant based diet


Potatoes are one of the most cost effective and tasty options that you have on a plant-based diet. Now I might be bias because potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. But I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like them!

They are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Many of which can be preserved during coking by leaving the skin on the potato. They are primarily made up of carbs those wonderful things that help to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Recently potatoes have gotten a bad reputation because they are primarily made up of carbs. But people forget that many sources of carbs are actually good. Potatoes have almost no fat!

And though potatoes are quite low in protein it has been shown that the quality of protein is actually higher than some legumes!

Many people see potatoes as only a side dish but really, they make an excellent star of a meal. And you can count on those carbs keeping you nice and full until your next meal.

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Grains are another food group that seem to have been getting a bad reputation the last few years. But entire cultures have survived off of mainly grains and nothing ese for centuries so are they really that bad?

When we talk about grains, we are talking about a huge variety. Such as rice, oats, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet and quinoa. There is such a wonderful variety that you would never tire of adding grains into your diet with these options!

Grains such as this quinoa are also very popular options that are a bit healthier.

Grains are all very well known for containing high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Many grains are also high in protein which is something to keep in mind. Not just because the absence of meat in your diet. But also, because protein helps you to feel fuller after eating.

Fiber is another element of grains that is very important for a healthy diet. It helps the GI tract to run smoothly as well as help you to feel full and satisfied after eating.

Fiber is so filling that many diet drink brands add it to their recipes!

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Now I’ll admit that I didn’t really want to include beans in this list. I mean who hasn’t heard people talk about the need to eat beans on a plant-based diet?  But I decided to add them in anyways.

Like grains there is a wide variety of beans to choose from such as garbanzo beans, black beans, navy beans and pinto beans just to name a few.

Beans are high in minerals and protein as many of you probably know. They are also high in carbs and fiber which as we talked about before is important for a well-rounded diet.

Beans are incredibly nutrient dense foods which makes them optimal options for a diet mainly based around water rich foods such as vegetables.


Avocados are going to be your best friend believe me! They are not only tasty and mild enough to be added to a variety of dishes, but they are very nutritious as well.

They contribute a rich number of vitamins and minerals as well as monosaturated fat which is a very heart healthy fat. One of the only good fats!

The fat in avocado can even help the body to better absorb fat soluble vitamins like K, D, E and A.

The rich amount of good fats in avocado can help to keep you fuller and feeling more satisfied with your meals. Avocado can be added to nearly every meal in order to enjoy their health benefits and the healthy fats that we could all use a little more of.


Adding a fruit like bananas to this list makes it seem a bit like the odd ball of the group but believe me, this food deserves to be here.

Bananas are one of the most nutrient dense fruits that you can choose from. They are full of healthy fiber which helps to keep your digestive tract running as it should. Also helping you to stay fuller between and after meals.

They are also full of good carbs, vitamins and minerals such as potassium! 

Many people rely on bananas when they aren’t going to have time to eat a meal or when they are going to be doing a hard workout. That is because bananas are fuel food. They help you to feel full and satisfied until you can eat your next meal.

How to Make More Filling Meals and Snacks

Now that you have a better idea of what foods are more filling for a plant-based diet you can get creative with that information.

You can even buy a cookbook to help inspire you such as this Simply Vegan Cookbook.

I have personally found that using a meal planner is especially helpful when creating meals!

When deciding what kinds of meals to make try making the main component a starchy food like potatoes or a high protein food like beans. Then fill up on all of the wonderful sides that you enjoy eating.

Try eating half an avocado or a banana in-between meals as light snack to keep you going if you are feeling hungry. These kinds of snacks can only add to your diet in good ways. Not like the typical kinds of unhealthy snacks that come to mind.

If you always seem hungry but can’t seem to eat a lot in one sitting, try making bulked up smoothies. Smoothies are a great option for eating more without feeling like your stuffing yourself to the brim.

You can throw in some seeds, avocado and a banana and you have yourself a powerhouse smoothie filled only with good things. And if you really want to create a nutrient dense smoothie try adding in this plant-based vega protein powder. It’s one of the protein powders that I use and it packs a punch!

You can also check out this article on Flax Seed Benefits to see why you should be adding flax seeds into your smoothes for even more added nutrition!

One main cause of always feeling hungry or unsatisfied on a plant-based diet is that your trying to live off of substitutes or packaged food. Fresh and homemade food is always going to be your secret weapon because it is more filling and nutrient dense.

And don’t hesitate to treat yourself to an easy food option like this plant-based protein powder!

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Why am I always hungry on a plant-based diet? Well I hope that this article has helped at least a little to answer that question.

Whether you eat plant based for health or moral reasons there is no reason why you should ever be left feeling hungry or unsatisfied with your food.

Remember food is supposed to be enjoyable! So, enjoy it and eat what you like just with a little more thought.

if you want some plant-based meal inspiration go check out this article from Making Thyme for Health on 15 One Pot Plant-Based Meals. As well as One week Vegan Meal Plan from Running On Real Food!

Are you struggling to bulk up your meals and feel full? You deserve to treat yourself to something filling and satisfying like this quinoa!


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