what does dry brushing do

What Does Dry Brushing do for the Body: Five Reasons to Dry Brush

Have you ever found yourself wondering what does dry brushing do? Why do people dry brush and is it something that I should consider doing?

It has become quite popular and many people claim that it has many benefits. Such as reducing cellulite, helping with digestion, aiding in lymphatic flow and more!

But what are the real benefits of dry brushing? What does it do for your body? 

In this article I have tried to answer just that question. By compiling a list of five benefits of dry brushing the skin. Benefits that are scientifically based and have a large success rate amongst others who dry brush.

Because there are so many options of beauty and skincare trends out there and it can be hard to choose between them. It can be difficult to know what to invest in and what not to pay attention to.

So, if you are interested in learning five reasons why you should dry brush. Keep reading because that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about!

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What Does Dry Brushing Do?

Dry brushing originally began in India as a part of the Ayurveda traditional medicine. It has been tested by time and has continued to stand its ground. Becoming ever more popular with time.

One reason why dry brushing has become so popular is because it requires only a dry brush.

You can do it anywhere at any time without the need of a moisturizer or water. And it is less drying on the skin as it does not need to be done in the shower were the hot water is drying on the skin.

So, if you are interested in finding out why you might want to start dry brushing then keep reading. Because we are going to be talking about the benefits of dry brushing for your skin and body.

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1.    Increases Circulation

Dry brushing is most well-known for its circulatory benefits.

It helps to stimulate circulation which is incredibly helpful to the skin and will leave you with a warming feeling all over.

Having good circulation is vital to a healthy body as well as healthy skin!

Circulation is what carries the blood throughout our body. Supplying the brain with enough oxygen as well as helping cell growth and healthy skin.

Between lack of movement and health issues many of us could use a circulation boost and your skin will thank you for it!

2.    It’s Exfoliating

Dry brushing is a wonderful way of exfoliating the skin without stripping or drying it out. As it doesn’t require any products or water.

It helps to gently remove any buildup of dead skin cells without being overly rough or harsh.

You want a good quality brush for comfortable use like this dry brush.

It strips the skin of those unneeded dead skin cells while softening the healthy skin underneath. Encouraging healthy new growth of skin cells as it supplies your skin with the needed blood flow.

You could even skip all of your other exfoliating steps if you were to dry brush regularly. As dry brushing is more effective at removing dead skin!

what does dry brushing do

3.    Cleanses the Skin

Because dry brushing is such a gentle exfoliator it also contributes to cleansing the skin.

It helps to gently remove oils and other forms of buildup that might find its way into your pores. Cleansing the skin of unneeded debris that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Though dry brushing isn’t necessarily a great way of detoxing the body as there isn’t much evidence to back that claim. Dry brushing might help the skin to better detox itself by removing pore build up and dead skin cells.

Allowing your skin to breath properly and function as it should.

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4.    Energizes

Not much is known about why dry brushing has an energizing effect on most people and yet almost everyone has the same experience.

Most likely the increase of blood flow creates a surge in our body’s energy at least for a brief amount of time.

This is why it is advised to dry brush in the mornings to increase your alertness and to help you wake up!

5.    Stimulates Lymphatic Flow

There isn’t much evidence to support the claim that dry brushing supports healthy lymphatic flow. But like any other kind of skin massage it does have its lymphatic benefits.

Dry brushing can help to mildly aid in healthy lymphatic flow by stimulating the lymphatic system.

This is the reason why you are supposed to dry brush towards the heart. To encourage blood flow throughout the body as well as to encourage lymphatic flow.

Though it most likely has only the slightest effects on the lymphatic system it most certainly can’t hurt!

If you want to do a massage that will really encourage lymphatic flow. Check out Healthline’s article on Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage.

How to Dry Brush

The most common way of dry brushing is to start at the feet and make your way up. Brushing in long gentle strokes and brushing towards the heart.

Then start at your hands making your way back to your heart. I would advise you to not dry brush your face as the facial skin is much more delicate then the rest of the body. And dry brushes tend to have stiff bristles.

Brush in circular movements across the abdomen. Being very careful there as that skin is also a bit more sensitive.

As your dry brush regularly, you can start to apply firmer pressure as your skin becomes used to the sensation. 

Start off gently, however, as the skin might feel hot and tender after the first few times.

You can dry brush at any time of the day, but most people prefer to do it in the morning. Doing it before taking a shower.

You could even dry brush with a bit of body oil to create an even more pleasant and luxurious experience.

You could check out Humblebee and Me’s Cranberry Orange Body Oil recipe!

There are also brushes with handles to create more ease of use. Such as this hand held dry brush! Keep in mind that some brushes might need to be soaked in order to get the bristles to relax a bit.

What to Watch Out for

Though dry brushing is a relatively harmless self-care practice for your body it can be harsh for some individuals.

Always pay attention to what works for you. If you have sensitive skin and it continues to be irritating and painful even after several times. You might want to stop altogether or buy a brush with softer bristles.

Never dry brush over areas of broken skin, rashes, sunburns, cuts or bruises. And if you have skin issues such as acne, eczema or psoriasis proceed with caution and be extra gentle.

Also if you want to dry brush hard to reach places like your back you might want to make a small investment in a hand held dry brush.

Don’t pull your shoulder out of joint trying to use a little dry brush. Believe me been there done that!


Do any of these dry brushing benefits appeal to you? Or do you already practice dry brushing and have more information to share?

If so, leave a comment letting me know what your experience with dry brushing has been. I would love to hear about it!

Have you decided to treat yourself to a dry brush? It’s at an unbeatable price and your skin will thank you for it!

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