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Top Herbal Tea Brands that are High Quality and Budget Friendly

Are you on the hunt for some of the top herbal tea brands that are also affordable? For herbal teas that you can enjoy and treat yourself with without spending way too much?

In this article we will be discussing six of what I would consider to be the top herbal tea brands that you can buy. They are all budget friendly and host a variety of herbal options.

These are teas that you can enjoy without the side effects of caffeine or any dehydration that normal teas cause. Herbal teas are hydrating and nourishing and can be enjoyed in the place of normal water as they do not contain any caffeine usually.

Unlike other teas herbal teas also come with a variety of benefits and are often blended with those benefits in mind. Because of that I have included a few options of herbal tea blends and plain herbal teas as examples for each of the brands below.

So, if you want to find out what are the top herbal tea brands out there that you can buy from then keep reading. Because I’m going to save you some time and provide you with an easy list of brands to choose from.

Top Herbal Tea Brands to Buy

Herbal teas are great options for health conditions, a stressed mind and for winding down and relaxing.

They are the perfect drink option to get your day started on a calm note. As well as to end your day with a relaxing cup of something soothing.

Herbal teas can be great ways of ingesting medicinal herbs such as lemon balm, peppermint and chamomile. Since they are very mild and easy to incorporate into your day to day life.

If you want to get more ideas on how to incorporate herbs into your daily routine. Then check out this article on How to Use Herbs in Daily Life.

You could even start the habit of drinking more water throughout the day by making a big pitcher of cold herbal tea!

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Traditional Medicinals

If you are looking for one of the best top herbal tea brands to buy from then Traditional Medicinals is where you need to go!

They have outstanding quality and amazing business ethics. Their ingredients are sustainably sourced, and their teas are created to be beneficial to the drinker’s health.

Their company focuses mainly on providing affordable herbal teas that can help connect people to the earths medicine. Such as this lemon balm tea that could be used for stress and anxiety!

Bringing us back to our roots while harvesting all of their products with the uttermost care. When I can, I definitely chose to purchase from this brand!

They have a variety of wonderful blends such as this sleep tea blend to help you get more Zzz’s.

top herbal tea brands

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs is another outstanding tea brand that is dedicated to providing high quality teas to its customers.

All of their ingredients are organic and ethically sourced from over fifty different countries. Pukka Herbs also makes a small donation to environmental organizations.

Pukka Herbs has a wonderful variety of herbal tea blends that you are sure to find helpful. Whether it be a sore throat, stomach ache or insomnia they have you covered!

They offer energizing teas like this potent ginger tea or calming teas such a this manuka honey chamomile tea and this after dinner tea.

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Yogi Tea

Now this is an herbal tea that you most likely recognize as Yogi tea is a very popular herbal tea brand.

They specialize in creating herbal tea blends out of exotic spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and black pepper. With the Ayurveda traditional medicine in mind.

Their teas are created with a purpose to either support or to help the body heal itself. Blending herbs in order to create more beneficial and potent teas. Such as this stress relief tea which we could all use!

They originated in India and source their ingredients from all around the world. Bringing them to you as affordable and delicious herbal teas.

They also contain so many other tea blends like this detox tea blend.


Bigelow teas is a very well-known and trust worthy tea brand that regularly puts out a selection of tasty teas.

Though they do not specialize in herbal teas they do provide a high-quality selection to choose from. Such as this useful stay well tea and lemon ginger tea blend to help you stay healthy!

They are a company that has stood the test of time for being known to treat their suppliers well and to provide ethical products.

Bigelow tea also donates to our troops and has done so almost from the very beginning of their company.

They also have a few very tasty teas for relaxation such as this chamomile lavender tea and this sweet dreams tea. Both are very tasty options for an evening cup of tea!

Simply Balanced

This tea brand is included in this list of the top herbal tea brands because it is such a simple yet high quality brand. Much like the name would suggest!

Simply Balanced has a line of herbal teas that are simple, organic and fair trade certified.

Not much is said about this brand as a whole except that it is a brand sold at Target. Simply Balanced teas are completely free of artificial flavorings and free of GMO’s.

They provide the perfect selection of herbal teas to fit your tea cabinet with. Like this throat soothing tea and this unwind tea blend.

Celestial Seasonings

This is another very well-known brand that you have probably even purchased from before.

Celestial Seasonings sources high quality ingredients almost entirely from local farmers and communities. They also stay with regular suppliers to support their crops and to provide reliable quality.

The teas are created and blended in house and are tested before being sent out to the public. Making sure that all batches of tea are of the highest quality.

They also offer many different tea samplers such as this herbal tea sampler!

They also try to keep their packaging as free of waste as possible by using 100% recycled boxes and tea bags without strings or tags.

This is one of the top herbal tea brands that contains a wide variety of wonderful herbal teas to try out.

They have some great options like this sleepy time mint tea or this lemon lavender tea blend.

Why Drink Herbal Teas?

Why drink herbal tea you ask. Well its simple. By drinking herbal teas, you are benefiting from the properties of the herbs.

Most herbal teas contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are vital to maintaining the best quality of health.

You can safely drink multiple cups of herbal tea a day in order to enjoy their health benefits.

And you can drink specific herbal teas for issues that you need addressing such as a weak immune system, insomnia, restlessness or bloating. And many more issues can be helped by drinking herbal tea!

I am a huge advocate of herbal pills but unlike pills teas provide you with near instant relief as they are absorbed into your body.

An herbal tea blend of fennel, peppermint and ginger are going to help a stomach ache far faster than herbal pills would. Which is why there are many reasons why you might gravitate more towards herbal teas than other forms of herbs.

There are many wonderful herbal tea brands to choose from depending on what you are looking for. So many different kinds of tasty teas to choose from. From some of the top herbal tea brands out there!

Have you tried any of these brands and if so, which tea did you like most? Or do you buy from another herbal tea brand that isn’t mentioned in this list? If so feel free to share!

Would you be interested in buying from any of these fabulous tea brands? One of my personal favorites is Bigelow and their sweet dreams tea is definitely on my recommend list!


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