three ways that lemon balm can reduce your anxiety

How to Use Lemon Balm Benefits to Treat Your Anxiety and Stress

Are you feeling that beginning of the year stress? If you answered yes, then I am glad to tell you that you are most certainly not alone. Which is why you might want to try out the lemon balm benefits to treat anxiety and stress!

This is a stressful time as we are all scrabbling to start our new year’s resolutions and get our life together. The irony is that our good intentions usually push us in the opposite direction of what we want.

But don’t worry because I have a simple solution for you when it comes to managing daily stress.  It’s simple, its cost effective, and its mild enough that you can take it as often as you need a little dose of calm.

This article is all about three ways that you can use lemon balm benefits to treat your anxiety. Believe me its true! it really can help you to live a less stressed life!

Lemon balm is a very gentle herb to begin using if you are new to herbs. It is most commonly known for its stress and anxiety reducing benefits, some of which we will be talking about today.

If you are needing something calming than it is your herb. And who couldn’t use a little more calm in their life, am I right? Lemon balm makes a wonderful preventative measure when it comes to stressful situations.

As well as other health conditions that can create addition stress in your life.

In today’s blog post we will be going over just three ways that you can use lemon balm to treat your anxiety. As well as how it acts as a relaxant herb for stress.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

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Sleep Issues

Lemon balm is a very gentle option for sleep issues and for those who suffer from insomnia. It reduces the bodies response to daily stressors and anxiety, calming the mind. All of which helps to reduce the inability to sleep. Helping you to feel less drowsy during the day as well as to sleep better.

Its gentle enough that it won’t give you an unpleasant hangover the next morning. But strong enough that it will help most people to have a better night’s sleep when they take it.

Lemon balm’s anxiety reducing qualities helps to restore more peaceful sleep. Encouraging restfulness and deeper sleep that isn’t disturbed by stressful thoughts. It sooths the mind and helps you to fade away into a peaceful slumber.

A lack of sleep can often be the cause of anxiety which is another way that lemon balm acts as a preventative measure.

I don’t know about you, but when I haven’t slept well, I’m usually a ball of nerves the next day. There’s just something about a night of waking up and tossing and turning that wrecks your nerves.

Lemon balm benefits play a large part in reducing your chances at a restless night’s sleep. And because of that reducing the chances of more anxiety from a lack of sleep. Or from a night of unpleasant sleep.

If you want other herbal sleep recommendations then check out this helpful article on Ways to Get More Sleep!

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lemon balm

Daily Stress

Lemon balm has been proven to promote the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Which is part of the reason why it is such a beneficial herb for anxiety.

It improves your mood and helps the body to better deal with the daily stressors of life. Working a bit like an antidepressant would do by promoting good feelings. Encouraging a positive mood and mindset that will help to ease unnecessary stress.

Treating yourself to lemon balm capsules also promotes optimal brain health and function which helps you to overall, cope with anxiety and stress.

The fact that lemon balm also encourages serotonin production is another reason why it acts similarly to anti-depressants. Aiding in your body’s natural ability to filter out stress.

Lemon balm is a wonderful herb when it comes to reducing and preventing addition stress. As well as helping the body to better cope with the unpreventable stressors of life.

In many cases, lemon balm has been used to replace anxiety and anti-depression medications. Though that should only be done under the care of your doctor and usually only in mild cases.

Lemon balm is a mild herb and may not work the same for everyone especially if you have severe difficulties dealing with stress.

If you want more tips on how to holistically manage anxiety. Then you should hop on over to Hello Glow to read her post on managing anxiety.

Cognitive Function

Last but certainly not least of the three ways hat lemon balm can reduce your anxiety is through improving your cognitive function.

Lemon balm is also well known for being good for brain health. It helps to improve attention span in many people. As well as improving memory.

Lemon balm also promotes calmness which overall helps the brain to function at its best. Removing all of the hectic noise that fills our brain most days to promote clarity. And honestly, who couldn’t use a little more of that? Especially on a Monday.

Lemon balm is cognitive enhancing and can treat cognitive decline from age or illness. Studies have shown lemon balm to even be beneficial for disease that reduce memory. Such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

By improving cognitive function and brain health. Lemon balm helps to reduce and prevent more anxiety. As loss of memory and trouble with paying attention or processing thoughts can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.

And for those who suffer from illnesses that cause memory decline. Lemon balm can help to slow down the process and to reduce the stress that it causes.

Even if you are a busy mother or maybe a college student that is stretched too thin. Lemon balm can still help you to stay clearer headed and promote better memory. I think we can all attest to the fact that stress can greatly affect one’s memory. I’m sure we all have many comical stories that we could tell on the subject.

Lemon balm tea is a great way of using lemon balm on a daily basis with no extra fuss!

How You can use Lemon Balm

There are several different forms of lemon balm that you can take. As with other herbal preparations there are capsules, tinctures, creams, and teas.

For anxiety and stress, however, this powerful lemon balm tincture is the strongest option.

A tincture is much like an extract meaning that it has drawn all of the beneficial properties out of the herb. Creating a highly concentrated way of taking lemon balm.

However, if you do not know how you will react to it or are sensitive to medications or sedatives. It would be best to go with a lemon balm tea. There is something universally calming about drinking a cup of tea. And it would provide the perfect solution to help you wind down before bed.

Though if you’re like me and struggle to drink herbal teas you might want to go with lemon balm capsules. They are the least potent option, but they are very cost effective, very easy to incorporate into your routine, and are convenient.

In fact, these are the very capsules that I take regularly and highly recommend! They are at an unbeatable price!

It’s all about figuring out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Bonus Tip:

One very effective and effortless way that you can incorporate lemon balm tea into your daily routine is through infusing.

You can make a cold infused lemon balm tea to drink throughout the day like you would water. It’s a light flavored herb making it a very refreshing drink when chilled. Maybe even add a few crushed mint leaves to spice things up a bit!

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In Conclusion of: Three ways that Lemon Balm can Reduce Your Anxiety

As you can see, lemon balm is a wonderful herb to have around. As you can use lemon balm to treat and improve stress and anxiety.

We all suffer from some measure of stress and anxiety which makes lemon balm benefits are for everyone.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of treating daily issues with gentle practices. Going for mild alternatives before jumping for the big gun medications.

Lemon balm can help you to improve the way that you react and handle daily stressors. Gently training your brain to better cope with those emotions. Basically, reteaching the body, the ways in which it needs to deal with stress and anxiety.

In our modern-day life, we tend to live high stress lives and it’s important to be aware of what we are putting our body through. Giving it the tools, it needs to better cope and function.

If you have used lemon balm to treat anxiety let me know in the comments. Your experience might prove helpful to other readers!

If you want to get some inspiration on how to incorporate lemon balm into your lifestyle then check out this article on How to Use Herbs in Daily Life.

If you enjoyed todays post and found it helpful let me know in the comments as well!

And don’t forget to Check out these stress relieving herbal capsules!


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