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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Candy for This Years Halloween

Are you looking for some vegan candy options for your vegan food list this Halloween? For a selection of animal produce free treats?

Well you have come to the right place. Because this article lists off a huge amount of options for vegan Halloween candy!

No, you don’t have to miss out on the Halloween candy I promise!

There are plenty of vegan Halloween candy options out there. Many being right under your nose.

Vegan candy is not nearly as hard to find as one might think. As many candies are accidentally free of any animal products.

Which means that you can still enjoy some of your favorite Halloween candies this year. Only now you know that they are considered to be vegan candy!

So, keep reading to find out what Halloween candy is vegan approved.

The Best Vegan Candy for Halloween

Now don’t get me wrong there are many wonderful options of specialty vegan candy. But for the sake of clarity I decided to only include the basic brands that we all know and love.

Though I love to treat myself to the occasional splurge of vegan candy bars specialty candy is much more expensive.

And expensive candy just isn’t an option if you need large amounts for Halloween! Especially if you plan to hand out candy.

Which is why it is oh so convenient that there happens to be so many accidentally vegan candies out there.

But I will be mentioning a few vegan candy brands at the end of this article so keep reading till the end!

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Long and Lasting

Looking for long and lasting candies that won’t disappear in mere minutes?

Well here they are in their tasty glory. A small selection of hard candies and lollipops to help you to avoid shoveling in too much candy on Halloween!

·      Jolly Ranchers

·      Dum Dums

·      Charm’s Blow Pops

·      Fireballs

vegan candy

Fruity and Chewy

Chewy fruity candy is by far the easiest vegan Halloween candy to find as there are many options.

These are the perfect kinds of candies to add to your vegan food list for Halloween. As they are people pleasers and enjoyed by just about everyone young or old.

·      Sour Patch Kids

·      Skittles

·      Airheads

·      Twizzlers

·      Swedish Fish

·      Starbursts

·      Laffy Taffy

·      Dots

·      July Fruits

The Classics

Looking for some of the more classical candies that don’t necessarily fit into either of the previously mentioned categories?

Here is a selection of some of the old and dear candies that we all grew up eating. Surprisingly there are many older candies that often end up being accidentally vegan!

·      Nerds

·      Pixy Stix

·      Fun Dip

·      Smarties

·      SweetTarts

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What Makes Candy not Vegan Friendly?

You may be wondering what exactly makes candy not suitable for people following a vegan diet. It’s just candy right? No meat added.

But you would be surprised just what they can sneak into something as innocent as candy.


Gelatin is an ingredient in many things that seems innocent enough.

However, gelatin is made out of animal skin, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and bones. Pretty unappetizing if I do say so myself.

It is often used to give chewy candy that jelly like feel and texture.

Thankfully there are many other options of ingredients to achieve that deliciously chewy texture. Which is why we are still able to find vegan friendly chewy candies!


This is a pretty common ingredient that you will find in candy that is not vegan.

It makes its way into just about every chocolate candy on the market. Which is why things like vegan candy bars will need to be bought from specialty brands.

But this is a tricky ingredient and is found in many other types of candy that you wouldn’t even realize. So, keep your eyes peeled.


Eggs are another one of those more commonly known ingredients that can be found in many candies.

To be honest I’m not sure why some candies contain egg ingredients unless it contributes to a certain texture.

But despite the reasoning candy that contains any form of eggs isn’t vegan. And you will definitely have to keep your eyes peeled as this is another sneaky ingredient!

Insect by Products

Now this is a weird one but actually very common and that is by products that come from insects.

Candies that contain carmine color or confectioners glaze aren’t considered to be vegan friendly. As they contain crushed insects for color and the excretions of other insects to make the glaze.

How much this bothers you is a personal thing as insects are living creatures and yet not necessarily animals.

Though I have to admit that I may not care much about the well fair of bugs. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily want them in my candy!

Specifically, Vegan Candy Brands

If you don’t have a large crowd of candy lovers to feed or are feeling like treating yourself. Then you must try out a few of these vegan candy brands!

I have researched all of these brands and I am pretty much positive that they are entirely vegan friendly.

Each one is built off of a plant-based business model and provide a tasty selection of plat-based treats.

Many of these brands contain the harder to find type of vegan Halloween candy. Such as vegan candy bars, marshmallows, and candy caramels!

·     Dandies

·      Moo Free

·      Enjoy Life

·      Chocolate and Love

·      iChoc

·      Cocomels


Did any of these vegan candy options surprise you? If so, which ones caught you by surprised and are you going to go buy as many as you can?

Though I don’t celebrate Halloween I do enjoy all of the candy that comes out around that time of the month. And for a long time, I thought that I was going to have to miss out!

But there are plenty of vegan Halloween candy options out there to satiate all of us!

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