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The Best Way to Organize Your New Year’s Goals for 2021

Are you looking for a plan of action for your new year’s goals? For a way to organize your goals in life for your most successful year yet?

Today we will be talking about the necessary steps to take when planning your new year’s resolutions. Or your goals for the coming year and what you expect of yourself.

New year’s goals are a great way of keeping your life on track and keeping an eye on your achievements and where you want to be in the coming years.

They aren’t meant to be stressful or to make you feel bad about yourself rather to help you see your year through a realistic set of lenses. Because it’s important to see where you could make improvements as well as how far you have come!

That is exactly why I decided to share this plan of action when it comes to setting your new year’s goals for the coming year.

Because let’s be honest this can be an overwhelming task and can feel very intimidating starting off. So, let’s make it simple, break it down into a few key steps, and hit the ground running.

Let’s make this coming year your best year yet!

How to Organize Your New Year’s Goals

So, you’ve sat down in front of a piece of paper or your computer with the determination to create your new year’s goals and resolutions.

But then you freeze because where do you start? How do you start? How do you start planning your goals for an entire year is it even possible?

I have been there many times myself because creating your goals in life for a new year is no joke!

So, if you are dealing with this same struggle and this is you. Then keep reading because here are the steps that you need to take in order to set your new year’s goals. Stress free!

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What You Will Need:

Look at Your Previous Goals

The first thing that you need to do before mapping out your goals for this coming year is to look at this year’s goals.

What goals and aspirations did you have for this year? Did you meet them all? Or did some end up going unfinished or did they end up not being relevant or realistic?

Where did you go wrong with your new year’s goal or where could you improve in order to make a more successful list of goals for this coming year?

Once you have answered these questions you will already begin to feel much more capable of creating a plan of action for this new year.

Don’t take this time to look at where you failed or to beat yourself up over unsuccessful goals. Take this time to better understand where you went wrong and how to avoid repeating those mistakes.

Things happen and you can’t look at your new year’s goals as the law or attach them to yourself worth.

new years goals

Reevaluate What You Want

Now that you have answered all of those questions and have gone over this year’s goals it is time to decide what you want.

To reevaluate what you want in life and the path that you are taking.

Maybe you planned on getting your degree this year so that you could get your dream job this coming year. But maybe that didn’t work out and you now have a new dream.

Make changes to your goals in life and create a plan of action according to those goals. Setting realistic goals for the steps that you can take this year.

Don’t put down to get your degree this coming year if that degree takes a year and a half to get. Or don’t put down a goal to become the manager at your job if you have yet to get a higher position or a raise.

Be realistic with yourself and don’t put your goals so high that you have no chance at reaching them.

And be especially careful of puttying down goals that you really don’t want. Maybe getting promoted is a great thing but do you really want that, or do you want to please the people who want it for you.

Listen to yourself and let your dreams guide you not the voices around you.

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Be Realistic

This step goes hand in hand with some of what was mentioned above as you must be realistic when you organize your new year’s goals.

It is important of course to want to push yourself to reach higher and to accomplish more but you also don’t want to overdo it.

Set realistic goals that you know you can accomplish even if it takes all year long! But don’t set goals that you don’t really believe that you can accomplish.

Setting unrealistic goals will only end up making you feel unproductive and as if you have failed. Goals that are too high out of reach will just leave you feeling defeated which is the opposite of what your plan of action should do!

Break Them Down

Once you have a good list of new year’s goals that you want to accomplish this year it is time to organize them.

Break them down into bite sized categories that are easier to remember and follow through on. Breaking them down into small tasks that will ultimately contribute to the bigger picture.

All of your goals in life are going to be made up of smaller bite sized actions that you need to take to win the bigger prize.

If you want to be more financially independent you will need to organize your spending, your income, and maybe plan an extra side hustle. You can’t just become financially independent in one swoop.

So, it is important to break each of your goals down into those small actions that you need to take throughout the year in order to conquer those bigger tasks.

Set Deadlines if Necessary

Now that you not only have all of your aspirations planned out you will need to organize the deadlines if you decide to make any.

Personally, I don’t like deadlines and find them to be more stress inducing then anything else. But there are many people that I know that thrive off of impending deadlines. So, this step is entirely up to you!

If you want your new year’s goals to have deadlines try to be realistic about how long each goal will take to achieve. Map it out if you have to giving yourself at least a little wiggle room just in case.

Decide on Rewards

Part of the motivation that goes hand in hand with your goals in life is the reward that comes with accomplishing them.

That is why it is so important to not forget about the celebration that should come after a goal has been met!

Now I will admit that I am terrible at this step as I like to accomplish my goals and celebrate by creating even more goals! Which is not the right way to do it take my word on this!

You could even go so far as to write down what to reward yourself with after accomplishing each goal. Maybe you want to treat yourself to that jacket that you have been wanting after getting a raise at work. Or take a weekend vacation once you pay off your college dept.

These kinds of rewards are a great way of keeping yourself motivated throughout the year. As well as helping you to stop and smell the roses after achieving a big goal because you deserve it!

Write Them Down

The final step to creating a plan of action and organizing your new year’s goals is to finally write everything down.

No more brain storming or mapping out your goals in life. This is the final step where you will put everything down and step away from the page!

You have planned everything out to the T and can now continue to get ready for the coming new year with all of your goals safely in place.

Where you decide to keep your new year’s goals depend solely on you. I am a pen and paper kind of person myself but maybe you find it easier to keep your goals on your computer.

Whatever works best for you as there are no rules just personal taste. Just make sure that wherever your list is that it is easily accessed and won’t get lost.

You could even print out your goals and hang them on your wall as a kind of daily inspiration helping to keep you pointed towards your goals!

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