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The Best Skincare Routine Steps You Need to be Taking This Winter

Are you looking into how you need to change your skincare routine steps in order to prepare for winter skin? 

In this article we are talking about just a few steps you need to take when adapting your skincare routine and skincare products for winter.

These skincare tips can help you to avoid dull or dry skin this winter as the cold weather changes your skins needs.

No matter what the weather or seasons are doing you can still maintain healthy glowing skin!

So, keep reading to find out what skincare routine steps you need to take to adapt to the change in weather this year.

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Skincare Routine Steps for Winter

When it comes to changing up your skincare products and routine for winter it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Overthink it too much and it might start to feel like quite the ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be.

With just a few simple changes your skincare routine will be ready for winter as its fast approaches. Helping to better preserve your skin during the colder and drier season of the year.

So, keep reading to find out what skincare routine steps to take daily and weekly for healthy and happy winter skin.


Use Gentle Cleansers

One very important skincare tip to avoid dry skin is to switch up your cleansers. Especially if the one you are using tends to be a bit drying on the skin.

During winter you want to be using a cleanser that still cleans the skin thoroughly without stripping it of its natural oils.

Believe it or not you want some of those natural oils on your skin and washing them off completely will do more harm than good.

So, try switching to a lighter cleanser preferably one that tends to leave your skin feeling moisturized rather the stripped.

Personally, I use handmade bar soap that is made purely out of natural ingredients and oils. I find this to be just the right balance of cleansing and moisturizing.

skincare routine steps

Moisturize More Frequently

Another obvious step you want to take to prevent dry skin is to moisturize more frequently or to use a heavier moisturizer.

Ditch the light watery moisturizers that do so well during summer in exchange for a heavier one that will penetrate the skin deeper.

One great way to achieve the perfect balance of moisturized skin without breaking out or looking oily is to use a combination.

A combination of a deeply hydrating moisturizer in the morning and an oil-based serum at night.

This will help your skin to get the hydration it needs as well as a deeper absorbing moisturizer.

This method of course will need to be adjusted according to your skin type or how your skin behaves during winter.

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Gently Exfoliate

Another skincare routine step to take is to make sure you are exfoliating frequently but also gently.

It’s important to exfoliate enough without overdoing it and the frequency will depend on your personal skin type.

Using a gentle exfoliator frequently throughout the week will help to remove dead skin cells that like to build up during winter.

This will also allow your skin to look brighter and fresher. As well as allow your moisturizers to be better absorbed into the skin.

Avoid Drying Ingredients

It is a good skincare tip to always try to avoid skincare products that contain drying ingredients. But it is especially important during winter as the last thing you need is to further dry out your skin.

Try to especially avoid skincare products that contain alcohol as that is the most drying ingredient out there.

Be careful especially of cleansers and toners as those can contain sneaky ingredients that can result in dry skin.

Try to gravitate more towards products made to increase moisture especially during the colder seasons.

The best natural toners to use during winter that don’t contain drying or irritating ingredients is this rosewater toner and witch hazel toner.

Use Cool Water

It is somehow ingrained in our minds that hot or warm water has more cleansing abilities but in reality, that just isn’t true.

You would need to wash your face with boiling water for it to be in any way effective.

Which is why it is better to wash your face with either lukewarm or cool water as it will help your skin to retain its moisture. While warm water is purely drying to the skin which is the last thing you want.

This skincare tip also goes for taking showers as hot showers can be incredibly drying to the skin.


Apply Moisturizing Face Masks

One great skincare tip to follow during winter is to indulge in moisturizing face masks throughout the week.

Try to use masks that are water based or contain moisturizing ingredients that will help to refresh and hydrate your skin.

Using frequent face masks will help your skin to remain vibrant all throughout winter!

Manuka honey masks are especially beneficial though a bit pricy.

Do Facial Steams

Facial steams are special treats when it comes to skincare and are great ways of hydrating the skin.

These are definitely something that you want to incorporate into your skincare routine steps for the change in seasons!

Not only are they hydrating but they can help your skin to better absorb the other skincare products that you are using.

You can also use this as an opportunity to throw in some skin loving herbs into your skincare routine.

Rose, marshmallow root, and lavender are all great options for taking care of your skin and adding an additional touch of moisture.

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Get Creative

Winter is a great time to get creative with your skincare and to try to incorporate ingredients that you have around your house.

There are many skin loving and moisturizing ingredients in your kitchen that are just waiting to be put to good use!

Try making a honey or yogurt mask for a hydrational boost. Or an oatmeal face mask to sooth and moisturize dull and tired skin.

There are more face mask ideas in this article on DIY Face Masks to Make at Home!

You can even whip up your own exfoliator with fine sugar or ground oatmeal for a refreshing facial scrub.

Or use rosewater as a gentler more soothing and hydrating facial toner.

And that is only a few suggestions! There are many, many more options to get creative with.


When it comes to taking skincare routine steps for getting ready for winter it can be a very simple process.

With just a few skincare tips and products changes your skincare routine will be polished and ready to go for the colder season.

What changes do you make to your skincare routine for winter? Or do you leave it as it is?

Let me know in the comments I would love to hear your input!

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