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The Best Hydrating Foods to Help You Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Are you looking for the best hydrating foods? For foods that hydrate you without you having to drink water all day.

Today we are talking about thirteen amazingly water rich foods to help you stay healthy and hydrated! Making it so that you don’t need to stress about drinking water all day.

These foods are some of the most water dense foods that you are going to find and can help you to get in all of that necessary water. But it lets you do it in a more fun and tasty way!

There are many hydrating foods that can help you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Making it so you can eat your water!

So, if you are interested in finding out about foods that hydrate you then keep reading. And stay till the end for some tips on how to stay hydrated.

The Best Hydrating Foods

A great way to make sure that you are consuming enough water throughout the day is to eat plenty of water rich foods!

It is important that we stay hydrated as our body is made from a great deal of water. And it requires a certain amount of water in order to function its best.

These kinds of foods make getting that water in each day just a bit easier. So, keep reading to find out what you should be eating to stay hydrated!

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Cucumber is one of those amazing vegetables that is made almost entirely of water! In fact, it is made up of 97% water content.

Consuming cucumbers on a regular basis will help you to stay more hydrated throughout the day without stressing over it.

Cucumbers also make great additions to infused water. Just throw them into your water bottle for cucumber infused water throughout the day!


Watermelon is another water rich food that probably doesn’t come as a surprise as this is a popular summer fruit.

It is made up of 91.5% water content and is an extra tasty way of getting your water in each day. Watermelon is a great healthy sweet treat that is extra hydrating on a warm day!


Coming in at 95.4% water content, celery is another great option to boost your water intake.

Celery is a mild tasting vegetable that can be added to many different kinds of dishes to add some hydrating foods into your diet.


Tomatoes are a juice fruit that contain 94.5% water content not surprisingly!

These are another tasty food that is easy to add into your daily meals for an added boost of hydration. Add some tomatoes to a salad for an extra hydrating meal!

hydrating foods


Oranges contain 88% water content and one orange is nearly the equivalent to a half cup of water!

They are one of the most hydrating foods that you could choose if you are looking for something sweet and tangy!


Lettuce is a very water rich food containing 95.6% water content!

It is an easy vegetable to incorporate into your diet whether that be through salads, tacos, or even smoothies!


Like oranges, peaches are on this list of foods that hydrate you as they contain 88% water content.

Which makes peaches an excellent source of water that you can eat as a snack to keep you going throughout the day.

Green peppers

Green peppers contain 93.9% water content making them the best pepper option of hydrating foods. All peppers are high in water content, but the green peppers come out just ahead!

These are great dipped into hummus or added into your daily meals.

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These spicy and crisp veggies contain 95.3% water content making them a great option if you are looking to get more water in your diet.

These crunchy veggies are perfect additions to salads or even just snacking on if you like a little spice!


All berries are great foods to hydrate you, but strawberries are the cream of the crop when it comes to hydrating!

They are made up of 91% water content and are perfect for adding to desserts or for simply snacking on throughout the day.


On a list of foods that hydrate you we can’t forget about the grapefruit. A tart and tangy citrus that contains 90.5% water content and will leave you feeling refreshed!

A slice of grapefruit makes an excellent snack or addition to your breakfast to help you rehydrate.


Another extra tasty fruit that is not only delicious, but water rich as well is cantaloupe.

This melon contains 90.2% water content making it an excellent option of hydrating foods if you are in the mood for something sweet.


Though lettuce might have more water than spinach that contains 91.4% water content. Spinach is a healthier and more nutritious option between the two.

These vibrant little leaves are great in salads or wilted down into any of your cooked dishes for an added bit of water and nutrition.

Tips on How to Stay Hydrated

Now that you know which foods are the most water rich foods to eat now it is time to find tips on how to stay hydrated!

There are just a few easy things you can do on a daily basis in order to stay well hydrated. These tips are all easy to incorporate into your routine and will help you to consume enough water daily.

Drink Hydrating Liquids

If you struggle to drink enough water each day why not try to find replacements for water that are just as hydrating!

Why not try drinking none caffeinated herbal teas or infusing your water with herbs or fruit? Doing these two things will help to encourage you to drink more fluids throughout the day.

If you really struggle to drink fluids you could even try adding a little fruit juice to water to brighten it up!

Having a water bottle like this stainless steel water bottle is also a great way of encouraging you to drink more throughout the day!

Avoid Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine can sometimes be the enemy of staying hydrated! As caffeinated drinks actually set you back a cup or two of water if they are consumed too regularly.

To avoid this problem try limiting your caffeinated drinks to one to two cups per day. Or if that just isn’t possible try to drink one large cup of water for every cup of a caffeinated drink.

You could replace some of your caffeinated beverages with an uplifting herbal tea. Like this ginger turmeric tea blend that is none caffeinated but still energizing!

Keep Track of Water Intake

It is easy to think that we are drinking enough water each day but are you really?

The best way to make sure that you are getting in the amount of water that you need each day is to track your water intake.

Try to finish a certain number of cups per day or use a water bottle that has measurements so that you have a goal to reach!

Eat More Produce

We have already talked about the most hydrating foods but really any form of produce is a good source of water.

All produce is water rich to a certain extent so try to eat more produce in each of your meals. Doing this will help you to stay hydrated throughout the day without even thinking about it!

You can eat more produce in your diet by planning out vegetable rich meals. A meal planner is an excellent way to accomplish this and helps you to regularly eat more veggies!


Has this article answered all of your questions on foods that hydrate you and how to get in enough water each day?

Staying hydrated is very important for full body health as much of our body runs off of water. From your skin to your digestion and to your organs. They all run off of water!

So, make sure that you are consuming enough water rich foods and staying hydrated!


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