aloe vera benefits for hair

The Best Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair and How You Should Use It

Have you been hearing a lot about aloe vera benefits for hair? Me too!

Aloe vera has become quite the popular products as of late and everywhere I look I see people talking about it. But does it really do all that people say it does or is its benefits just being blown out of proportion?

Products and home remedies can be greatly exaggerated as people begin to talk about it, so you have to proceed with caution. Many home remedies do indeed have several wonderful benefits but that isn’t always the case.

And they most certainty aren’t going to be cures or work for everyone who uses them. As a general rule of thumb if it sounds too good then it probably is. 

So, if you want to get an idea of a few real benefits that you can get from using aloe vera gel on your hair then you have come to the right place!

Because that is exactly what we are going to be talking about in todays article. We are going to be discussing three real aloe vera benefits for hair. As well as how you can use it in your own haircare routine!

I’ve even thrown in a few words of caution at the end of this post for you. To keep in mind if you decide to try the aloe vera benefits for hair for yourself.

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Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair

Aloe vera gel is a wonderful ingredient to have around your home. It is so very useful in so many different ways.

From being a wonderful skincare additive to helping bug bites and burns to helping your hair. It really is a multipurpose ingredient!

Just keep in mind that not all aloe vera gels are created equal and you shouldn’t just grab the first option that you set eyes on.

Like many all-natural ingredients, aloe vera gel has a limited shelf life and because of that many store-bought gels will contain preservatives. That can’t be avoided other than to find the most natural option that you can find.

You want to find a very natural brand such as the one that carries this aloe vera gel. It has very few ingredients and clearly states what they all are which is exactly what you want!

The best way to get aloe vera gel would be to make your own from an aloe vera plant and keeping it in the fridge. By doing this you will be sure to stay stocked up in aloe vera gel that is all natural and preservative free!

And really, there’s no better option than to be able to harvest the ingredient yourself. By doing that you are garaunteed to get the best quality product!

Promotes Hair Growth

One of the greatest aloe vera benefits for hair is its ability to help with hair growth.

Aloe vera has the unique ability to increase the flow of circulation to the scalp which will result in more hair growth. The more blood flow that you have coming to your scalp regularly the more your hair will be able to grow!

Aloe vera also helps the scalp to be healthier in general which creates the best environment for new hair growth.

For an extra deep hair cleanse try using a shampoo with aloe vera added in. Such as this aloe vera shampoo and see what it does for your hair.

It won’t be a miracle cure for hair loss and it’s not a quick way to grow more or longer hair. But aloe vera is a very promising home remedy for maintaining a healthy and happy scalp.

And a good way of trying to promote more hair growth!

aloe vera benefits for hair

Calms any Itchiness

Aloe vera gel is most well-known for its calming qualities which is exactly why we often use it for sunburns and bug bites!

But the aloe vera benefits for hair are just as amazing as the remedies that we use on our skin.

Because aloe vera gel can act as a conditioner to the scalp it can help to relieve itchiness as a result of dandruff and dryness.

Aloe vera even has some anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce minor inflammation in the scalp. There is some evidence to even show that aloe very might help with minor sun damage to hair!

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Moisturizes and Nourishes 

Much like what honey does for the skin, aloe vera attracts oxygen and nutrition to the hair follicles. Which will result in much healthier hair.

Aloe vera gel helps to cleanse the scalp of excess sebum as well as residual hair care products that might be covering the scalp and hair follicles. By doing this aloe vera gel helps to make your hair look shinier and cleaner.

Aloe vera also contains vitamins C, A and E. All being very important for a healthy head of hair!

It also contains proteolytic enzymes which help to repair dead skin cells on the scalp. And not only that but aloe vera is similar to keratin which allows it to nourish hair. Giving the hair strands more elasticity which will help to prevent breakage and split ends.

Aloe vera gel is also a wonderful alternative to conditioner as it deeply hydrates the scalp and helps to reduce dandruff.

So, if you are looking for a deeply moisturizing conditioner you should pick one that contains aloe vera. Like this aloe vera conditioner!

How to Use Aloe Vera for Hair

Aloe vera is going to be most beneficial to those with very oil hair or very dry and brittle hair. Though anyone can still enjoy its benefits.

You could add aloe vera gel to products that are meant to be washed out of your hair such as a hair mask or conditioner.

Or you could make a hair mask that is mainly ale vera gel for a hydrating boost to your hair.

One simple recipe is aloe vera gel and honey for a deeply moisturizing and calming hair mask. This would be especially helpful for dry or damaged hair! Just keep in mind that honey can lighten hair color over time.

Life-n-Reflections has a wonderful recipe for an Aloe Vera Hair Mask and Scalp Treatment if you want to check it out!

Some people even use aloe vera gel in the place of styling gel though that option wont work for everyone. As aloe vera an create a film once dried that might not work for those with thin or fine hair.

Things to be Cautious of

It’s important to keep in mind that aloe vera might cause sun sensitivity which means that you might not want to head out into the sun straightaway.

Just to be cautious, use your hair masks with aloe vera at night making sure to thoroughly wash them out before going into the sun.

Aloe vera can also increase your skins absorption of cortisone. So, it would be best to avoid using aloe vera gel in combination with hydrocortisone cream.


Let me know in the comments if you have used aloe vera gel for your hair. And if so, what were the benefits that you saw? Did you see any of the benefits mentioned above?

Are you interested in using aloe vera gel on your hair now? If so, don’t delay in getting your hands on some of this natural aloe vera gel!


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