sugar scrub or salt scrub

Sugar Scrubs or Salt Scrubs Which One Should You Choose

Have you ever found yourself having to choose between sugar scrubs or salt scrubs? And found yourself wondering what the difference is between the two options of natural exfoliation?

When I first started to dabble in natural skincare, I found myself wondering the same thing. Facing two options without much idea of which one was better than the other. Or which one I should choose.

Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs quickly gained popularity and you can now find them just about everywhere. Though admittedly, sugar scrubs are a bit more popular than salt scrubs.

I have always preferred salt scrubs as they don’t leave you feeling sticky if you fail to rinse a spot. And they don’t leave your shower sticky either. But whether or not you find yourself leaning more towards one or the other is completely up to you.

In this article we are going to be talking about the pros and cons of sugar scrubs or salt scrubs so that you can know which is better for your needs. So, no more standing aimlessly in front of the body scrubs trying to figure out which option to choose!

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Sugar Scrubs or Salt Scrubs

Body scrubs are very popular right now and for good reason.

They are such luxurious and useful ways of exfoliating your skin. Leaving you feeling baby bottom smooth and with ultra-moisturized skin. They just do something that a loofah or a wash cloth cant.

Though sugar and salt scrubs aren’t the only options out there, need I mention the glorious coffee scrub, they are the most common. And most body scrubs will contain either sugar or salt one way or another.

So, it’s a good idea for you to know the benefits of each and why you should choose one over the other.

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Why Should You Exfoliate with Sugar?

Sugar as a general rule is made up of smaller particles than salt is. Making sugar a better option if you have sensitive or tender skin.

Sugar is gentler by nature and isn’t going to burn your skin if you happen to exfoliate too roughly or exfoliate a tender area by accident.

Though, keep in mind that even though sugar isn’t as rough as salt you still shouldn’t exfoliate over cuts or sunburns.

The sugar granules are also rounded in shape unlike salt which makes them less abrasive and gentler on the skin.

Unrefined cane sugar provides a little extra exfoliation and contains minerals that can be beneficial to your skin.

This shea butter sugar scrub sounds like the perfect sweet treat for your skin!

If you want a recipe for a lip scrub you should check out this DIY Cinnamon Lip scrub recipe by Food Fun Family!

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Why You Shouldn’t Exfoliate with Sugar

To be honest, there aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t use a sugar scrub!

Like any exfoliant they shouldn’t be used to frequently throughout the week just a few times. And they shouldn’t be used too forcefully as they are already exfoliating by nature and shouldn’t be scrubbed onto the skin too roughly.

As I mentioned before, sugar scrubs can leave you feeling just a bit sticky if you don’t rinse them off thoroughly. They can also leave a sugary residue in your shower or bath if you don’t clean up afterwards.

sugar scrub or salt scrub

Why Exfoliate with Salt

Salt has an added bonus to your skin that sugar scrubs don’t and that is that salt is detoxifying to the skin.

Salt helps to remove toxins from the skin acting as a kind of cleanse as well as ease inflammation.

It is a wonderful option for achy joins and arthritis as it can help to ease pain and irritation.

Salt granules are larger in nature and are very good at exfoliating rougher areas of the body such as elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Salt scrubs also disintegrate slower than sugar scrubs which means that you can get a more thorough exfoliation out of them.

This salt body scrub sounds like the perfect scrub for a heavy duty exfoliation.

Why You Shouldn’t Exfoliate with Salt

Salt granules are sharper and larger than sugar granules which make them more irritating to the skin.

Those with sensitive skin or skin issues shouldn’t use salt scrubs unless it’s on a very rough part of the body. Salt scrubs can also create a burning sensation especially after shaving or for areas of the skin that is inflamed or injured.

The sharp edges of salt granules can cause micro tears and scarring over the skin if too large of salt granules are used. Or if you scrub to vigorously on areas of the skin that are more delicate.

As a rule, salt scrubs should never be used on the face as they are just too harsh.

How to Know Which One to Choose

The pros and cons of a sugar scrub or salt scrub are pretty straight forward. One is gentler and forgiving while the other is harsher and will let you feel it if you’re not careful.

What the decision come down to when choosing between sugar scrub or salt scrub options is what your purpose is.

If you want a body scrub that you can use all over without too much irritation, then you should choose a sugar scrub. Just as you should choose a salt scrub if you want to focus on problem areas of skin. Such as the feet or knees.

If you have sensitive skin that is easily inflamed and irritated, then you might want to shy away from salt scrubs. 

Though salt scrubs can be wonderful options for athletes or for those who train hard at the gym as it can decrease pain and inflammation. As well as work at softening those callouses.

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So those are the reasons why you would choose between sugar scrubs over salt scrubs. Those are the pros and cons that you have to weigh when deciding which option to go with.

You have to address what your skins specific needs are when it comes to deciding on any skincare product. Your skin will tell you what it wants and what it doesn’t want if you pay close enough attention.

Do you exfoliate with a sugar scrub or salt scrub? Which one do you prefer, or do you use them interchangeably?

You could even try your hand at making your own salt and sugar scrubs. Their just about the easiest skincare product to make at home and contain few and simple ingredients!

This article on 10 DIY Body Scrubs from Hello Glow can help to get you started!

Are you going to treat your skin to a salt or sugar scrub? If you do you should try put this salt body scrub or this shea butter sugar scrub!

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