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Sneaky Ways to Get More Sleep for the Sleep Deprived

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there were some sneaky ways to get more sleep? If there was a secret to achieving that elusive feeling of getting enough rest?

I think we have all been there at some point in our life. Whether you are a mother with energetic children, a wife with a snoring husband or just someone who struggles to get enough sleep this article is for you.

Sleep is one of those things that can completely tip the balance in our life. If your sleep deprived and merely crawling your way through the day everything is going to suffer.

Plus, life is just not as enjoyable when your dozing off during work or struggling to keep your eyes open during a movie night.

Life is just a bit less bright when you are sleep deprived which is why I wanted to write on ways to get more sleep.

Sneaky Ways to Get More Sleep

Some of these tips might not apply to you and some most definitely will!

It’s all about lifestyle and what you can or can’t improve and what you can add into your daily life.

No matter what tip most resonates with you its important to take leaps towards getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital to proper health physically and mentally and both will suffer if you don’t put enough value on proper sleep.

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Why Are You Always Tired?

Before you try to improve your sleep, cycle and feel more rested its important to figure out why you aren’t getting enough sleep. Why you are always so tired.

Maybe you have a fussy newborn in the home, or the stress of life overcharges your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep at night.

Maybe you’re going to bed too late and waking up too early or you’re getting enough sleep, but you still don’t feel rested.

It’s important to ask yourself these questions to see what exactly could change. Because if we were honest with ourselves there are often times where we just don’t prioritize sleep.

It is too easy to neglect sleep in our strivings to be productive and get all of the things done. I know that I’m not alone in this!

ways to get more sleep

Take a Nap

A nap you say? Yes, a nap.

People used to take naps on a regular basis only now we think of naps for only the elderly and the unmotivated.

But naps can be very beneficial when it comes to recharging your batteries so that you can get back to getting things done.

If you always experience an energy dip in the afternoon try laying down for thirty minutes. Just resting your eyes can do wonders for chasing that sleepiness away.

Just don’t overdo it or else you won’t be able to go to sleep that night or you might be groggy for the rest of the day.

Blogging and Living has a wonderful post on Taking Naps for Self Care that you might want to read!

Create a Night Routine

This might seem like a silly tip but creating a night routine is important when it comes to getting good quality sleep!

A routine establishes a system and over time you will find yourself getting tired at the same time every night as your body gets into that flow.

Establishing a night routine is a good way to hold yourself accountable to getting to bed at a decent time every night. And the repetitiveness of a routine will help your mind to become more ready for sleep and less active.

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Go to Sleep Early

Are you not getting enough sleep every night, but you have to go to work or be up at a certain time every morning?

Well then it might be time to do the unthinkable. Go to bed earlier.

I know, I know. None of us want to hear that but it’s the most basic step that you can take towards getting better sleep.

You often can’t change when you have to get up in the morning, but you can go to bed earlier to make up for the lost hours.

It might seem hard and unfamiliar at first especially if you are a night owl but eventually it will just become a normal part of your routine.

Journal Before Bed

Looking for ways to get more sleep? Are you the kind of person why lies awake at night with thoughts of grocery lists, bills and the things you need to clean the next day?

Been there done that. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t struggle at some point to sleep from an overactive mind.

One way that people swear by to eliminate this problem is to journal before bed. Or to simply write down your feelings from that day, what you did and what you still need to do.

Write down all of the thoughts in your head that you know will be bugging you for hours after lying down.

There is a kind of peace that can be felt once thoughts are written on paper and that can greatly help you to fall asleep faster and sleep easier.

Keep the Room Cool

Those strange creatures who are always cold might gasp at this suggestion but its scientifically based!

People sleep better when they are slightly cool and there is proper circulation throughout their room.

It won’t just help you to fall asleep faster but to have better quality of sleep since becoming over heated can make you restless or even wake you up.

Try buying cooling pillow cases or lighter sheets. Turn on a ceiling fan or turn down the AC just a bit and see if it helps you to get more sleep.

If you want to try out some cooling pillow cases these silk pillow cases are the perfect option.

You could also use an essential oil diffuser as the moisture can make your room a bit cooler. This relax essential oil blend would be perfect to diffuse at night to help you wind down!

Be the first to grab one of these essential oil diffusers for yourself if you don’t already have a diffuser!

Take a Shower

Still wondering which ways to get more sleep can help you. Try taking a shower before bed. A hot one!

It’s no surprise to anyone that taking a hot shower relaxes you and helps you to wind down before bed.

There’s just no better feeling than climbing into bed feeling fresh and clean.

But the science behind why this works on a deeper scale is because our body temperature drops after taking a hot shower.

That might sound like a bad thing, but it actually isn’t. It helps quite a lot in allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

So, try taking a hot shower right before bed and see if you can get more Zzzz’s.


I think that most of us all struggle to get adequate sleep to some measure.

Life gets busy and one thing that often seems to slip into the shadows is sleep because what better time to fit in more things than when you should be asleep!

But sleep is more than worthy of becoming a priority for us and you won’t regret taking a bit more care in your day to day life in order to get more sleep.

Take a nap, buy a fan, or change your night time routine all of these things can all help you to get better sleep.

If you have some sneaky tips for ways to get more sleep, then do share them! I would love to hear how you get more sleep.

Want to treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser and a relax essential oil blend? Get them while they last as these items tend to sell quickly!

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