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Simple and Quick Nighttime Skincare Routine Tips for Happy Skin

Are you searching for a simple and quick nighttime skincare routine? For simple skincare made up of clean beauty products in the right order?

Well you are in luck today because that is exactly what we will be talking about in this article! All about how to have a nighttime skincare routine and a simple skincare routine at that!

How you take care of your skin before bed is one of the most important times of the day for your skin. And you would be surprised at how many people skip a nighttime skincare routine altogether!

And that’s a big no no!

Part of preserving your skin and having youthful skin later into your years can come down to your nighttime skincare habits.

So, don’t abandon your skins needs at night because you might one day regret it! Especially since having a night skincare routine really isn’t that hard.

So, keep reading to find out how to take care of your skin at night!

Nighttime Skincare Routine Tips

It’s important when formulating any skincare routine to keep in mind what your skin type is. Of course, our skin is constantly changing with the seasons and with age but what type of skin do you normally have?

A nighttime skincare routine for oily skin is going to look much different than a skincare routine for dry skin so make sure to keep that in mind.

This is also why it’s a good idea to change up your skincare routine with the seasons as our skins needs can change during those times as well.

Don’t forget to read till the end to get some bonus nighttime skincare routine tips!

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Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

Everyone repeat after me we must always cleanse our skin at night! Always, always, always!

Nighttime is no time to skip this very important step no matter how tired you are or how tempting it may be. And believe me the idea of just going straight to bed can be tempting sometimes.

But don’t let yourself be talked into skipping this step as it is so bad for your skin!

It is most important in your nighttime skincare routine to properly cleanse your skin of all of the impurities that it collected throughout the day.

Because after a long day our skin tends to become very dirty and it is important to wash off all of that gunk. Whether it be skincare products, makeup, or just grime.

Don’t skip this important step and make sure to use your best face wash or cleanser at night opposed to morning time.

nighttime skincare routine

Correct Order of Products

It is also important to make sure that you are applying your skincare products in the correct order.

This matters because your skin will not be able to fully benefit from each skincare product if it isn’t applied right.

You could be stunting the ability of your beauty products by applying them in the wrong order which minimizes each product after the other one.

The correct order of skincare products is:

  • Cleanser or face wash
  • Facial toner ( I recommend witch hazel or rosewater )
  • Eye cream and serums
  • moisturizer

Never Skip the Moisturizer

This important nighttime skincare routine step is another thing that you must not skimp out on.

Moisturizing properly can be the deal breaker with your skin especially when it comes to signs of aging. As dry skin is much more likely to sag, become thin and dull, form wrinkles, and fine lines.

Read this article on How to Treat Aging Skin to get some tips for taking care of aged skin!

Of course, your nighttime skincare routine for oily skin might require this step a little less than skin prone to dryness. But moisturizing is still important for oily skin as well.

During the daytime you will probably find yourself moisturizing much less to avoid having a shiny oily face. Which is why it is so important to moisturize very well at night especially since your skin tends to dry out as you sleep.

Try to use a facial moisturizer that is rich and hydrating to get the best results. Applying a generous amount all over your face and down your neck to your chest.

I like to moisturize with oils at night so that they can absorb as I sleep. If you like to do that as well I would recommend using this rosehip oil for most skin types. Or grape seed oil for more mature skin or if you have fine lines.

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Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Your nighttime skincare routine is also an important time to do all of your exfoliating.

We tend to not exfoliate in the morning as it can be a lengthy process that will leave your face a bit pink. So, your nighttime skincare routine is the best time to do this step.

Of course, it isn’t necessary or recommended to exfoliate daily so you will only need to remember this step a few days a week. But it is important none the less as exfoliating leaves your skin fresher and better able to benefit from your skincare products.

No matter how often you exfoliate just remember to always be as gentle as possible. Try to avoid pulling your skin aggressively or exfoliating roughly which can cause wrinkles and damage skin.

Never Skip Nighttime Skincare

And now the most important tip to remember when creating a nighttime skincare routine is to never skip it!

It is all too easy to simple skin your nighttime skincare because you’ve had a long day and your tired. It’s understandable.

But don’t let that temptation turn into a reality as your skin needs its nighttime routine and will be negatively affected if it isn’t followed through with.

This is where having a minimal and simple skincare routine will be your best friend! 

Bonus Tips

There is much more to a nighttime routine than just skincare products that can affect your skin.

Even your nightly habits can have an impact on your skins health so here are a few extra nighttime skincare routine tips to set you up for success!

Change Your Pillow Case

This tip is especially important for a nighttime skincare routine for oily skin as your pillow case just might be making your breakouts worse!

If you have oily skin your pillow case is most likely becoming a breeding ground for all kinds of bad oils and bacteria.

So, try to wash your pillow case on a weekly basis and if you still think it’s too dirty try changing it out twice or three times a week just to be safe.

Have a Humidifier

This simple skincare tip is more important for those with dry skin as your skin might be dehydrated.

Try running a humidifier in your room throughout the night to reintroduce moisture back into the air.

Between heaters, AC, and fans your skin could be becoming very dry throughout the night and a humidifier can help to keep the air moist to prevent that.

This humidifier would be an excellent option in order to combat dry and flaky skin.

Don’t Forget the Lips

Another commonly overlooked step is lip care!

Don’t forget that your lips need a little love as well especially if you are prone to having dry cracked lips.

Try to use a moisturizing lip balm each night before bed in order to seal and protect the delicate skin on your lips.

Keeping them happy and hydrated all night long.

Sleep with Your Head Elevated

One great tip to help you to avoid having a swollen and puffy face in the morning is to sleep with your head elevated.

You can do this by propping your head up with two pillows instead of one to elevate your head higher in the air.

This will help to decrease the amount of fluid that would otherwise settle into your face.

If you really wanted to reduce puffiness you could also try sleeping on your back and decreasing your salt consumption.

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