Below are a few of my favorite things from lifestyle products to teas to herbal supplements and more!

All of these products have been tried out by me and are from brands that I trust.

Disclaimer: The affiliate links included in this post result in me receiving a small commission. These links are of no extra cost to you, they just help to keep this website up and running successfully. I only advertise products that I have personally used or believe in the quality of. 


I like to use these supplements as daily vitamins for things such as digestive health and general stress. As well as weekly or monthly supplements as needed for better sleep and pain management.

st. John’s wort supplements

valerian supplements

lemon balm capsules

slippery elm powder

magnesium supplement

melatonin supplement

Herbal Tinctures:

These are the herbal tinctures that I use as needed for things such as stress, pain and general better health.

They are faster absorbing and easier to take on the go then capsules are!

lemon balm tincture

Essential Oils:

These are the essential oils that I find myself reaching for the most. Whether that be for diy skincare, aromatherapy, baths or diy projects!

They are all from brands that I trust and are very affordable.

tea tree essential oil

lavender essential oil

lemon essential oil

peppermint essential oil


These are a few of my favorite herbal and black teas! All delicious and affordable.

Some being great for medicinal purposes.

marshmallow root tea blend

nettle tea

sweet dreams tea

lemon balm tea

black tea


These are just a few tools and ingredients that I like to use in my skincare routine.

All are affordable and of good quality and I personally recommend each one very highly!

this jade roller

this rosewater

this rosehip oil

rice flour

dry brush

Hair Care:

Here are my favorite hair care products and ingredients that i highly recommend and personally enjoy!

dr. woods castile soap


Are are some of my favorite food items. The yummy items that I find myself using again and again and that I think you might like as well!

vega protein powder

flax seeds

Quaker oats

apple cider vinegar

nutritional yeast


All of the random products that I use and recommend!

aloe vera gel

reusable cotton grocery bags

stainless steel straws

arnica gel

essential oil diffuser

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