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Self-Care for Adults to Promote a Slower Happier Life

Have you been feeling stressed out and stretched too thin lately? If so, you may be in need of some self-care for adults. You know the kind of self-care that is actually realistic and can be applied to your life right now.

There are a lot of articles and information out there on self-care activities. But not all of them are applicable to adults.

You can’t always drop everything to have a movie marathon in bed or go take an hour-long bath. It just isn’t always realistic.

Self-care for adults is a bit different and is going to look different for all of us adults out here. Because we are all busy, we all have hectic schedules and we all have things and people that depend on us to get things done.

But that doesn’t mean that self-care should slip out of the picture! It just has to adapt to whatever stage in life we are at right now.

So, if you want to find some realistic inspiration on how to practice self-care for adults then keep reading!

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Self-Care for Adults

Your definition of self-care is going to look different from anyone one else’s kind of self-care. Even if you are doing the same activity as everyone else.

One strange self-care activity that I personally enjoy is sewing. Which would be considered a task for most people!

Maybe your definition of self-care is cleaning or gardening. Who knows!

All that matters is that your self-care activity leaves you feeling calm and fulfilled. As if you can go back to real life to tackle your to-do list again.

Though self-care for adults might look different it is still effective and just what you need sometimes!

Take the Day Off

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that this isn’t going to apply to everyone in the slightest. Many people can’t just take the day off from work because they feel like it.

But you do have days off of work that I am guessing your fill with all of those household and family tasks.

There will always be a full to-do list, decorations that need dusting and pets that need bathing! But if you are feeing particularly taxed. Then maybe it is in your best interest to clear out your schedule for an off day.

Take a few hours to yourself to do what you want to do and what fills you with joy. Those tasks can wait another day but there’s is only one of you. So you need to take care of yourself!

Practice Better Hygiene

I think we can all admit to not always taking the best care of ourselves. Sure, you take a shower and splash your face with water in the morning but that isn’t always enough.

It is amazing how a little extra time dedicated to your hygiene can make you feel so much better about yourself. As if you could conquer the world!

Try dedicating one evening a week to a full body pamper. Or take an extra ten minutes every morning to really take care of your skin.

Maybe throw on a face and hair mask once a week as you take a few minutes longer basking in a hot shower.

You could take a few minutes to do a proper exfoliation with this salt body scrub. Or treat yourself to this jade roller to pamper your skin.

A little extra time dedicated to upkeeping yourself can really do wonders for how you approach your day.

self-care for adults

Spend Less Time on the Phone

Have you ever found yourself wondering where the time went? How you used to be able to get everything done and still have time to do something enjoyable?

Well the culprit might just be your phone! 

It’s amazing how much time one can spend mindlessly scrolling on their phone. How much time can be wasted with ten minutes here and ten minutes there spent throughout the day on a phone.

If you seem to not have enough hours in the day. Just try to reduce how often you pick up your phone for no real reason. You just might find out where all of that extra time has gone.

And I bet that you won’t even miss all of that scrolling as you will have more time for better activities.

Healthy Happy Impact blog has a wonderful article on How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone with some unique ideas!

Meet Up with a Friend

This isn’t something that is always possible but if you can meet up with a friend it is so much nicer than texting or making a phone call.

We spend so little time chatting face to face with people that we forget how much nicer it really is.

There is no better form of self-care than to lose track of time while chatting with a friend over lunch or tea. Losing track of all of those tasks that need to be done because you are enjoying a real conversation.

Friendship is like ointment to a weary mind and is sure to leave you feeling invigorate and refreshed.

Cook a Special Meal

This is personally one of my all-time favorite self-care activities! It’s the perfect way to give yourself a pat on the back for a hard day’s work.

Try creating a list of meals that you want to try making. Saving them for a day where you have an extra hour to spare.

Put on a movie or some music, light a candle and lose track of time. As you prepare a special meal for yourself or for you and a loved one.

Not only does this give you a moment of calm and peace from the hecticness of life but it also provides you with a body nourishing meal.

You could even treat yourself with a cook book like this Plant Based Diet for Beginners Cook Book.

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Find a New Hobby

In the day of technology, it has become less common for people to have real hobbies. You know, those forms of entertainment that aren’t movies, YouTube or social media?

Unlike those ways of passing the time, real hobbies are fulfilling and leave you feeling relaxed while knowing that you have accomplished something.

Maybe you have been meaning to try out cake decorating or painting. Or you have forgotten embroidery work or crochet projects that have been put aside for too long.

Try finding a new hobby or picking up an old one! Hobbies leave you feeling so much better than an hour of mindlessly watching YouTube videos ever will. And you are left with a tangible object that your can feel proud of.

I don’t know if essential oils necessarily count as a hobby but their something that I really enjoy! If you want to play around with essential oils you might want to invest in a kit like this essential oil kit.

Start Volunteering

This might seem like a weird self-care activity for adults. Because you are already so busy so why would you want to leave your house to go volunteer somewhere in your free time?

Well volunteering comes with some sneaky perks that you might not know of unless you have tried it out for yourself.

Self-care doesn’t always have to be about you or focusing entirely on yourself. Sometimes self-care comes from the act of caring for others. Sometimes the greatest self-care comes from disconnecting from yourself.

Try volunteering at an animal shelter, a soup kitchen or at an elderly folks’ home. Volunteering can be a very soul nourishing activity that might not leave you feeling rested but will leave you feeling better.

You just might find that by taking time out of your busy life to serve others who are in need you will gain better perspective. And just might find yourself focusing less on your cares and worries and find more joy and peace in life.

Start Reading Again

I think that many of us can admit to losing the art of reading. So many of us were avid readers when we were younger and yet we seem to have lost the habit over time.

Personally, I lost the habit of reading as it started to make me feel guilty. As though if I couldn’t multitask then I was wasting time. And that is truly sad.

Reading is far different from other activities and has a special way of relaxing you and transporting you. It fuels your mind and helps you to continue learning and improving.

This book called Present Over Perfect is the perfect read to leave you feeling grounded.

Or if your a food lover like myself you might even enjoy flipping through a cookbook. It’s much nicer then looking through Pinterest recipes on your phone. This Plant Based Diet for Beginners CookBook is a great choice!

Too often as we become adults, we put aside books as if they were toys that we no longer had time for.

If you can’t make time for any other form of self-care, then try to make time for reading. Humor that inner child and keep them alive with the books that you enjoy most!


No matter how old you are self-care should always become a priority in your life. And if you don’t like all of these labels that we have now such as the term self-care. Just think of it as taking care of yourself because that is really what it is.

Self-care for adults does matter and does deserve to become a priority because taking care of yourself is never a waste of time.

We all have a tendency to abandon our well-being in the midst of life’s busyness but that doesn’t really benefit anyone in the end.

Just like that familiar saying about pouring from an empty cup we must remember to fill ourselves up if we wish to be able to do that for others.

We can only ignore ourselves for so long before everyone starts to feel the effects of that neglect.

With just a small investment into yourself you can start to feel better overall. So why not treat yourself to something special like this essential oil kit for aromatherapy. Or this jade roller for a skin pampering evening!

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