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Rosewater Vs Witch Hazel: Which Amazing Option is the Best Toner

Have you ever wondered which was the best toner? Whether it was rosewater toner or a witch hazel toner?

If this thought has ever crossed your mind, then look no further because here is a break down of rosewater vs. witch hazel.

We will be discussing what each one is used for and their pros and cons! So that you can decide which one is the best toner for your skincare routine.

They are both wonderful toners and this article is written to help you to decide which one is best suited to your skin.

Make sure you read till the end of the article as well so you don’t miss the discussion of what is toner and why you should be using it.

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in keep reading!

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Rosewater VS. Witch Hazel: Which is The Best Toner?

Toners are not only an important part of your skincare routine but what kind of toner you use is also important.

Both rosewater toner and a witch hazel toner offer different benefits to your skin and it’s important to know what they both have to offer.

Just as important as it is to know what kind of toner your skin personally needs.

And sometimes it just comes down to trial and error. So, if you have struggled to find the best toner for your skin don’t give up!

Perhaps one of these toners will be just the right fit for you!


Rosewater toner is a hydrosol that is created by steam distillation. This process creates a rich floral water that contains many of the rose’s benefits.

It is very beneficial as it is such a concentrated solution. Providing the best way of getting the benefits of roses for your skin.


Rosewater is amazingly anti-inflammatory which makes it the best toner for irritable skin types.

It is great for when your skin is breaking out or tends to be red and irritated. As it sooths and calms.

Rosewater toner also helps to maintain your skins pH balance which is vital if you want healthy young-looking skin!

It is also extremely hydrating to your skin more hydrating then plain water.

Rosewater is also high in vitamin C which is a very important vitamin for healthy skin. It helps to protect your skin from sun damage, treats blemishes, restores dull skin, and is antiaging.

You can read more about how rosewater helps your skin in this article on Rosewater for Skin!


  • Hydrating
  • Calming and anti-inflammatory
  • Gentle
  • Smells wonderful
  • Cheap and easy to find
  • antiaging


  • Isn’t as astringent
  • Can cause allergic reaction
  • Not as good for oily skin
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Witch Hazel

This witch hazel toner is made from distilling the leaf, twigs, and bark of the witch hazel tree.

Creating a highly beneficial distillation that can be used for many skin ailments and problems.

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Witch hazel toner is most commonly used for its astringent abilities. Making it an effective treatment for drying out and shrinking skin blemishes.

Uses for witch hazel also include its anti-inflammatory and is rich in antioxidants which help to restore and protect your skin from the environment and pollutants.

Witch hazel toner is also a well-known remedy for burns which could prove very useful if you ever had a burn or sunburn on your face.

You can read more on how to treat a sunburn with witch hazel in this article on How to Treat a Sunburn Fast.

Witch hazel is a great toner for oily skin as it is such an astringent toner and can help to decrease oil production.


  • Strong astringent
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory
  • Controls oil production
  • Protects skin
  • Easy to buy and is affordable


  • Can dry out some skin types
  • Might cause skin tightness
  • Can cause allergic reaction
  • Might sting sensitive skin

What Do Toners Do?

Toners are most often used as a second level of cleansing as that help to remove any lingering dirt or grime from your face.

The best toners are especially useful for those with oily or acne prone skin. Or for people who wear makeup throughout the day or wear sunscreen often.

But those aren’t the only reasons why you should care about what is toner used for!

Toners can also create the illusion of smaller pores and they restore your skins natural pH balance.

Natural toners also act as humectants as they draw moisture to the skin which help to keep your skin hydrated.

Toners also just generally help your skin to feel and look fresher. So, if you happen to not wash your face one day just put on some toner to freshen things up!

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The Best Option Per Skin Type

Though skin types aren’t always dependable as our skin changes frequently throughout our lifetime.

Between climate changes, seasonal changes, and as we age. Despite that you can still use a toner for your skin loosely based on what your skin type is right now.

Just keep in mind that your skin type might be different than you think. Maybe you think you have dry skin but really need witch hazel toner. Or maybe your skin type doesn’t need a toner at all, and it just dries you out!

Listen to what your skin tells you and follow its advice.

Rosewater Toner:

  • Dry skin
  • Mature skin
  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive skin

Witch Hazel Toner

  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Acne prone skin


Which of the best toners mentioned in this article do you really think is the best? Or like me do you think they are both the best just in different ways?

Unfortunately, there is never one answer for a question like this and you will just have to try these rosewater toner and witch hazel toners out for yourself to decide.

If you do decide to give one or both of these a try let me know in the comments! I would love to hear what your experience was and which one your skin preferred.

Would you be interested in trying out these toners? Don’t forget to treat yourself to these best sellers this witch hazel and this rosewater!

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