Have you ever wondered what was the big deal about rosewater? Why rosewater for skin is all the rage? Rosewater is the current obsession as everyone seems to be using rosewater. And every skincare brand has at least one rosewater product.

Well there is a good reason for the hype, I promise. I’m not one to join the crowd when it comes to skincare fads. But I think that rosewater deserves this little bit of spotlight.

Rosewater is one of my favorite multipurpose skincare products and has been for quite a while. Even if you don’t typically enjoy the scent of roses you might just find yourself falling in love with rosewater.

It is such a handy product whether you suffer from easily irritated skin or skin conditions. Or even if you just want to incorporate a little extra goodness into your skincare routine!

Rosewater is such a simple yet luxurious product to add to your skin pamper routine. Because if roses don’t just scream luxurious then I don’t know what does!

The Origins of Rosewater

I thought I would do something a little interesting in this post and talk about the origins of rosewater. So often we find our self greatly admiring something. With no real idea of its background and I think that’s a shame.

The ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans were known to cultivate roses and considered them to be incredibly important. So much so that their rose gardens were considered to be just as important as their food crops.

Rosewater was a by-product of the process of making rose oil. It was being created through steam distillation as the essential oils were being extracted.

Rosewater was used throughout many cultures as a food flavoring. In the Indian cuisine desserts were flavored with rosewater. As in Malaysia and Singapore rosewater was used in a sweet drink. Rosewater eventually became a very popular flavoring for baked goods in America and Europe.

As for topical uses, in medieval European times rosewater was used to wash hands during feasts. It was also commonly used in perfumes and creams.

On a more romantic note, it was very commonly known that Cleopatra bathed in rosewater for its sweet scent. It was also spoken of in correlation with Venus who was believed to be the Roman goddess of beauty.

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 Antioxidant Rich

Now that we know where rosewater came from. Now we must get into why it is so beneficial for your skin. And why you should use rosewater for skincare.

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Rosewater is rich in antioxidants which helps to protect the skin. Antioxidants acts almost as if they were a shield covering your skin from pollutants, chemicals and free radicals. Protecting your skin from all of the things that seek to harm it.

Your skin is left much more defenseless against environmental threats without plenty of antioxidants in your skincare routine.

Antioxidants help to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. Slowing down the aging that comes from all of the harmful things that our skin is exposed to. Which is probably why it is such a popular ingredient in many anti-aging products.

Though I wouldn’t personally attest to the anti-aging benefits of rosewater as I don’t entirely believe that anything is anti-ageing. I do believe that rosewater can help to slow the aging process down. Especially as most ageing is brought on prematurely through environmental pollutants.

rosewater for skin


Rosewater is well known to be highly anti-inflammatory for the skin. It is soothing and cooling helping to overall lessen the irritation of inflamed skin.

It is often used in skincare products meant to treat eczema and rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Those properties allow it to reduce redness and obvious signs of inflammation.

Rosewater can sooth inflammation as well as pain, itching, sunburns and bug bites. And it makes a wonderful addition to homemade remedies meant to sooth and reduce discomfort.


Rosewater is naturally antibacterial and contains antiseptic properties. It is rich in flavonoids and vitamins such as vitamin A and E.

This is another reason why rosewater is a good option. For treating mild cases of eczema, rosacea, sunburn and bug bites. It is even a good remedy for ailments such as poison ivy as it sooths and promotes healing.

Rosewater can aid in keeping wounds clean and free of bacteria or infection. Promoting faster healing and less irritation and scarring. I have personally used rosewater often as a way of cleaning skin wounds. After having found it to be very useful in a pinch.

It is a good option for those who suffer from breakouts or acne. As it can sooth the irritation and promote faster healing in a gentle, none invasive way. Lending a helping hand without damaging the skin any further as some more forceful products can.


Besides being soothing and healing to the skin rosewater is also very cooling and hydrating.

Rosewater is the perfect option of skincare toner for anyone who struggles with dry skin. It is toning while staying very hydrating. Reducing skin dryness as well as the irritation that dryness can create.

Facial toners and facial mists often contain rosewate. You can achieve vibrant, youthful skin by using rosewater throughout the day.

Bonus Tip: 

Take a spritzer bottle of rosewater with you on a hiking trip or a trip to the beach. You can use it to help cool off your skin. As well as to keep your skin moisturized and happy throughout the day.  This is the rosewater mist that I recommend using.

Rosewater for Skin: How to Use it

You have probably gathered quite an abundance of ideas as to how you can incorporate rosewater into your skincare regime.

The most common ways that you can use it is as a toner or facial mist. But you don’t have to stop there. If you want to really get creative, you can add rosewater to face masks or in your homemade facial creams.

You can dab it on as a very light perfume. Or add a few tablespoons to your bathwater for an extra luxurious experience. You could also add a bit of rosewater to facial steams in order to really pamper your skin!

Mollie from Mollie Mason has a wonderful recipe for rose lavender bath salts. It is on her blog if you want to give it a read.

For sunburns and bug bites you can create a paste of aloe vera gel and rosewater. As a way to help soothe the itching and burning. And you can use it as an antibacterial wash for cuts and wounds.


There is an abundance of reasons why you would want to include rosewater in your skincare routine. You can use rosewater as creatively as you wish as it is a diverse product. And this is only a list of the SKINCARE benefits of rosewater! There are so many more ways that you can use it!

Rosewater is a skincare product that I always recommend 100% to anyone and everyone. It is something that everyone could find a use for even if it’s not in your skincare routine.

After you finish reading this post let us know in the comments how you use rosewater in your daily routine. I would love to know what your experience with it has been. And we can all share how we use it for our own individual needs!

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