Raspberry leaf for menstruation. Yes, I’m going there today and I’m going to be talking about all of the nitty gritty details.

Periods are the gift that just keeps giving, aren’t they? They are a consistent part of almost every woman’s life and is usually changing as our body changes. 

Looking back, I can’t even begin to imagine how the women before us ever managed that time of the month. But life always goes on no matter what your uterus has decided to do that week.

Despite the fact that we have so many more options of treating that time of the month. Menstruation is usually still a struggle for most of us. 

If you’re lucky you know when it’s going to begin and how it’s going to feel. If you’re not so lucky, well let’s just say that it can become twice the hassle. Not to mention the various levels of cramps that one can endure.

Every woman’s period is going to be a bit different from the next, but I think that we can all agree that it can be trifling to deal with at times. In a world of modern medicines there is still little relief to be found.

Which is why we will be talking about this age-old remedy because sometimes it’s the remedies of times past that can really make a difference.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

Historical Uses of Raspberry Leaf for Menstruation

Raspberry leaf has a long history of traditional uses. It has often been given the name of the ‘mother herb’ as it is most often used for woman’s issues or birth.

Raspberry leaf was often used as a tonic to be taken up until a woman’s time of pregnancy as it was believed to make childbirth easier. It was also used to help stop bleeding after pregnancy and to aid in reducing heavy menstrual cycles.

The native Americans were known to use the whole plant such as the fruit, leaves and roots as a woman’s tonic and tea.

Even before there were any scientific facts to back up raspberry leaf’s benefits people considered it to be an astringent herb. An herb that has the ability to tone and tighten muscles.

Because of that it was often used as a remedy for many kinds of intestinal disorders from kidney stones to stomach upset and more.

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Tones the Reproductive Organs

As mentioned, the astringent properties of raspberry leaf for menstruation is why it was most often used. Raspberry leaf promotes a healthy menstruation as it tones and strengthens the reproductive organs.

It was most often used to strengthen the womb for childbirth, but the same idea applies to menstruation as the symptoms can be similar.

Raspberry leaf’s toning properties help to tone and smooth the walls of the uterus strengthening the muscles to prepare for what we call cramps. Though cramps are really muscle spasm which is why strengthening those muscles can result in less spasms.

It is also thought that the astringent properties of raspberry leaf might help to normalize your period over time. Making it less sporadic and easier to treat and keep track of.

Reduces Pain and Length of Menstruation

Since we know now that raspberry leaf is often used for menstrual cramps because it is an astringent. Now we can dig deeper into the subject of why that is such an important characteristic.

Raspberry leaf can greatly reduce the level of pain that your menstrual cycle can cause. Helping your reproductive organs to be better prepared for the contraction like spasms that come.

It can also aid in reducing the amount of time that you are on your menstrual cycle if you take raspberry leaf beforehand and throughout regularly.

Raspberry leaf for menstruation is also known to reduce irregular bleeding and spotting throughout the month. As well as aiding in less heavy bleeding.

raspberry leaf for menstrual cycle

Vitamin Rich

Raspberry leaf is rich in vitamins and minerals which is just another reason why it is so beneficial for menstruation.

It has an abundance of vitamins B and C. As well as minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron just to name a few.

The vitamins that raspberry leaf contains help to give you more energy which is often very much needed. Especially when it feels as though your very life is flowing out of you in a flood of red!

Magnesium is an especially useful mineral as it can help to lessen uterus spasms and cramps as well as reduce heavy bleeding.

The fact that raspberry leaf contains iron is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle. You are losing a lot of iron during your cycle, so it is important to be taking something that contains iron.

Being deficient in iron while you are on your menstrual cycle can make you feel weaker and less energetic. Overall, making all of the symptoms feel worse.

Also, did you know that for some women their menstrual cycle can bring on anxiety and anxiety attacks? It’s crazy how jumbled up or hormones can become during that time.

If you experience symptoms of anxiety during your cycle, then head on over to this post on Three Ways to Use Lemon Balm for Anxiety where it talks all about lemon balm. A wonderful herb for anxiety!

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How You can Take Raspberry Leaf

Tea is the most common form of raspberry leaf taken for menstrual cycles. And by tea I don’t mean one cup in the evening. Usually two to three cups a day are recommended!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that I could regularly drink that much raspberry tea even if my life depended on it!

The good thing is that there are also other medicinal options of taking raspberry leaf. Options such as raspberry leaf tincture and raspberry leaf capsules. Both of which being good options and from highly reliable brands!

You could also find some pretty tasty tea blends out there. Many of which being blended with other herbs for woman’s issues which just adds even more benefits! This raspberry leaf tea blend especially sounds promising.

Or you can just stick to a good old cup of pure raspberry leaf tea . On its own the flavor is very mild, slightly sweet and tart.

Simple Self-Care Ideas for that Time of the Month

I didn’t want to write an article on menstrual cycles without briefly mentioning self-care.

If there was ever a time to prop your feet up and take a load off it is during your menstruation cycle. I mean really. It is such a trying time for the body, and we owe it to ourselves to rest so that that body can do its job!

Now I’ll admit that I’m not the best at doing this myself. There are always things to do, laundry to be washed and folded and every other manner of chore to be done. But this is an important part of being a woman.

Our body goes through a lot and we can’t expect it to do its job properly if we do not give it the time and rest that it needs.

Some very simple self-care practices that you can incorporate into that time of the month are baths, plenty of warm foods and drinks, self-massages, and plenty of resting in bed or your favorite chair. 

Stephanie from Hello Glow has a wonderful recipe for a warm drink called a Raspberry Leaf Moontime Elixer that sounds just dreamy. Or if you want to go the route of making your own tea blend try out Mountain Rose Herb’s Raspberry Tea Blend.

These are very simple ideas, but they can greatly make a difference in helping you to recover faster. Having a more positive experience than you might not have otherwise.

And if this time of the month stresses you out you might want to read this article on 10 Ways to Relieve Stress for relaxing ways to pass the time.


I hope that you have a better idea of what raspberry leaf can do for you after reading this post. Have a clearer idea of how you can take strides to lessen the blow of that time of the month.

Of all of the reproductive centered herbs raspberry leaf is best known and is almost always found to be effective. It is a gentle and loving herb that has been relied on for longer than we probably know.

If you have tried raspberry leaf before then share your experience in the comments. I’m sure that we would all benefit from hearing your experience!

And don’t delay in purchasing yourself some raspberry leaf capsules or raspberry leaf tea! For your next menstrual cycle. I Guarantee that it will make it much easier!



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