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My Favorite Lifestyle Blogs and Products of This Year

Today I am sharing some of my favorite things of this year including lifestyle blogs that I have been following! Things that I enjoyed this year that contributed to my healthy lifestyle aspirations.

I don’t know about you, but this year seemed to have flown by for me. It was full of lifestyle changes and all kinds of crazy things.

I really spent a good percentage of this year purely strapping myself to my laptop to work on this blog. So, when I look back it doesn’t seem as though I have tried many new things this year.

But overall, I think I got into some healthy lifestyle things and tried out a few products that I now love and can’t imagine being without!

So, if you are interested in seeing what I have discovered this year and the lifestyle blogs that I have been enjoying. Then keep reading!

My Favorite Lifestyle Blogs

Now these blogs aren’t all specifically in the lifestyle niche, but they are close enough in my opinion. And there is such a variety that I do believe that they cover the term lifestyle.

These are all blogs that I have been learning from and gathering inspiration from all year and I would consider them all to be some of my favorite things!

Disclaimer: The affiliate links included in this post result in me receiving a small commission. These links are of no extra cost to you, they just help to keep this website up and running successfully. I only advertise products that I have personally used or believe in the quality of. 

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Hello Glow

Now I have already mentioned the Hello Glow blog in a previous post, but I had to mention it again.

This is one of my favorite blogs as it always provides great healthy lifestyle tips and tricks. As well as plenty of amazing skincare recipes!

Wellness Mama

The Wellness Mama blog has been a newer discovery for me this year and I have been loving the information there!

It is filled with all thing’s healthy lifestyle from natural medicine, beauty products, home products, and more. All being green and natural and with very reliable information.

The Minimalist Baker

I have been reading The Minimalist Baker for years now but only just this year did I really dig into the recipes there.

I love the simplicity of this food and lifestyle brand and always enjoy scrolling through the content there.

If you want simple, easy, minimal, plant-based recipes this is the blog to follow!

Under a Tin Roof

Under a Tin Roof is a much newer discovery for me this year and once I found it, I knew it was going to become one of my favorite things!

This rustic homey blog is filled with lifestyle, medicinal, crafty, and homesteading content. All very simple and soothing.

It has become my little haven amongst the chaos of the internet.

lifestyle blogs

Mind Body Green

Now this blog is most definitely a lifestyle blog and popular lifestyle brand as they cover an assortment of healthy living content.

Mind Body Green isn’t my first stop when it comes to reading material, but I do like to check out what’s new on their site now and again.

If you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle this is a great blog to look to for inspiration.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a cozy and comforting lifestyle blog dedicated to homey inspiration from crafted décor to what’s popular.

You will find an assortment of healthy lifestyle topics on their site as well as all kinds of lifestyle content.

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Eating Bird Food

Eating Bird Food is also a newer lifestyle blog discovery that I made this year. And it focuses mainly on healthy and simple recipes.

Not all of the recipes on there are plant-based but I do like to use the recipes there to gain inspiration to mix up my own concoctions!

One Good Thing by Jillee

This is a wonderful all-around lifestyle blog that you definitely need to check out!

Filled with various posts on a wide range of home hacks and tips to make life just a little bit easier.

There are all kinds of cleaning hacks, lifestyle tips, and so much more that you might go down the rabbit hole with this lifestyle blog!

My Favorite Lifestyle Things I Tried This Year

Now as I said earlier my year went by pretty quickly as I stayed very focused on a few tasks that I was determined to complete this year.

So, I was much less explorative when it came to be acquiring new healthy lifestyle habits.

But here are just a few things that I did try and love this year!

Oil Cleansing

This year I discovered a type of skincare routine that was completely new to me and that was the oil cleansing method!

I had heard such great things about it that I decided to try it out for myself and it quickly became one of my favorite things.

It improved the complexion of my skin and made it feel baby butt smooth.

Unfortunately, I found the friction of it to be little too rough for my skin over time as my skin is already dry and prone to peeling. 

So, I had to give it up, but I still highly recommend it to others who have less dry and sensitive skin!

If you are curious about the oil cleansing method you can check out this post on Facts You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing.

Facial Massage

Practicing facial massage is one of my favorite things to include in my skincare routine.

I have found it to be such a relaxing activity where I am able to slow down after a busy day. Plus, it is great at helping me to reduce any facial puffiness from all of the water that I drink throughout the day.

It also seems to have helped with several fine lines that were starting to show!

Acupressure Mat

This is a strange new healthy lifestyle contraption that I just recently discovered, and it quickly became another one of my favorite things.

Acupressure mat might seem a bit like a type of medieval torture device, but it is actually quite nice once you get used to it!

It is simply a padded mat with a bunch of small plastic spikes coming out all over it that you lay down on.

This mat is great for sore stiff muscles and always sends a rush of blood to my back and helps me to feel less stiff and wound up.

It would work wonders for exercise related soreness as well!

Herbal Tinctures

I have been using tinctures for a few years now, but it was only this year that I really got into them.

I had always struggled so much with taking them since they are usually very unpleasant tasting and the alcohol ones are especially hard to handle.

But once I discovered that I could put them into empty pill capsules I started to take them religiously!

I simply pour a dropper full of tincture into an empty capsule and take my tinctures that way. I have also started to make my own tinctures this year since its cheaper and easier.

My Favorite Products of This Year

Though I admittedly spent more money than I probably needed to this year I didn’t discover many new lifestyle brands or products that I couldn’t live without.

But I did find a few new items that I couldn’t imagine parting with.

Rose Essential Oil

Last year I was all about the chamomile essential oil but this year I have been all over the rose essential oil.

It is warm and soft scented and helps to minimize excessive redness in my skin as well as to sooth any blemishes.

The brand that I buy pre-blends the essential oil with a carrier oil in order to make it more affordable which I don’t mind at all. Since pure rose essential oil can be very pricey!

Rose Water

I’ve used rosewater off and on for years but this year I really got into have a rosy skincare routine.

I found rose products to agree with my skin and to help with any inflammation that I might have.

As someone who is fair and sensitive skinned, I have always had very red tinted skin and rose skincare products have seemed to help decrease that.

Hemp Oil

This year I tried out hemp oil for the first time!

I started using it to see if it would help me to sleep more soundly but quickly noticed how bad of a hangover it would leave me with.

So instead I started to apply it to any sores or painful joints such as my ache knees.

I can’t tell if it has made a significant difference, but I do think that it helps enough to continue using it.

Tooth Powder

Dr. Christopher Original Formulas is a health and lifestyle brand that I discovered this year and I waited for the longest time to try out the tooth powder that he offered.

It has quickly become one of my favorite things as I am hoping to improve the health of my teeth and I can already see a slight improvement!

The tooth powder formula is an assortment of herbs and roots that are good for your teeth. And despite my fears that it would taste horrible it actually isn’t bad at all.

I use it in combination with my normal toothpaste just dipping my toothbrush into the powder and brushing my teeth as usual.


So, that is the complete list of the lifestyle brands and lifestyle blogs that I have been loving this year.

And I look forward to making many new discoveries in the new year to come.

Let me know what kinds of products or blogs that you have been loving this year. And I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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