5 Health Trends That are not Healthy and That We Should All Ignore

health trends that are not healthy

Ever looked at social media and wondered if there were any health trends that are not healthy? If there were healthy trends floating around out there that really do more harm than good? I think that many of us have probably noticed more than once a few health trends that we didn’t necessarily agree with. Health trends that seemed a bit less healthy than they claimed to be. I don’t know about you,.. Read More

What to Buy Second Hand: 10 Things You Should Never Buy New

what to buy second hand

Have you always wondered what to buy second hand or what things you should buy second hand? If so, I have you covered! It can be tricky when deciding whether to splurge on something new or go the more cost-effective route of buying used. Because let’s be honest, we all want to find that bargain or deal! But at the end of the day which option is better? When should you choose new.. Read More

The Most Important Pantry Staples to Stock Up on

pantry staples to stock up on

Has recent events left you feeling a bit more fretful about what you keep in your pantry. If so this list of pantry staples to stock up on might just be what you need! This list being full of food to keep in the pantry for emergencies and all of the food to keep on hand for just in case. The pantry is the best place to prepare for the unknown as it.. Read More

6 Tips for How to Treat Aging Skin Naturally at Home

how to treat aging skin

How to treat aging skin? Ahh the age-old question that we will all find ourselves asking at some point. Search for anti-aging tips and tricks and you will find people claiming youth and longevity. From drinking celery juice to cure every manner of symptom to using snail slime to moisturize skin! Who knows what strange remedy you might find! But we don’t want false claims and cures though, do we? We want actually.. Read More

The Best Natural Pain Relief Remedies to Have on Hand

natural pain relief remedies

Are you on the lookout for natural pain relief remedies that work? That work just as good if not better than over the counter medication? If so then you have come to the right place. Because I’m sharing a list of natural pain relief remedies that I swear by. Natural pain relievers that can take the place of those less than natural options that you would pick up in a drug store. Because.. Read More

The Best Tips for Using Less Plastic Without Extra Stress

The Best Tips for Using Less Plastic Without Extra Stress

Are you trying to commit to your 2020 goals this year? And have those goals sent you on the hunt for tips for using less plastic? If so good for you! Because it’s becoming more and more important that we all try our best to reduce waste. To reduce the amount of excess plastic waste that we are all guilty of creating. As much as I care about the environment and cutting back.. Read More

The Best Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair and How You Should Use It

aloe vera benefits for hair

Have you been hearing a lot about aloe vera benefits for hair? Me too! Aloe vera has become quite the popular products as of late and everywhere I look I see people talking about it. But does it really do all that people say it does or is its benefits just being blown out of proportion? Products and home remedies can be greatly exaggerated as people begin to talk about it, so you.. Read More

Why You Should Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

why you should drink apple cider vinegar

With all of the craze around the health benefits of apple cider. I’m sure that you have found yourself wondering why you should drink apple cider vinegar? Why it is considered to be so healthy and what it can actually do for you. The reasons why you should drink apple cider vinegar daily are straight forward and to the point. It won’t cure cancer or make you weigh fifty pounds less. But it.. Read More