Self-Care for Adults to Promote a Slower Happier Life

self-care for adults

Have you been feeling stressed out and stretched too thin lately? If so, you may be in need of some self-care for adults. You know the kind of self-care that is actually realistic and can be applied to your life right now. There are a lot of articles and information out there on self-care activities. But not all of them are applicable to adults. You can’t always drop everything to have a movie.. Read More

Beeswax Candles vs Regular candles: Why Buy Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles vs regular candles

Ever wondered what the deal was with beeswax candles? Why buy beeswax candles vs regular candles and whether you should or not? That is exactly what we will be talking about today. About the pros and cons of buying beeswax candles vs regular candles and why one might be a better option than the other. I have always loved beeswax candles so I’ll admit right away that my opinion might be a bit.. Read More

10 Best Healthy Living Blogs You Should be Following

best healthy living blogs

Are you wondering where to find the best healthy living blogs to read? Where to find some of the most reliable and enjoyable information on healthy living, healthy recipes and a healthy lifestyle? Well today I have compiled a list of ten blogs that I have been looking to for inspiration on healthier living! I am always on the outlook for new blogs to follow that will inspire and motivate me. Especially towards.. Read More

Sneaky Ways to Get More Sleep for the Sleep Deprived

ways to get more sleep

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there were some sneaky ways to get more sleep? If there was a secret to achieving that elusive feeling of getting enough rest? I think we have all been there at some point in our life. Whether you are a mother with energetic children, a wife with a snoring husband or just someone who struggles to get enough sleep this article is for you. Sleep is.. Read More

What to Read in 2020 for a Better You: Three Book Recommendations

inspirational books to read in 2020

Anyone interested in reading more inspirational books in 2020? Maybe even just reading more books in general? I think many of us probably have that common new year’s goal. And are wondering what to read. Like many people I used to have a thriving habit of reading. Going through at least one or two books a week. Now I’m lucky if I read one book a month or dare, I even confess a.. Read More

10 Unique Ways to Reduce Food Waste and be More Economical

ways to reduce food waste

Are you looking for ways to reduce food waste? Then you have come to the right place because here are 10 ways unique ways to reduce food waste! In the last few years people have been becoming more and more aware of the issue of waste. The huge expanse of waste that we as humans create on a daily and weekly basis. Let’s not even get into how much waste we produce in.. Read More

What do Jade Rollers do? Here’s the Scoop on Jade Rolling

What do jade rollers do you wonder? After having seen this trendy skincare item take off into popularity you might be wondering what the big deal is. And if it really is a miracle worker like everyone seems to be claiming that it is. I hate to burst the appealing little bubble that has been created around the topic of jade rolling. But I am going to be talking about the real benefits.. Read More

Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress and Finally Relax

ways to relieve stress

Feeling stressed out and maybe stretched out a bit too thin? Well here are 10 ways to relieve stress and to finally relax. Written especially for those of us who do not know how to relax or manage stress! We’ve all been there, right? All been in a place in our life where we feel tied down by those invisible cords called stress. Or maybe you always feel that way and have over.. Read More

Essential Oils on a Budget: Three Brands that I Recommend

Essential Oils on a Budget: Three Brands that I Recommend, budget friendly essential oils

Wondering how to find essential oils on a budget? Never fear we have all been there before!  Essential oils are one of those things that could go very wrong if you do not buy the right brand. You might end up with diluted essential oils, badly extracted oils or worse, they might not be essential oils at all! I swear that one brand that I purchased from was selling fragrance oils. Under the.. Read More