Ever wondered how to make a healthy buddha bowl? How to create one of those equally versatile and delicious bowls that can be eaten for nearly every meal?

I think we all share a love for meals that can simply be thrown together without much thought. While still tasting delicious and leaving us feeling satisfied and full.

There are many kinds of meals that provide all of those feelings for us. But not all of them are quite so healthy or kind to our digestion. Pasta, I’m looking at you!

Creating your own buddha bowl is just the fix you might be needing for a hasty Monday lunch or for a last-minute Friday dinner. It can even be adapted into a breakfast for a wholesome start to your day!

The versatility of the ever so humble buddha bowl is quite astounding and no matter what you enjoy eating it can be made to fit your taste.

So, if you want to know how to make a healthy buddha bowl then keep reading! Because we are going to be going over the basic building blocks of creating the perfect bowl.

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How to Make a Healthy Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are known to be wonderfully balanced meals. Incorporating every aspect of nutrition that our body needs. Without being difficult to make or time intensive.

They are meant to be a kind of mod podge of all of the food groups. Beautifully combine to create a filling, nourishing and satisfying meal.

Something that can be thrown together in a pinch without disregarding health.

They can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be depending on how much time you have and what you like.

So, if you are interested in creating buddha bowls then I hope that you will find this list helpful in your journey towards healthier eating!

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You have to have vegetables in order to have a healthy and balanced diet. And a buddha bowl isn’t a buddha bowl unless its stuffed to the brim with the colors of the rainbow!

Vegetables are starting off this list as they should make up the bulk of your buddha bowl. They should form the base and everything else should follow in slightly smaller portions.

This is where you really get to be creative and go as crazy as you please! As there are so many tasty options out there to choose from.

You could have a combination of steamed broccoli and cauliflower or a combination of roasted carrots and asparagus. The variations are endless!

You can choose any vegetables that you like and what way of preparing them that you prefer. Such as steaming, baking, roasting or sautéing. The list is endless, and you can mix things up as you go along.

The only rule here is to keep a good mixture of things. Don’t just include two handfuls of snow peas or else you might find your bowl to be a bit one noted.

The Kitchen has a wonderful article on How to Roast Any Vegetable if you want to go that route for extra tasty veggies!

how to make a healthy buddha bowl

Starchy Foods

The next food on our list is the starches, one of my personal favorites!

These starchy foods are one of the main ingredients in your buddha bowl that is going to help fill you up. They are the ultimate comfort foods and will leave you feeling very much satisfied with your meal. Despite it being so healthy.

You have a lot of options here as well and can go in several different directions.

You could use rice or a grain mix or even some of this quinoa. Or you could also add in some potatoes or yams to get in those delectably heavy starches.

There are many other kinds of grains and starchy foods to choose from if you prefer something other than the basic options.

You could even use some creamy grits or savory oats!


The third level when it comes to how to make a healthy buddha bowl is your protein choice. You have to have a bit of protein in there to round out and balance your vegetables and starches.

You could go for a lean meat if you eat meat or for the more commonly used beans. If you go the route of beans you will have a huge variety to choose from. I’m personally partial to chick peas!

You could also get a bit fancy and go for tofu or tempeh!

For your protein you can cook it in the way that tastes best to you. Whether that method be cooking on a grill, roasting or sautéing.

If you really are short of time beans are your best option as you can use them straight out of the can!

Healthy Fat

Now that we have the main bulk of our buddha bowl and it’s filled to the brim with filling foods. Now it’s time to add in a bit of fat to make sure that it will keep you feeling full and fueled until your next meal.

Again, you can get really creative here or just go for something simple.

You can choose avocado for your fat or maybe sprinkle in a few nuts and seeds. Or drizzle over a bit of good quality olive oil or a bit of tahini.

You could also add in a small side of hummus or none sweetened yogurt to add some complexity of flavor.


Now I’ll admit that I like things that are simple. I enjoy the occasional meal with just a bit of salt and pepper.

But this is not the meal to skimp on the seasonings! Don’t do your buddha bowl creation an injustice by leaving it bland and plain.

No one wants to eat a big bowl of bland food no matter what it’s made of!

Add in a touch of salt and pepper maybe a sprinkling of onion or garlic powder. Depending on what’s in your bowl you could brighten it up with some lemon juice or heat it up with some warming spices.

You could also add in some nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor or some smoked paprika and chili for a Mexica inspired bowl.

I would recommend this nutritional yeast to give your bowl a nice cheesy flavor!

Building the Perfect Buddha Bowl

When it comes down to creating the perfect buddha bowl its very simple. You just have to keep things interesting and include a good quantity of variety.

It won’t feel satisfying if one of the components are missing as they all provide something that your body needs.

And you don’t even have to put that much work into creating this nutritious bowl! You could simply throw together a bowl out of your leftovers as long as you try to get every food group listed above.

You could create a new and exciting buddha bowl every week or just eat the same one throughout the week. They are fast and easy and can be thrown together with what you have on hand.

No special ingredients required. If you are in a rush then you can rest easy in knowing that you have a fast and healthy meal to fall back on.

Some of My Favorite Variations 

Some of my favorite buddha bowl variations are simple ones but they sure do the job. And leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

So, satisfied that you just might wonder what your ever found appealing about take out pizza or those bags of frozen French fries!

I love a good hearty base of bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery and zucchini. Sometimes all combined or separate all usually roasted to golden caramelized perfection.

For my starch I’ll admit that I will always choose rice or potatoes I just can’t help myself. And I usually go for a protein source of chick peas or tofu. Both also roasted to golden perfection with a nice crunch to them.

You could go a similar route with an extra health kick from this delicious quinoa! You could even mix a variety of grains.

Since I like to roast my foods my fat is more often than not a healthy serving of olive oil. And I mainly like to season with garlic and onion powder a pinch of salt and pepper with plenty of thyme.

It’s all about knowing your taste buds and what works best for you.

I’m not the most creative person when it comes to food, so this simple variation works well for me. Leaving me satisfied every time!

I hope that you have enjoyed this article on how to make a healthy buddha bowl!

What is a buddha bowl variation that you enjoy the most?  Do you get really creative and elaborate or do you prefer simple combinations? Or do you simply throw together what you have leftover in the fridge? 

And don’t forget to be the first to treat yourself to some of this nutritional yeast! I promise that you wont regret it!