how to handle anxiety

How to Handle Anxiety Naturally and Calm Down with Herbs

Are you trying to find out how to handle anxiety and find natural remedies for anxiety? Are you searching for stress relief activities and remedies to try out?

Stress is something that ebbs and flows and is greatly impacted by exterior circumstances and situations. Which is why it is a good idea to keep some herbal remedies for anxiety on hand.

Herbs can be potent stress relievers which is just what we need in times like these. I personally always keep a stash of herbal supplements for stress. Because you never know when you might need them!

So, don’t give up on trying to find out how to deal with anxiety in your life. There are natural remedies for anxiety out there and one is bound to give you some relief.

So, keep reading to find out how you can get some anxiety and stress relief!

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Herbal Supplements for Stress Relief

If you are feeling worried and stressed out. Maybe even stretched a bit too thin at the moment then you are in the right place!

These three herbs are my go-to when it comes to herbal supplements for stress relief, and I highly recommend them.

Anxiety is something that we will all be confronted with at some point in our life. And for some of us it is a daily battle that we fight with for years.

That is why it is so important to find ways to deal with those feelings of anxiety. 

So, whether you are feeling anxiety because of a decision that you need to make, because your moving, or you have chronic anxiety. This article is sure to have at least one helpful option for you!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.


Tulsi or as it is more commonly known as basil is a great natural stress relief herb and might help you if you are trying to find out how to handle anxiety.

It is an adaptogen which is a natural substance that helps your body to cope and adapt to stressors in your life. Any herb that is considered to be an adaptogenic herb is going to be one of the best stress relief remedies to try!

It is also great for helping you to deal with anxiety and mild depression. Studies have proven this to be effective as people would begin to feel less stressed and depressed with regular consumption of tulsi.

It is often recommended in traditional medicine to take tulsi as a stress relief tea.

But if you don’t like the taste of tulsi tea or don’t have the time to drink it you could also take it in the form of holy basil capsules.

Kava Kava

Kava kava has sedative effects on the body which help with stress and insomnia conditions. 

When used in daily doses it is incredibly helpful for insomnia and doses as needed are good alternatives for stress and anxiety medications.

Kava kava is also known to produce calming and pleasant effects on the body that help to ease feelings of stress. It is sometimes even used in the place of antidepressants.

A great deal of care should be taken when using kava kava however. As it is known to have side effects such as drastic liver damage if not taken correctly.

Follow the dosage amounts and never take it for longer than three months on a daily basis. This is an herb best taken as needed instead of daily.

These these kava kava supplements are from a brand that I buy from often and would highly recommend!

how to handle anxiety

Lemon Balm

I’ve talked about the use of lemon balm for anxiety extensively in this article on Three Ways to Use Lemon Balm for Anxiety if you wish to get more in-depth information on how to handle anxiety.

Lemon balm is one of my go to herbs. I always have it on hand and even take it on a daily basis for managing daily stress and anxiety.

It is a mood booster and a calming herb that helps to ease the feelings of stress. It is also used to treat jitteriness and nervousness which could be a result of excess stress.

Though lemon balm can act as a sedative at times it generally increases alertness and clear thinking. Which can help to relieve an over active and stressed mind.

These lemon balm capsules are the ones that I have found to be the most helpful for daily stress management.


This strange sounding herb is considered to be one of the best stress relief options as it helps your mind to cope with stressors.

It is believed to help block stress from being able to signal your nervous system. Studies showed it to be effective at reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It even showed positive signs of helping to reduce stress and anxiety related insomnia!

You can take ashwagandha in the form of ashwagandha capsules on a regular basis for best results! Just make sure to follow the dosage instructions.

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If you are trying to find out how to handle anxiety. Why not try out lavender since it has been used long before our time for stress and anxiety as well as to treat so many other conditions.

You can use lavender as a way to treat nervousness and jitteriness. Lavender has also been shown to reduce the signs of stress that the body will show such as high blood pressure and high heart rate.

Lavender is often used for sleep as it is a sedative herb but produces a mild effect on most people. So, it is a good option for stress and anxiety management as well. Though a little extra sleep never hurt anyone either!

You can try these lavender pills and see if they work for you.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort supplements are a great natural anxiety remedy especially if you also struggle with depression that is linked with anxiety.

This herb works in a unique way as it directly targets the way your brain works helping to increase positive feelings. Which can have an impact on negative emotions like stress and anxiety.

This is not a typical herb for anxiety but it is certainly worth trying out for yourself!

How to Handle Anxiety With These Tips

There are many other options for minimizing stress that don’t include any kinds of herbs or supplements.

Many activities can have a calming effect on the mind such as taking a walk outdoors, playing with a pet or taking a break to make a drink or cook a meal.

You could take an afternoon bath or facetime with a friend before getting back to work. The options are endless and are completely personal to you.

Some things that you find relaxing might do the complete opposite for someone else! So, find what works for you.


Wondering how to handle anxiety in your day to day life? Why not try out some self-care!

This is a great option for stress relief and anxiety relief as self-care does exactly what it says it focuses on taking care of you!

Self-care will look very different for everyone because we all have different needs and different activities will help different people.

One basic place to start is to try to take more time off for yourself. Set aside one day a week to focus on some much-needed self-care. Or if that isn’t realistic try setting aside 1 hour to 30 minutes of you time a day.

Just this tiny bit of extra time dedicated to your mental wellbeing will do wonders for those feelings of anxiety.

Try taking a bath, reading a book, cooking a homemade meal, or creating something in order to focus a little love onto yourself during this time.

Write it Down

Another great way of managing your anxiety is to try to maintain a journal.

This is a great way of keeping track of your thoughts such as your hopes, dreams, fears, and mistakes. Helping you to not only release emotions instead of holding them in but it gives you a way to track emotions as well.

Journaling daily can help you to keep track of little things going on in your life which might make it easier to understand where your anxiety comes from.

Maybe it is caused by a messy house that you don’t have time to clean or a negative family member that always needs something.

Keeping a journal will help you to better be able to spot things that can trigger your anxiety response. Helping you to step away from those things in your life or try to remedy them.

Time with Nature

When it comes to how to handle anxiety nature is something that you shouldn’t ignore.

It might not sound like it could do much, but nature has a very unique healing power around it that can’t be explained.

Spending just a few minutes in nature everyday can greatly improve your outlook on life and uplift your spirit. It has a wonderful way of pulling you out of yourself and out of your head to admire what is around you.

I remember taking a walk one stressful day when I heard a faint buzzing sound that was coming from a honey bee collecting pollen.

It was just a moment and yet that one little occurrence in nature brightened my whole day as I kept thinking about that happy little bee busily collecting pollen from flowers.

You can find solace in nature in many ways whether that be spending some time in front of the window, taking a hike or a walk, or riding your bicycle.


Using essential oils for anxiety might prove itself to be very beneficial for you if you are trying to find out how to handle anxiety.

Aromatherapy has a long history of being used for many mind and body ailments and essential oils provide excellent natural remedies for anxiety because of that.

Essential oils can provide amazing stress relief and you can use ones that will best help you with your anxiety.

Lavender essential oil is a good option for when you are in the need of some liquid calm and are losing sleep over stress. 

Jasmine essential oil is good for promoting feelings of well-being and positivity and calming down your nervous system.

And bergamot essential oil is great for improving mood and relieving anxiety with its bright scent.

But these are just a few options that you have to consider when it comes to using essential oils for anxiety.

Focusing Outwards

One important tip when it comes to how to deal with anxiety is to look outwards away from yourself.

This is a tip that many psychologists recommend, and it seems to work very well for most people!

Much of anxiety comes from focusing inwards towards ourselves and the best way to counteract that is to focus that attention outwards.

Instead of focusing on how self-conscious and silly you might feel in social situations try focusing on the people around you. Try to watch other people and think about what they are doing, feeling, and saying instead of focusing on your anxiety.

That is just one example however, as this tip can be used in just about any situation!

Common Causes of Anxiety

There are so many reasons why you might personally struggle with anxiety in your day to day life.

Only you will be able to really know what is causing your anxiety and how you can properly deal with it.

Many causes of anxiety can be as common as social anxiety, driving anxiety, etc. And there are so many more things that can cause anxiety.

So, just keep in mind that not everything that causes anxiety is going to be serious or anything to do with your health. It could be a simple stressor that has evolved into anxiety.

Some common causes of anxiety are:

  • Stress at work
  • Trouble at school
  • Social anxiety
  • Financial strain
  • Stress from world events
  • Stressful life situations
  • Family problems
  • Physical illness
  • Mental trauma
  • Side effects of medications

Many of these causes can be discussed with your doctor before proceeding any further. In order to figure out if your anxiety can be safely treated at home with natural remedies.

It is important to understand when remedies and when medication is needed to control anxiety. Knowing the cause will help you to know how to handle anxiety.

Why It’s So Important to Manage Daily Stress

It’s nothing new to say that stress can have a very negative impact on the mind and body over time.

Especially the chronic kind of stress that is never reigned in and runs rampant everyday all day.

Stress can have effects on the body by creating numerous health issue. Such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, heart palpitations, stroke and IBS. And those are just to name a few.

Excessive amounts of stress can often lead to mental health issues such as depression, personality disorders and anxiety.

Stress often leads to an inability to cope with the small issues in our lives. Making us less and less capable of bouncing back from situations and affecting how we view life.

The reality is that the more stress you allow into your life the more stress that you will end up feeling over time.

Stress is something that requires daily management through medication or supplements as necessary and through activities that reduce stress.

There are so many ways that we can try to reduce or stress during certain situations. And our mind and body deserve that relief not to mention the loved ones who depend on us.

There is always going to be stress in our life but there are ways that we can learn to better manage it.

Conclusion of How to Handle Anxiety Naturally

As you can see, there are many directions you can take when it comes to managing anxiety and stress relief.

There is something out there for everybody and I encourage you to try multiple things if you first don’t find success.

Like many things in life, managing anxiety can be a lifelong process so don’t worry if you have yet to master it.

Whether your anxiety be mild or severe we all have dealt with at least a fraction of that nasty feeling and can relate to the struggle.

But the good thing is that it is not entirely untreatable. It might be difficult to treat depending on the person but there are options out there for everyone. So, don’t give up or be disheartened!

There is something out there for everyone and it might just take some trial and error to find out what works for you specifically.


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