how to grow back hair loss from stress

How to Grow Back Hair Loss from Stress with These 6 Tips

Have you started to notice a disturbing amount of hair loss? Hair loss that is being caused by too much daily stress? And your wondering how to grow back hair loss from stress?

Most of us have been there at some point and can sympathize with this painful problem. Which is why I have written this post on how to grow back hair loss from stress. Because many of us can relate.

Stress can be a very big cause of hair loss amongst many of us oftentimes resulting in even more stress. As you watch the clumps of hair fall away leaving a sparse amount behind.

It is traumatizing and often embarrassing as over time the hair loss can start to become more visible.

Hair loss from stress can be hard to manage and grow back so I have tried to compile the most effective tips for how to grow back hair loss from stress!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

How to Grow Back Hair Loss from Stress

Have you started to notice a bit too much hair ending up in your shower drain or a few strands too many falling out as you brush your hair?

If you have there is a good chance that this hair loss might be from stress and that is a kind of hair loss that can be hard to treat.

Of course, if you suspect a deeper cause you should see your doctor about your concerns as several chronic and autoimmune illnesses can cause hair loss.

It is best to cover all of your bases to try to best pin point what is the cause of this abnormal hair loss then start to treat it.

Though this list is specifically for hair loss from stress these tips are useful for any kind of hair loss so feel free to see what works for you no matter what the cause of your hair loss is!

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how to grow back hair loss from stress

1.    Encourage Healthy Circulation

This is one of my favorite tips as it is easy and cheap and requires very little time or patience.

Encouraging healthy circulation can greatly improve not only the growth of your hair but how healthy it is.

By improving the blood flow to your scalp, you are supplying your hair follicles with what they need to flourish and grow.

My favorite ways to do this is to practice a gentler scalp massage. I do this by rubbing the pads of my fingers over my scalp in circular motions. Applying gentle pressure and working my way over the entire scalp.

The second method of scalp massage is to run your finger nails very gently over your scalp. This will often produce a warm tingling sensation which is a good sign. Do this very gentle though or else you could irritate or damage your hair follicles.

You could even use this scalp massager which is a nifty little hand held of brush that stimulates your scalp for you.

Another method that you can use to get proper blood flow to your scalp is to hang your head down between your knees for a minute or two. This isn’t a particularly pleasant activity, but it encourages a good amount of blood flow to your scalp.

Do one or more of these regularly and see if it helps you!

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2.    Have Blood Tests Done

This is another very important thing to do when you are experiencing hair loss. Sometimes it can be purely from a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral. But even if that isn’t the case it is still a good idea to check.

Even if a deficiency isn’t causing your hair loss covering all of your bases can help and you will see much better results if your body is being properly cared for.

Some of the most popular culprits of hair loss is a deficiency in iron, zinc, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin D.

All are very easy to take care of if you do end up being a bit deficient in one or more of them.

3.    Practice Stress Management 

This tip really goes without saying but it is very important to find ways to practice stress management.

Your hair loss will only worsen if you continue to feel stressed and frazzled all of the time.

Thankfully there are many different options of reducing and managing daily stress. Such as meditation there are so manty different kinds of apps for this and you can pick the method that works best for you.

Try exercising or doing tai chi to reduce your stress and encourage better stress management. Journaling might also be helpful if your mind feels too taxed and cluttered.

There are dozens if not hundreds of effective ways to manage stress it’s all about just finding what works best for you.

4.    Take Stress Reducing Supplements

Another way to better manage your stress is to start taking supplements that promote relaxation and better stress management.

You can start to take melatonin supplement and magnesium supplement at night to help you sleep better and feel more rested. These are especially helpful if you are kept up at night from stress.

Try replacing your caffeine filled coffee with herbal teas and take supplements such as valerian supplements, holy basil and lemon balm capsules .

I have a whole article written on how to use lemon balm for anxiety and stress management in this article on Three Ways to Use Lemon Balm for Anxiety if you want to learn more!

These will not only calm you down but help your body to better respond to daily stressors and anxiety.

5.    Pamper Your Hair

Another tip for how to grow back hair loss from stress is to do a bit of pampering.

Start doing gentle hot oil treatments and hair masks. Take a little more time on hair washing days to really give your scalp a good wash and apply some nourishing oils or conditioners.

Start using natural hair brushes that help to encourage circulation and distribute hair oils instead of your plastic ones.

This bamboo hair brush is a wonderful option that os budget friendly.

Another way to pamper your hair is to use silk pillow cases to reduce the friction. This reduces any pulling on your hair at night or you could wear a loose night cap to protect it.

I use these silk pillow cases that are not only gentle on your hair but cooling as well!

You could also make your own herbal tea hair rinses or vinegar rinses to help cleanse your scalp of any dead skin cells. As that might be clogging the hair follicles.

The Pistachio Project has a wonderful recipe for a Nettle Infused Vinegar Hair Rinse!

You could also start to incorporate essential oils into your hair care routine. Oils such as rosemary, lavender and peppermint all being very good options for stimulating new hair growth.

And don’t forget to treat your scalp to be a bit of pampering as well with something like this scalp massager!

6.    Be Gentle

And last but not least, be gentle with your hair. I know that I can’t be the only one who can admit to being a little rough with my hair at times.

Whether that be from tight hairstyles, over active hair brushing, shampooing a bit to roughly or yanking your hair out of hair ties. We can all admit to being a little unkind to our hair.

Not to mention harmful changes such as dying your hair or bleaching it. Both of which can greatly add to hair loss!

Try practicing patience with your hair and take time to gently brush it out instead of yanking and pulling. Use soft hair ties and loose hairstyle that won’t pull on your hair roots.

Wear braids to bed. And start to put just a little more thought into your hair care routine and how you treat your hair.


Hair loss from stress is a very hard thing to have to go through and it can be equally hard not to let it stress you out even more. But managing how you deal with stress is the first step in how to grow back hair loss from stress.

It is vital that you start to make your hair a priority in order to keep the shedding at bay. As well as taking care to promote new hair growth.

I have tried to include all of the useful tips that I could think of. As well as adding in links to products that I would highly recommend for managing hair loss.

As someone who has personally suffered through hair loss due to stress I can highly relate and sympathize. And I hope that these tips can help you if you are going through the same.

If you are interested in learning more on how to naturally take care of your hair then check out this article on How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast. There are several helpful tips there as well!

Just keep in mind that taking care of your hair is only part of the picture. You must also try to alleviate the stress that you are feeling.

By making a small investment into yourself supplements like this valerian root and lemon balm can help you to reduce your stress.

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