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How to Get healthy Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Are you trying to get healthy stay healthy during the hectic holiday season? Trying to maintain your mindfull lifestyle throughout the end of the year?

If so, you have come to the right place because here is a list of how you can accomplish that goal!

This list will help to show you how to eat healthy even during the treat filled holidays. And how to stay healthy and not completely undo all of your hard work.

You can still enjoy the holidays without having to give into the traditions of overindulging and gaining a few extra pounds.

You have worked too hard to get a healthy lifestyle to fall off of the bandwagon now!

So, keep reading to find out how you can get healthy stay healthy holiday or no holiday!

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How to Get Healthy Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It is no lie that many end up giving up on their healthy life habits during the holidays. But that doesn’t have to happen to you this year!

You can still manage to get healthy stay healthy no matter what holiday you are facing. It just takes a bit of self-control and imagination.

So, don’t let the upcoming holidays discourage you! You can still indulge in good food and enjoy yourself without giving up your healthy lifestyle!

Treat Yourself Within Reason

Just because you are trying to eat better doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to all of those holiday goodies. Within reason of course.

Instead of making every variety of holiday treat this year try to narrow down the list to only the favorites.

Doing so will help you to still enjoy your favorite holiday foods without overindulging. Because we all know that if it is there, we are going to eat it!

When it comes to how to eat healthy during any time of the year the most important rule to follow is to eat within reason.

Don’t avoid all of those tasty holiday foods just limit yourself to a smaller portion. This way you won’t feel like you are missing out!

One of the best ways to keep track of your diet during the holidays is to keep a food diary!

This allows you to have peace of mind as you can keep track of what you are eating. In order to avoid going overboard without realizing it!

Stay Hydrated

This might seem like an odd tip, but it is no secret that many of us might find ourselves falling out of habit of staying hydrated.

There are many amazing holiday drinks that we might find ourselves indulging in. But it is important to remember that not only are these special drinks adding calories and sugar, but they are also dehydrating you!

If you are treating yourself to all of those special holiday beverages try to remember to keep drinking water as well. For every beverage you drink, drink at least another cup of water to help rehydrate your body.

Drinking plenty of water will also make sure that your body is properly eliminating waste as your system can become overwhelmed with rich food.

This is especially important if you are drinking very dehydrating drinks. Such as coffee, caffeinated tea, or alcohol.

Treat yourself to one of these beautiful glass water bottles to help you to remember to drink enough water throughout the day!

Check out this article for more helpful information Tips to Help You Drink More Water!

Recreate Attainable Fitness Goals

You most likely aren’t going to be able to keep up with your fitness routine. It is just a given for most of us.

But when it comes to how to stay healthy the key is being able to adapt to all situations!

Instead of just giving up and letting all of your fitness routines slide try recreating them instead. Say you usually work out five days a week during the holidays you can move that to the more realistic goal of three days.

Or instead of working out an hour for five days a week try working out for ten minutes every day!

You can easily readjust your fitness routine to work around the holidays without having to give them up completely.

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get healthy stay healthy

Sneak in the Veggies

When it comes to how to eat healthy during the holidays you might have to get a bit creative.

Try adding in some sneaky veggies into your normal holiday meals. It’s much easier than you think, and no one will probably even notice!

You could also try to look for healthier versions of the recipes that you would normally make. Half of what a healthy lifestyle implies is purely reinventing less healthy things in your life.

By doing just a few things to make your normal holiday meals just a bit healthier you can enjoy them with less guilt and worry!

Or you could even take this as an opportunity to help all of your loved ones to eat healthier. By introducing healthier options along with the classic holiday dishes!

And when your not enjoying holiday foods try to balance them out by eating greener and lighter meals.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook would be especially handy to have around right now! As it is filled with healthy and delicious recipes.

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Eat Slowly

One huge tips for how to get healthy stay healthy during the holidays is to eat more slowly.

Oftentimes we can end up overeating purely because we were just enjoying our food too much which resulted in us eating too fast.

Especially when a large portion of the holidays is spent around the dinner table it becomes that much more important to eat slower.

By eating slower, you will be able to recognize when you are really full instead of stuffing yourself from eating too fast. Doing this will help to cut back on your servings while still leaving you feeling completely satisfied!

Create None Food Related Activities

A great many of our holiday related activities are centered around food. Which can make it difficult when you are trying to hold onto your healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully there are many ways that you can try to get around this as too many food related activities end in us stuffing ourselves. And not only is that unhealthy but it never leaves us feeling very good does it?

Instead of baking all day in the kitchen why not get everyone to make holiday crafts together. Instead of snacking throughout Christmas movies you can string popcorn for the tree.

There are many ways to replace some of those less needed food activities in order to get rid of some of the temptation.

Be Kind to Yourself

No matter what steps you take towards having a healthier holiday season there is one thing that you must try to remember.

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you eat one too many cookies or Christmas truffles. Don’t talk down to yourself if you cave and eat more servings then you should have.

Don’t sacrifice your enjoyment for the sake of maintaining your weight or healthful habits. The holidays only come once a year and it would be a shame to let them pass by without really enjoying them.

Try to be kind and lenient on yourself instead of trying to hold onto strict rules.

You’re going to end up eating more, eating richer foods, exercising less, and goofing off more. It is just a given and that is part of the joy of the holidays!

So, no matter what steps you take to remain healthy during the holidays try to be kind with yourself. Giving yourself permission to mess up once or twice.


Are you looking forward to the holiday season this year? I know I am!

And I hope that these tips for how to stay healthy during the holidays. And how to eat healthy during the most indulgent time of the year prove useful to you.

Let me know if you follow any of these tips or if you have some advice of your own!

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