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How to Find Things to be Thankful for This Time of the Year

Are you searching for things to be thankful for this time of the year and the meaning of thanksgiving? For ways to cultivate a positive mindset?

In this article we will be talking about how you can do just that! How you can find things to be grateful for and how to be a more thankful person.

This time of the year is when finding things to be thankful for becomes more prevalent. And when we all want to strive to better our outlook on life.

Thanksgiving is quickly coming up and maybe you are asking yourself what the meaning of thanksgiving is. And how you can better celebrate it this year.

We can all agree that thankfulness shouldn’t be a once a year type of thing. It should be a mindset that lives within us throughout the year.

So, if you want to find out how to have a more positive mindset keep reading. Because here are eight tips to help you find things to be thankful for.

Ways to Find Things to be Thankful for

We should always be striving to create more thankfulness inside of ourselves. And it becomes even more important during the holidays as we look back over our year.

Life is tough sometimes and we are going to have some years that look like one big mess. But there will always be something to be thankful for.

So here are just a few ways to help you find things to be thankful for this year.

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Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to find things to be grateful for! They can be so handy especially if you have a tendency to overlook the little blessings in your life. Which I think we are all guilty of to some point!

Each gratitude journal is going to be different, but the idea is the same for all.

A gratitude journal is there to prompt you. To help you think of things that have happened throughout your day that you are thankful for.

Without those prompts those things could easily go unnoticed which is why keeping a gratitude journal is so effective.

It is really rather easy to be thankful we just need a little helpful nudge sometimes.

This Grace and Gratitude Journal would be a great way to journal yourself to thankfulness!

Take Time to Contemplate

It is easy for us to rush through our day without thinking much on gratitude. Which is why it is important to take a moment every morning and night to contemplate.

To contemplate the good things in your life, the little victories, and the small blessings.

No matter what your life looks like or how your day has gone there is always something to be thankful for. Even if it seems insignificant and silly.

Daily thankfulness can be as simple as acknowledging that your home was comfortably heated throughout the day, that you ate a good lunch, or that your car got you to work safely.

True thankfulness doesn’t require much as we all experience small things to be thankful for. Because without all of those small and seemingly insignificant things our life would be so much different!

things to be thankful

Look at Those Around You

One amazing way to find things to be thankful for is to look at the people around you. Look at your friends that are always there for you or the family members that you can rely on.

Maybe you are most thankful for your spouse or special loved one. 

If you take a moment to really look at the people around you and think of how much differently your life would look without them. You are sure to begin to feel more grateful and begin to have a more positive mindset.

Learn to Say Thank You

As humans it is often part of our nature to not feel thankful and to not see how blessed we are. It is just one of those things that many of us as a whole struggle with.

It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person just that you have something that you need to work on.

Try to create the habit of saying thank you to people. Whether it be towards the cashier that checks out your groceries. Or the family member that checks in on you for no reason other than to reconnect.

I promise you that the more you being to say thank you the more thankful you will begin to feel.

And the more you say it the more others will begin to say it as well. Creating a beautiful domino effect!

You could even use your Gratitude Journal as a way to say thank you to people who you might not have had a chance to talk to.

Whether you are saying it out loud or writing it down its will still have a positive effect!

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Disconnect from Technology

Another way of cultivating a positive mindset is to disconnect from technology.

And I think we can all admit to knowing exactly what that means for us as individuals!

Social media in particular has a nasty habit of sewing seeds of envy in us. It makes us feel unthankful for what we have when we get such a close-up view of what others have.

Maybe your weak point is interacting with people that you don’t actually like that much on Facebook. Or maybe Instagram fills you with envy and dissatisfaction with your own life.

Whatever it is try to disconnect from it whether that be for a few hours or a few days. Anything helps!

Try to disconnect and view your life through eyes of gratitude. Because no matter how little you might have in comparison you are still rich in other ways.

One amazing way to disconnect is to read a book rather than scroll on your phone!

This book on Random Acts of Kindness is especially in the heart of what this post is about! And it might just give you some ideas!

Volunteer Somewhere

One of the best ways to discover the meaning of thanksgiving is to volunteer this time of the year.

Take a few hours out of your day to help serve at a soup kitchen, donate to the homeless, spend time at an elderly home, or volunteer at an animal shelter.

Putting yourself around people who are the most down in their luck will open your eyes to things to be thankful for.

It will pull you out of yourself and help you to see just how truly wonderful your life is. And will help you to understand the value of focusing on others above yourself.

Make it Enjoyable

Finding things to be grateful for doesn’t have to be a chore at all! In fact, it can be quite fun if you do it right.

Try making it into a game for your family. See who can find the most things to be thankful for that you would otherwise not think about.

Before digging into your thanksgiving meal this year try to go around the table so that everyone can say something that they are thankful for.

Or see who can make the longest list of things that they are grateful for.

You never know what people might come up with and this is a great way of challenging what we think we should be grateful for.

It is a great way of helping us to realize just how easily we may overlook things that others don’t have that we should be thankful for!

By practicing just a few of these tips you might find yourself having your most grateful year yet!


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  1. This is so great! It’s definitely the kind of year where people might have a hard time coming up with something to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing all these tips!

    1. You’re definitely right about this being a year in extra need for ideas on gratitude! Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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