Essential Oils on a Budget: Three Brands that I Recommend, budget friendly essential oils

Essential Oils on a Budget: Three Brands that I Recommend

Wondering how to find essential oils on a budget? Never fear we have all been there before! 

Essential oils are one of those things that could go very wrong if you do not buy the right brand. You might end up with diluted essential oils, badly extracted oils or worse, they might not be essential oils at all! I swear that one brand that I purchased from was selling fragrance oils. Under the guise of them being essential oils! There’s a very big difference!

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When I first started experimenting with essential oils, I tried every brand under the sun. Many of which being sketchy brands that I found online. Nearly all of them being cheap, cheaply made and entirely undesirable.

But that’s okay because I’ve learned from my mistakes! And I’ve made them already so that you don’t have to.

After trial and error and trial and error again. I finally found three essential oil brands that I can confidently recommend to you. They are good quality while still being budget friendly essential oils. Allowing you to purchase and experiment to your hearts content.

Just as a disclaimer before we get into talking about these two brands. I just want to say that I know that they aren’t of the highest quality like some brands. Such as Young Living or Doterra. But no matter what anyone says, those kinds of brands are just to expensive for most people myself included.

You can still enjoy essential oils on a budget even if you can’t necessarily afford the best brands out there.

Also, as a brief note, I am not being sponsored by any of these brands. I just love them both and wanted to share. I have included a few Amazon affiliate links because I usually purchase these oils on amazon. Mainly because I find it to be simpler. However, Piping Rock’s essential oils are best bought on their official site.

Disclaimer: The affiliate links included in this post result in me receiving a small commission. These links are of no extra cost to you, they just help to keep this website up and running successfully. I only advertise products that I have personally used or believe in the quality of. 

For information on how your information is used visit this link.

Eden’s Garden

Eden’s Garden was the first good essential oil brand that I bought from. The first oil that I bought of theirs was a French lavender oil. And boy did it open my eyes to the importance of quality!

It was the most money I had spent on a single bottle of essential oil up until then. But it was completely worth it. I only ever buy that french lavender essential oil from them now. It’s by far my favorite french lavender oil that I have tried up until this point!

Their values and standards are good which is always something worth considering in an essential oil company. And their quality has always been wonderfully consistent for as long as I have bought from them.

I also love the fact that they basically say that they created an affordable essential oil brand. Because everyone deserves to be able to enjoy essential oils. Which is what this article is about!

Their products are vegan and cruelty free and completely undiluted. They also carry a variety of essential oil related products. Such as deodorants, skincare products, blends and roll ons just to name a few.

They also carry many essential oils sets such as this intro essential oils set that is great for beginners!

I honestly don’t have many complaints about their products whatsoever! So now that we know a little more about Eden’s Garden lets list of the pros and cons.


  • Cheaper than most big brands
  • Excellent Quality
  • Wide range of essential oils
  • Other essential oil related products
  • Has various sizes to buy
  • Carries several blends


  • Expensive depending on type of essential oil
  • Their sets are a bit pricy

Would you be interested in buying their intro essential oils? If you are get them while they last as they are very popular!

essential oil brands on a budget

Now Essentials

The brand Now Essentials oils is very much the cheaper option compared to Eden’s Garden. Making this the ultimate essential oils on a budget option.

They carry a very nice selection of essential oils including essential oils that have been blended with a carrier oil to make the more affordable. This is an option that I especially appreciate. As it allows you to purchase essential oils such as rose and sandalwood oil without breaking the bank! They also have several very affordable packs of essential oils that can help you to get more for less.

The company’s values seem to be quite good. Though there is a noticeable difference in quality if you compare it to Eden’s Garden.

For the most part I have always been satisfied with my purchases but every once in a while, the quality seems to differ. Their essential oils are also noticeably less potent. Probably from less quality plants to extract from or from a less reliable extraction method. They also have fewer options of essential oils. Mainly carrying the most popular kinds.

Overall, I think that Now Essentials is a great option if you’re a beginner. Especially for those who don’t want to shell out too much money. Or if you are just on a budget and can’t afford too high of a price.

This best selling lemon essential oil is the one that I normally purchase as I especially enjoy their lemon essential oil. As well as this peppermint essential oil. It isn’t as strong as some kinds that I have used. But I use a lot of peppermint oil so it does the job!


  • Cheaper options
  • More affordable sets
  • More essential oil for your money


  • Quality can be unreliable
  • Less potent essential oils
  • Less diverse options

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Piping Rock

Piping Rock is the last essential oil brand that we are going to talk about. They are a very affordable company that sells essential oils, carrier oils and so much more.

Their prices are very similar to Now Essentials as is their quality. On their website they explain that their prices are able to be lower because they make everything in house. As well as the fact that they only use ethical and high-quality suppliers.

I have had very good luck with Piping Rock and have purchased many different kinds of essential oils from them. However, you do have to be careful as they also sell fragrance oils and I have made the mistake of buying one without knowing.

Like Eden’s Garden they offer a variety of sizes from ½ oz. to 32 oz. depending on how much you are needing and are wanting to spend. They regularly have amazing sales that provide the best time to take full advantage of their product options.

They also carry a very extensive list of essential oils so you can experiment and test out different ones as much as you like. Without having to make too much of an investment!

I really don’t have much of anything negative to say about the company as I have had good experiences with them. I have even been reimbursed for products that I personally didn’t like which is a rarity for these kinds of suppliers.


  • Wide selection
  • Very affordable
  • Many sales to take advantage of
  • Wonderful customer care
  • Blends of higher priced oils


  • Not has high quality as some brands
  • Less potent essential oils


That sums up the three essential oils on a budget that I recommend! I have ordered from all of these brands over a period of years which is why I feel so confident in sharing them with you.

Like anyone I love the idea of being able to buy the highest quality of something especially when it comes to health care products. But that just isn’t realistic for most of us and most certainly isn’t a sustainable habit.

If you are really interested in essential oils and want to try many different ones than these more affordable brands provide an excellent way of being able to do that. They might not be as high of quality as other more popular brands, but they are a great starting point at the very least.

I also enjoy testing oils out to see what I enjoy and find useful so that later on I can make the investment of ordering that same oil from a more reliable brand. In no way do I believe that a small budget should ever keep you from being able to enjoy things like essential oils!

I hope that you have found this article useful in your search for essential oils on a budget. And don’t forget to let me know if you try any of these brands or if you have already tried them. If you have let us all know!

Would you be interested in purchasing some of these essential oil? If so, you should treat yourself to this peppermint essential oil! One of my favorite oils to buy!

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