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The Best Dry Hair Treatment That You Need to Know About

Are you trying to find the best dry hair treatment to help dry brittle hair recover? For home remedies for dry hair?

You’re not alone as many if not all of us have had that very problem at some point.

Dry damaged hair is a very common problem to have and thankfully one that can be fixed with time. As well as with the proper dry hair treatment!

Dry hair is an unpleasant issue to have but don’t worry! It can be easily fixed, and you can get your healthy hair back in no time.

To find out how keep reading!

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The Best Dry Hair Treatment

The best dry hair treatment is by far to stop using all forms of heat on your hair in order to allow it to recover!

But there are many other options as well that will help you to get healthy hair faster. These are all easy home remedies for dry hair and can be easily adapted to your lifestyle.

And they are especially important as the colder months are coming upon us which can also contribute to dry brittle hair.

Don’t forget to read until the end in order to find out why your hair might be dry!

Stop Using Heat

Whatever you decide to do for your dry brittle hair don’t forget to stop using heat!

Heat is the number one cause of dry damaged hair and is one of the most important hair care tips for recovering your hairs health.

Heating products such as curlers, straightening irons, and blow driers need to be cut out of your hair care routine. Doing so will protect your hair from further damage.

Instead you can try several no heat hairstyles or overnight curls with heatless curlers or DIY curlers. And you can just as easily air dry your hair so that it won’t be sucked of its moisture and dried out by added heat.

Stopping heat is the most important dry hair treatment but it works best in combination with other hair care tips so keep reading!

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Wash Less Often

It’s important to also watch how often you are washing your hair. At the most you should really only be washing your hair three times a week maybe even just once.

Of course, this depends on your hair type as oily hair needs to be washed more frequently while dry hair doesn’t.

Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and leave dry brittle hair that is easily broken and sheds often.

It is also a good thing to wash your hair in cold water instead of hot. Not only to avoid unneeded heat but to help lock in your hair’s moisture. Allowing it to be shiny and hydrated!

dry hair treatment

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils not only moisturize but they can provide many benefits to your hair. Especially when it comes down to dry damaged hair in need of a little pick me up.

Some of the best essential oils that you could use are lavender, sandalwood essential oil, clary sage, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils.

These are all nourishing oils that will help your hair to feel a bit more perky and healthy.

Try a Honey Mask

Honey is one of the best home remedies for dry hair as it is a humectant. Which allows it to draw moisture from the air to hydrate your dry hair strands.

Using frequent honey hair masks will help your hair to regain moisture and recover.

It also provides the perfect base for a homemade hair mask as you can add other hair nourishing ingredients. Such as coconut milk or essential oils. 

Just keep in mind that honey can lighten hair color over time.

Get All of Your Vitamins

The health of your hair can also be in relation to the amounts of vitamins and minerals that you need to consume.

If you suspect that you aren’t getting the proper nutrients from your food which is causing dry hair. Try to take supplements to make up the difference.

Try adding in more omega-3s, vitamin A and C, and iron to see if it helps to improve your hair.

And don’t skimp on eating the healthy fats as those also contribute to happy and healthy hair!

Dry Your Hair Gently

Another one of these hair care tips is to focus on how you are drying your hair.

Are you using a normal bath towel or rubbing your hair vigorously to dry it? If so, you might want to change up your approach to a gentler one.

Try using a micro fiber hair towel or a soft cotton shirt to dry your hair with. Doing so in a gentle scrunching manner that won’t pull or break your hair during the process.

After gently drying your hair this way you can tie it up with the towel or shirt or let it air dry. This is by far the best way to dry your hair to avoid causing more damage.

Use a Hair Oil

Hair oils are a great way of conditioning dry and damage hair and helping it to reclaim moisture.

You can use hair oils in a variety of ways either as an oil that you apply in small amounts to your hair daily or as an oil hair mask. 

To apply the hair oil daily rub two to three drops in your hands and gently disperse throughput your hair from the middle to your ends.

To use it as an oil treatment, apply a generous amount of oil onto your scalp and throughout your hair. Either cover your hair or put it up into a bun leaving the oil in for at least two hours or overnight.

You can buy specific hair oils, or you can go the cheaper route by making your own. Argan, jojoba, and sweet almond oil are all good options.

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Causes of Dry Damaged Hair

Dry hair is a common issue among many people and though it can often feel like a mystery there is always a cause.

And there is no better way to treat something then by discovering the cause in order to approach it productively.

By knowing why your hair is dry you will be able to treat it much more effectively by targeting the main issue head on.

Here are a few reasons why your hair might be feeling a bit dry and damaged:

  • Frequent hair washing
  • Excessive use of heat
  • Long periods of sun exposure
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency’s
  • Harsh or bad quality hair care products
  • Exposure to chlorinated water
  • Chemically damaged hair

These are all causes that can greatly contribute to dry hair that is unhealthy and delicate.

By avoiding these hair dangers and using the above methods of taking care of your hair you are sure to have healthy locks!

No matter how dry your hair may it can still recover and become healthy again with the right care.


Are you suffering from dry hair? Do you plan on trying any of these hair treatment to try to solve the problem?

Let me know if you do, I would love to hear about the results that you had!

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