beeswax candles vs regular candles

Beeswax Candles vs Regular candles: Why Buy Beeswax Candles

Ever wondered what the deal was with beeswax candles? Why buy beeswax candles vs regular candles and whether you should or not?

That is exactly what we will be talking about today. About the pros and cons of buying beeswax candles vs regular candles and why one might be a better option than the other.

I have always loved beeswax candles so I’ll admit right away that my opinion might be a bit one sided. I just love bees in general, really!

What’s not to love about the furry little insects that work ever so hard and live in a world tinted with honey yellow.

One of my favorite things about beeswax is that it comes with its own lovely sweet scent. As long as you buy pure beeswax you will end up with a sweet-smelling wax reminiscent of golden honey. It’s even the color of honey!

So, keep reading if you’re interested in the pros and cons of buying beeswax candles vs regular candles.

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Beeswax Candles vs Regular Candles: Why Make the Switch

As I have already mentioned, I am a bit bias in my opinion, but I think that most of us are already aware that beeswax candles are better than regular candles.

You just might not know why exactly that is or just how much of a difference burning one over the other can make.

Which is exactly why I have decided to break it down into a few simple pros and cons to help you decide between beeswax candles vs regular candles.

Beeswax Candles Pros:

They Burn Hotter

Beeswax candles naturally burn hotter and have a higher melting point. It is even said that the light that they cast is most similar to sunlight while other candles cast a light more similar to artificial or florescent light.

Having a higher melting point also means that beeswax creates less soot which is something that you want. As soot is irritating to the lungs, respiratory system and to those who have allergies.

If you or a family member suffered from allergies. You might want to check out this article on Natural Allergy Relief Remedies.

Natural Air Purifiers

Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers as they release negative ions throughout the burning process.

These negative ions attach themselves to toxins weighing them down and removing them from the air.

Beeswax candles are also hypo-allergenic which makes them a perfect option for those with sever allergies, respiratory problems or those who are sensitive the soot and fragrances.

More Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other candle options, beeswax candles or very eco-friendly and leave less of a footprint on the environment.

Pure beeswax candles don’t require bleaching, hydrogenating or purifying. They also don’t require a lengthy extraction process.

You could try out these beeswax taper candles for an extra stylish beeswax candle to decorate your home with. Or this beeswax candle pack!

beeswax candles vs regular candles

Beeswax Candle Cons:

More Pricy 

Like most things in life that are better for us, beeswax candles can run on the pricier side.

Especially since many beeswax companies or small companies or family owned the prices can run higher. But in my opinion, it is definitely with the few extra dollars.

Beeswax candle are also much longer lasting that regular candles which will ultimately give you more bang for your buck.

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Regular Candles Pros:

Cheaper Options

You can find very cost effective regular candles in any store. Candles in general can get pricy but for the most part there is a huge variety of cheap options.

If you are in a pinch there will always be a few very cheap candles out there that you can still treat yourself with.

More Variety

Candles are a booming product. Which means that just about every household brand out there is going to carry some candle options.

The fact that regular candles are most often scented with fragrance oils also increases the variety that you will find.

There is just about every scent of candle that you could ever want whether that be caramel corn, vanilla bean, pumpkin spice or fresh laundry.

Regular Candle Cons:

They Create Toxins and Soot

The generic kind of candles that you will usually run into are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax being a byproduct of petroleum as the petroleum is refined for other uses.

Paraffin wax goes through a lengthy purifying and bleaching process which can leave it as a pretty toxic product.

It has a high smoke rate and creates a large amount of soot. Which is bad for your health and the air in your home.

Contain Artificial Fragrances

More often than not regular candles made of paraffin are scented with artificial fragrance oils. These fragrance oils being well know for their chances of being toxic to your health.

These fragrance oils can be terrible triggers for those with allergies, migraines, asthma and lung issues.

Regular candles can damage the brain and central nervous system as some claims have stated.

While beeswax candles on the other hand are usually scented naturally with essential oils or not at all.

Bad for the Environment 

As mentioned above, regular candles that are made mainly out of paraffin wax go through a lengthy process while being made.

Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and petroleum is known to create air pollution. Which personally, makes me think twice before burning a candle made from that same product in my home!

Regular paraffin candles also contain artificial ingredients that can release toxins into the air.

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As you can probably tell, beeswax candles come out far ahead of regular candles on the pros and cons list! Beeswax candles are just in general better for you, for your health and for the environment.

When you are purchasing pure beeswax candles you know exactly what you are getting. While your regular everyday candle could contain anything. As a rule, if I can’t pronounce the ingredients. Or if there are a large amount, I don’t buy that product.

If you want to have an eco-friendly home that caters to you and your family’s health and wellbeing. Then you might need to take a look at your candles. So many bad things can be released throughout the burning process. So it’s best to err on the side of caution.

You could even go a step further and make your own beeswax candles! That is what I do as it is more cost effective. It also reduces the amount of packaging and waste created from buying candles.

this beeswax is the kind that I would recommend if you want to make your own beeswax candles! If you want to get fancy with scenting your candles you should check out this article on Where to Buy Essential Oils on a Budget!

It also allows you to know exactly what has been added to the candles that you are burning!

If you are interested in experimenting with making your own candles at home. Then check out this beeswax candle making book or this candle making book for inspiration.

And if you have decided to treat yourself to some beeswax candles because you deserve it! Then you should try out these beautiful beeswax taper candles!


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