How to treat aging skin? Ahh the age-old question that we will all find ourselves asking at some point.

Search for anti-aging tips and tricks and you will find people claiming youth and longevity. From drinking celery juice to cure every manner of symptom to using snail slime to moisturize skin! Who knows what strange remedy you might find!

But we don’t want false claims and cures though, do we? We want actually skincare tips to help us treat ageing skin. Because no matter how young you are you aren’t getting any younger.

Between genetics, environment, pollutants and stress our skin is really put through some stuff. And it’s up to us to take proper care of it if we want to age in the best way possible.

With just a few steps you can easily treat aging skin in gentle and nourishing ways. That will allow your skin to look its best for years to come!

And if you have any family secrets on how you keep your skin looking nice and youthful share them in the comments. We would all like to hear what works for you!

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How to Treat Aging Skin

The signs of aging skin are pretty simple. Wrinkles, discoloration, sagging and dry skin are all the main contenders.

And no matter who you are or how many wonderful skincare products that you own. You will most likely find yourself confronted with one of these skin aging symptoms.

But don’t be discouraged because these signs of aging can be lessened if not fully treated! If you take care of your skin the right way and give it the love and care that it deserves. It will reward you for your efforts.

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Preventative Measures

The number one secret to maintaining youthful skin is preventative measures. The secret is to take care of your skin and prepare for aging before it ever happens!

That is the true anti-aging secret. It isn’t a cream or a serum it’s just looking ahead and knowing what your skin needs before it ever needs it.

There are many signs of aging that can be reversed if you start to treat aging skin early enough. And though many signs of aging that have already greatly affected your skin can’t always be reversed. You can prevent the aging from progressing much further.

Prevention is always going to be the best remedy no matter what you are treating. So, whether you are twenty five or fifty you can still begin the process of trying to prevent signs of aging.

Some of the most effective preventative measures are to be gentle with your skin even if its strong and full! Excessive pulling and tugging on your skin will make your chances at getting saggy skin and deep wrinkles much more likely.

Wear protection when you’re going outdoors and in the sun. Sunlight exposure is one of the most aging things to your skin if you don’t properly protect it.

And make sure that you are moisturizing your skin very often. Dry skin is going to look dull and older so much more so than skin that is hydrated and happy.

how to treat aging skin


Wrinkles are something that can only be treated if taken care of early on.

There is no cure for deep wrinkles no matter what any skincare brand wants to claim. The key is to start to treat those areas that are prone to wrinkling before you form deep wrinkles.

Keep your skin hydrated at all times! Don’t skip the moisturizer because that is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine.

I personally prefer to use facial oils one of them being this grape seed oil. It is a bargain and a best seller!

Use sunscreen and cover your face from direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure will result in sun damaged skin that will most certainly lead to wrinkles.

Other ways to treat aging skin that aren’t necessarily skincare related is diet. Not only does topical moisturizers help the skin but staying internally hydrated is important also.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating foods that have a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Some other things to be aware of is how exaggerated your expressions are. Excessive frowning or smiling can lead to deeper wrinkles. How you sleep will also affect how bad your wrinkles are as well as where they are located.


Nothing is going to age your skin quite like dryness. Dry skin appears rough and dull and will only make other signs of aging appear worse than they are.

Try using a balance of skin moisturizers and oils. Both options nourish the skin in different ways so it’s a good idea to use both options to keep your skin moisturized and happy.

You could also practice skin nourishing self-care routines. Such as taking milk or oatmeal baths. And using skincare ingredients such as honey and aloe vera gel.

Make sure that you are using a gentle exfoliator regularly once or twice throughout the week. Skin can sometimes look dry because there is a buildup of dead skin cells.

If you live in a dry climate or your home has a tendency to be dry you could purchase a humidifier or essential oil diffuser.

One Green Planet has a wonderful article on Five DIY Anti-Aging Formulas. If you want some ideas on how to moisturize mature skin.

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Discoloration of the skin or the more commonly called age spot is one of the biggest aging skin complaints.

They can become quite progressive and irritating. Even making you feel self-conscious of their presence on your skin.

Age spots are merely discolored areas of skin that have most likely been exposed to sunlight. There are many home remedies that you can use to decrease how apparent they are if not completely remove them.

Skin lightening ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, yogurt, rice flour and lemon essential oil might all be useful. 

Just be careful as these ingredients can cause sun sensitivity.

You can apply these ingredients to the age spots much like you would a face mask. Doing this at least once a day for at least a month before seeing results.

You could also make sure that you are using a gentle exfoliator regularly. In order to decrease skin discoloration that might be caused from a buildup of dead skin cells.

A preventative measure would be to cover your skin when going out the sun and wearing plenty of sunscreen. Thoroughly moisturizing your body after being out in the sun.

Loose Skin

Loose skin is much like wrinkles in the way that it cannot often be completely reversed. Especially if it has progressed significantly. But some of these tips to treat aging skin might help a bit.

The best time to start treating sagging and lose skin is when you first start to notice it. Beginning to treat it before it progresses too much.

Depending on where you are experiencing sagging skin exercise is a wonderful option. Exercising can help to tighten the skin and pull it back to where it’s supposed to be.

Look for products that contain collagen as that can help to tighten the skin and increase its elasticity. One natural ingredient that could greatly help with loose skin is grape seed oil!

Start including massage into your skincare routine. Just doing some simple self-massage on yourself can help to increase blood flow to your skin. Which can have an anti-aging effect and help it to bounce back.

Jade rolling might also be a good option. I personally use this jade roller and have had no complaints!

Taking Care of Aged Skin

When you are creating a skincare routine for mature skin there are a few things that you must take into account.

Aged skin is often more frail and can be easily damaged which is why gentleness is the key. Only use very mild exfoliators like fine rice flour and ground oatmeal.

Try to not pull on your skin when applying skincare products or washing your face. And limit the amount of skincare products that you use to the bare minimum.

Some more none skincare anti-aging tips are to practice living a healthy lifestyle. How we live and what we eat can have a significant effect on how our skin looks.

Try replacing your coffee with herbal tea and drink plenty of water. Make sure that you are getting all of the needed vitamins and minerals from your diet. Otherwise invest in some good quality dietary supplements.


As you can see there are several ways to treat aging skin. Whether you are younger and want to start taking preventative measures. Or you already have mature skin and want to try to prevent it from aging any further.

Our skin like the rest of our body asks for only one thing and that is to be taken care of properly.

If you give it the time and thought that it needs, it will reward you later on just as eating a healthy diet will keep you feeling good for years to come.

It just takes a little extra though and a little skincare know how!