health trends that are not healthy

5 Health Trends That aren’t Actually Healthy or Good for You

Ever looked at social media and wondered if there were any health trends that are not healthy? If there were healthy trends floating around out there that really do more harm than good?

I think that many of us have probably noticed more than once a few health trends that we didn’t necessarily agree with. Health trends that seemed a bit less healthy than they claimed to be.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little suspicious when I see health trends floating around out of the blue. Such as appetite suppressant lollipops or those skinny teas.

Sometimes your spidey senses just perk up at the sound of something that just seems a bit ridiculous.

There are so many health trends out there that we have to learn how to spot the health trends that are not healthy. You have to keep yourself from being pulled into their dramatic claims and promises.

Especially now in the age of social media new trends are always being shoved at us. Promising weight loss, beautiful skin the fountain of youth and whatever else they claim to give!

That is why I have written this short list on just a few health trends that are not healthy to watch out for!

Health Trends That are not Healthy

Now you might disagree with some of the health trends that I have listed in this article. And that’s okay because we all have our own opinions and who knows? One of these health trends might have actually worked for you.

There will always be that small group of people who found success following a health trend that was general unsuccessful. Just keep in mind that these trends aren’t considered healthy in the broad term.

That these health trends and fads shouldn’t be pushed onto the public as cures for everyone! Maybe they work for a few people but rarely is that important fact exposed.

Once you finish reading this article let me know in the comments what you think. Whether you agree or disagree. Or if you have more health trends that you think deserve a place on this list!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care practitioner or a doctor. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute legal health care advice in any way. I am not liable for any damages resulting from using the information included in this article. It is always best to consult a health care professional for advice on your own personal health needs.

Raw Food Diets

A wave of raw food enthusiasm swept through the health side of social media several years ago and though it has died down a bit is still going strong.

Most of these raw food diets are practiced by people who also follow a vegan diet. Which only puts further restrictions on a diet that is already considered to be restrictive.

Though the facts are there, and the science does back up the belief that raw food holds many benefits that cooked food doesn’t. There are some downsides that many never touch on.

Such as the fact that there are certain vegetables that actually need to be cooked in order for our body to properly break them down and absorb them.

And even the vegetables that are more vitamin rich when raw can still be very difficult to break down. Especially for those who have a weak digestive system or health issues.

Struggling to digest these tuff raw foods can cause several stomach issues for some people. And might actually keep them from being able to absorb those vital nutrients!

It is also very difficult to maintain a healthy raw diet as you have to consume so much food in order to fuel your body. Which often leads people to consume too much fat in order to keep their energy up.

It is also difficult to consume enough protein on a diet that restricts many protein sources since they are not considered to be raw.

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Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses became the ultimate detox diet. Even leading to juice businesses opening up as there became such a high demand for fresh juice!

The claims that people were making about this popular diet were exaugurated at best. Claiming all kinds of things from major weight loss to cleansing your body to curing illnesses.

And though drinking fresh juice does have its benefits it is not a substantial diet or cleanse. In fact, most cleanses aren’t worth much consideration especially if they claim to detox your body.

The body is a complicated thing and naturally detoxes and cleanses impurities on its own. Without any extra help from us!

Sometimes people mistake symptoms such as nausea, gas, bloating, weakness and diarrhea as signs of the body detoxing. When in reality it is just reacting to a liquid only diet.

Not to mention that juices contain high amounts of sugar without any of the added benefits of fiber from the fruits and vegetables.

health trends that are not healthy

Restrictive Weight Loss Diets

I think we all know to a certain extent how unhealthy diets can be. Specifically, fad or weight loss diets that focus on restriction.

These diets could include low fat diets, oil free diets and carbohydrate free diets. All of which restrict and remove certain nutritional elements from your food.

Not only are these diets ineffective in the long run they can be down right harmful! Sure, you may lose quite a bit of weight that you’ve never liked. But it isn’t a long-term lifestyle change and can create problems that you might have not realized.

Very restrictive diets could put your body into starvation mode which does the opposite of what you want. As your body begins to store fat in order to survive.

Diets that cut out certain things such as fat will often lead you towards heavily processed foods. As that fat has to be replaced with something. And the more your food is processed the less healthy it will be.

Restricted diets also promote overeating as eventually your diet will end, and you will feel like a kid in a candy shop. Eagerly rushing to enjoy those foods that you didn’t eat before and ultimately overrunning and confusing your metabolism.

Even plant-based diets can be unhealthy if not approached correctly. Which is why it is always wise to invest in a helpful cook book. Like this Plant Based Diet for Beginners CookBook!

Best Life Online shared a helpful post on Dangerous Fad Diets if your wondering which to stay away from.

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Heavily Processed Food Replacements

Though it is really a good thing that the world is now catering to those with food allergies or specific diets. Not all of those fancy food alternatives are very good for your health.

Many people seem to think that these replacements are even better than the real thing. When in reality food alternatives are more often than not even more unhealthy.

Dairy free cheeses are filled with all kinds of binders to give them that cheesy texture. While meat replacements are often loaded down with salt to try to imitate the meaty flavor.

Many foods that we would otherwise consider to be healthier are actually quite the opposite. As food replacements are more heavily processed and contain a greater list of ingredients. All there to imitate either smell, taste or look of the real thing.

At the end of the day it is better to just do without or to eat the real thing. As a diet heavy in food replacements and alternatives can have down sides and lead to an unhealthy diet.

Pro Tip:

If you want something to taste cheesy without cheese. You need to try this nutritional yeast. I swear by nutritional yeast and you won’t regret getting some!

5 Health Trends That aren't Actually Healthy or Good for You

Using Only Coconut Oil

Not too long ago it became a very popular thing to ditch all other forms of cooking oil besides coconut oil. Many people making claims that it was the best oil out there and the ONLY healthy option!

These outrageous claims resulted in many people switching to using only coconut oil. 

Though all cooking oils have the risks of becoming very unhealthy for you that is more often than not a result of consuming too much. The risk factors also come to play when the oil is heated to a certain temperature which causes many kinds of oil to oxidize.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still good cooking oil options out there. Or the possibility of cooking without oil and enjoying them in other ways.

Coconut oil healthy though it may be is also not very healthy to the body when consumed in large amounts. Which is something that many started to do as they believed it to be the most healthy option.

Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat which can make it very risky to overdo it. Let alone toss out all other oils only to consume coconut oil!

Research, Research, Research!

At the end of the day much of what people say about health fads and trends is mainly here say. And because of that you have to remember to take health advice with a grain of salt.

Especially if that health advice is being given by people who do not properly understand or specialize in health topics. People who are mainly trying to promote certain health products.

Not every health trend out there is unhealthy in fact some of them can be quite useful! But it’s important to always do your own research in order to weed out the useless fads from the real information.

In a day where everyone is sharing information and shoving health advice down our throats. It’s important to remember that we must be responsible for our own health.

Don’t just take someone’s word for it! Look it up, do your research and look after your own health!

If you want to know of some blogs that offer reliable health and lifestyle advice. The check out this post article on Healthy Living Blogs that Inspire Me!

It is in your best interest to skip the harmful health trends and diets for better options.

Try investing in a healthy cookbook like this Plant Based Diet for Beginners CookBook or this Simply Vegan Cookbook. For real tips on healthier eating!

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