5 Authentic Ways to Help You Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Are you trying to find ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Trying to revamp your life to be a greener life with less waste?

In this article we will be talking about five ways that you can be more eco-friendly. All being easy and realistic tips and tricks to help you go green this year!

In a world where we are constantly creating massive amounts of waste it is important for all of us to try to do a little better.

As much as I personally admire those who are zero waste, I personally cannot commit to such a lifestyle and l know that many others can’t as well. Which is why I try to share ways that we can all be a little more eco-friendly in realistic ways.

Especially when it comes to waste that is either harmful to the environment or waste that doesn’t go away. Plastic we are looking at you!

So, if you are interested in going green this year or, maybe even being a little more conscious during your summer plans or vacations. Then keep reading!

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How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

When you break it down into five steps being more eco-friendly can be very achievable for people from all walks of life.

If you can’t afford more zero waste products, then you can repurpose previously used products instead. And if you can’t buy locally you could try growing your own produce!

There are many ways that we can all try to do a bit better when it comes to going green so don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed.

There are things that we can all do to waste just a little bit les and no effort is too small! What matters is that we all try our best and do just a little bit more to reduce our waste this year.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic is one of those kinds of waste that we should all be trying our hardest to reduce. Simply because it is so toxic to the environment and is constantly building up.

It is stated that it can take up to 1,000 years for certain plastics to completely decompose. Plastic bags taking nearly 20 years and plastic bottles taking up to 450 years.

That’s a scary number! Especially when you take into consideration that almost everything comes in some form of plastic whether it be the grocery bag you take home or the plastic ring on your drink bottle.

Or the plastic straw that you quickly throw away instead of making a small investment in some stainless steel straws.

The good thing is that there are many simple ways that we can help to avoid using plastic in our day to day life.

You can ditch the plastic water bottles for a reusable water bottle or a water filter. You can buy reusable grocery bags instead of using the plastic ones as well as buying your produce as is instead of putting them in plastic bags or buying packaged vegetables.

These are just a few things you can do in order to avoid plastic:

  • Avoid one use items like plastic straws, plastic water bottles, yogurt cups, etc.
  • Buy reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones and don’t use the plastic produce bags
  • Buy boxed or jarred items instead of plastic packaged ones
  • Go to bulk stores where you can buy items in your own containers

You can read this article on The Best Tips for Using Less Plastic to find out more plastic saving tips!

 Repurpose Items

Now there are just certain kinds of waste that we cannot avoid try as we might.

Maybe it’s a certain product that only comes in a plastic package or a kind of food that you just can’t make at home.

Maybe it’s the old cloths that you’ve grown out of or the things around your house that just have to go.

The good thing is that there are many ways to repurpose items that you can’t avoid owning that contribute to waste.

Jars for example can be used in so many different ways and some can even be recycled!

You can use old cloths for cleaning cloths or braid them into unique looking rugs. You can even reuse many kinds of plastic in order to lengthen their lifespan.

These are just a few ways and a few things that you can try to repurpose in your life in order to lengthen the lifespan and use of certain items:

  • Use old cloths to stuff items or to clean with
  • Use glass jars for storage, organization or as tuber ware or water bottles
  • Use plastic bags to carry around stuff until they can no longer be used
  • Use old cups, water bottles or plastic yogurt or pudding cups to make bird feeders
  • Repair old cloths instead of throwing them away
  • Use broken glass or porcelain to make pretty stepping stones

Choose Better Options

Now that we have talked about the ways that you can repurpose items that would otherwise end up in the garbage. We can now talk about how to choose better eco-friendly options.

Whether that be choosing to go to your local farmers market instead of the grocery store or to buy from online shops like Etsy.

Small businesses tend to be a bit more eco-friendly which makes them great options when it comes to going green.

Try buying your skincare products from a small business that uses reusable or recyclable containers. 

Buy from local farmers so that your produce will be plastic free, and you can purchase more ethical animal products.

Don’t buy plastic packaged items that have other easy alternatives such as a glass water bottle instead of a plastic water bottle.

Here are a few options that most of us have access to. There are many zero waste brands out there to choose from, but they can be more pricey which is why I have not included many of them here.

  • Buy at your local farmers market
  • Purchase products from local or small businesses
  • Avoid one use items such as plastic utensils and paper plates
  • Invest in reusable products instead of one-use ones like these reusable straws
  • Buy from brand that have reusable or recyclable packaged items
  • Support zero waste brands if you are able to

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Get Creative

One of the best ways about becoming more eco-friendly is that you get to become more creative!

This is the best excuse when it comes to picking up a new hobby or starting that garden that you have been meaning to get around to.

Instead of depending on what is around us and the stores and businesses that we buy from. Why not start to become more creative and self-reliant!

Learn to sew so that you can patch up clothing or alter them and create new items out of scrap pieces of fabric.

Try to cook more from home and grow some of your own vegetables so that you can eat straight from your garden!

Many of the old ways of living are what can help us all to become less wasteful and more dependent on ourselves.

Here are just a few ideas as to how you can get more creative and live a greener life!

  • Grow a small garden of your own
  • Can and preserve your own food instead of buying canned goods
  • Patch up old clothing instead of replacing it
  • Craft your own homemade decorations instead of buying it
  • Bake your own bread or make your own pasta
  • Learn to quilt in order to use up scrap material

Skillshare is a great place to learn about wasting less and repurposing what you already have. Join Skillshare Today and Get Two Months Premium for Free with this link!

Be More Mindful

Another important step in living a greener life is to just be mindful day to day.

Think about what ways you create waste and try to remedy them. Whether that be energy waste, food waste, plastic waste, etc.

We all create waste in one way or another purely out of our lack of thought. And with just a little bit more mindfulness we can create such a huge difference and become more eco-friendly.

Try to remember those little wasteful things that go unnoticed. Such as grabbing a paper plate instead of a reusable one. Or choosing plastic grocery bags instead of buying reusable ones.

These reusable cotton grocery bags are a guaranteed step up from plastic bags!

So, if you really want to go green and become more mindful about what you are wasting on a daily basis these few ideas might help:

  • Leaving lights on
  • Letting water run while you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth
  • Taking very long showers
  • Have too many items plugged into electrical outlets
  • Not eating produce before it goes bad
  • Throwing away scraps instead of reusing them or throwing them outside
  • Buying heavily packaged items instead of the greener options

Why You Should Live a Greener Life?

There are many reasons why you might personally want to live a greener life.

Some people do it because they care deeply about the environment, some are trying to save on money while others just want to try to create a little bit less waste.

All are good reasons and we can all make going green just a little bit more attainable by following these simple steps.

A little bit of effort over a long period of time really starts to add up so no effort is too small!

How do you decrease your daily waste output? Do you garden or sew or repurpose items that might otherwise end up in a landfill?


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