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30 Best Gifts for Women for This Time of the Year That She Will Love

Are you on the lookout for the best gifts for women? For Christmas gift ideas for her and for all of the wonderful women in your life?

Whether you’re a husband or boyfriend or friend this list will help you to find the best gifts for women.

Whether you are shopping for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife you are sure to find something that she will like in this list!

So good luck and happy shopping!

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The Best Gifts for Women

Some of the best gifts for women can be found in this list whether the women in your life are into health, fitness, beauty, or skincare. There are plenty of gifts to choose from here to set you on the right path!

This list can help to decrease your stress levels when looking for Christmas gift ideas for her this holiday season.

So, stress less and buy better this year! And keep reading to find out what gift is best for the woman in your life.

For the Wellness Guru

Does the woman in your life enjoy activities like hiking or yoga? Does she drink smoothies and green juices or enjoy taking time for herself.

If the answer is yes, then she just might be a wellness guru! Or something along those lines at least!

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be a wonderful gift idea for wife or any woman in your life.

Even if she doesn’t do yoga a yoga mat can be used for exercise, meditation, tia chi, or stretching!

Smoothie Mix

A wonderful Christmas gift idea for her is a smoothie mix if she drinks smoothies often. 

These are specialty items that she might not buy for herself, so this is a great treat!

Essential Oils

Any woman who is into wellness and living a healthier or more natural lifestyle will love essential oils as a gift!

You can buy her a few that she might have been wanting, a kit to get her started, or an essential oil diffuser.

You could even buy an essential oil necklace for her to enjoy on the go!

Tea Sampler

Anyone who is into health and wellness most likely tries to limit their coffee intake. So herbal tea can be one of the best gifts for women!

You can replenish her stock of tea with old favorites or buy her a variety pack. Or treat her to some high-quality loose-leaf teas.

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Books are a great gift for the wellness woman in your life.

There are so many books out there around topics that she might enjoy and will give her hours of pleasure. Whether she likes a fictional book or a crime nonfiction or everything inbetween!

best gifts for women

For the Stressed Mom

Maybe the woman in your life is a stressed-out mom who never has time to take care of herself.

One of the best gifts for women who are busy and stretched too thin are right here in this list for your easy shopping experience!

These women don’t ask for much, but they definitely deserve a special gift this Christmas!


Candles are one of the best gifts for moms as it gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Whether she enjoys it during the kids nap time or as she unwinds in the evening. A candle is a wonderful gift that any mother would love!

Water bottle

Chances are that the mother in your life doesn’t take as good of care of herself as she does others. This includes hydrating herself.

Gifting her a nice water bottle will help her to better remember that she too needs to be taken care of.


A journal can be one of the best gifts for moms as it gives them a way to express their innermost thoughts on paper.

Whether it be a gratefulness journal, a health journal, or just a journal to scribble down thoughts. They are sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Meal Subscription Service

Mothers have a million things to do and not enough time to do it. Which is why getting them a meal subscription service might be a great gift!

It allows them to have to plan and think ahead less as a box full of ingredients and a recipe help them to make meals with much more ease.

You can either buy the meal boxes for her or give her a gift card to pick them out for herself.


Moms have stressful jobs so a little aromatherapy can help quite a lot.

Just a bottle of an essential oil blend can help to calm their nerves and leave them feeling stronger and more grounded for the rest of the day.

For the Health Nut

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for her this year? For the delightful health nut in your life?

Well I have good news for you! Health nuts can be some of the easiest people to shop for!

Here are just a few things that she may be wanting this year.

Superfood Powder

If the women in your life is a health nut, she will definitely appreciate a superfood powder. These are the delicacies of all health products.

Fitness Tracker

Getting the health nut in your life a fitness tracker is a very safe gift to go with as she is sure to like it.

Whether it be a fitness tracking watch or journal.

For the Skincare Lover

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for her the skincare lover in your life.

If she loves all things skincare and beauty, then this list of products just might be for her!

Jade Roller

Every skincare lover needs to have a jade roller in their collection and chances are she has been wanting one for a while!

Body Lotion

No women can ever have too many body moisturizers, so this is a safe gift option when looking for gift ideas for wife or even for your mom!

Skincare Travel Bag

If the woman in your life is a skincare lover, chances are that she could use some travel bags for all of her skincare goodies!

Derma Roller

This skincare tool is a great option if you have heard her talk about scaring or rough skin. This special tool can help her with her skincare whoas, and she might have already been meaning to buy one!

Skincare Book

If the skincare lover in your life is also interested in making her own skincare some DIY books might be just what she wants!

There are many skincare books out there that can teach her how to make her own skincare products.

For the Foodie

This list of Christmas gift ideas for her is for the foodie in your life.

The lovely lady that loves a good treat or meal and can never seem to get enough!

Skillshare Subscription

This is an amazing gift for the food lover in your life as SkillShare offers so many types of cooking classes.

If she wants to step up her cooking game, then this is the gift for her!

Vegan Snack and Lifestyle Box

This is another great gift for a food lover as it will give her a wide selection of not only snacks but a few other lifestyle products as well.


This is also a good gift for her if she wants to become a better cook or wants to experiment more!

You could also gift her some holiday cookbooks to prepare her for next year! Such as 60 Vegan Holiday Recipes Cookbook and this Plant-Based Desserts Cookbook.

Restaurant Gift Card

Does the food lover in your life enjoy a nice meal out? If she does this will definitely make her happy on Christmas day.

For the Creative

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for her when she is creative and loves hobbies.

Some of the easiest people to buy for as they are always up for a creative challenge!

Craft Kits

One of the best gifts for women who are creative is craft kits. It gives them a whole new hobby to dabble in without committing completely!

Skillshare Subscription

Getting a skillshare subscription for the creative in your life is bound to please them. As there is no end to creative classes that they can choose from to start their next hobby.

Craft Books

Buying creative books is another way to please the creative women in your life.

Chances are she is always eager to find out new things to try out as ell as a new hobby to enjoy and would appreciate a creative book.

Gift Card

One of the best gift ideas for women is going to be the crowd-pleasing gift card. You just can’t go wrong with this gift!


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