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The Health Benefits of Turmeric: 10 Reasons to Use Turmeric

Wondering what the health benefits of turmeric are or how you can best use turmeric for your health?

Today we will be discussing that popular superfood that has so many more uses then just spicing your curry!

The health benefits of turmeric are numerous and surprisingly science backed as many studies have been done with it. Resulting in some pretty amazing health benefits.

Turmeric uses are broad and can target many different areas of the body. Making it a great multipurpose remedy to have on hand.

So, keep reading if you are interested in finding out what the health benefits of turmeric are. And read till the end to find some turmeric uses that you can try out for yourself!

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The Health Benefits of Turmeric

As you are reading this article on turmeric health benefits just keep in mind that though science based. These results are still not entirely proven.

Turmeric has many benefits that can’t be denied but always tread with caution as these health benefits are not promises.

What works for someone else might not work for you or you might see completely different results.

So always do your best to find out what has the best chance at working out for what you need as everyone will have different experiences.

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What is Turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient Indian spiced that comes from the ginger family. It is very often recognized for its distinct golden orange color that can also be used as a dye.

Turmeric has a flavor that is both bitter and peppery and has been traditional used as a spice in foods and as a medicine.

This root has a very long history of being used as a natural medicine in the Indian culture and is still widely used there today.

1.    It’s Anti-Inflammatory

Though our body requires a certain level of inflammation in order to recover during an illness. Chronic or long-term inflammation has the opposite effect and can begin to weaken your body.

Inflammation plays a large role in many chronic illness which is why fighting that inflammation can prove so useful.

One of turmeric’s uses is that it is very effective at fighting inflammation. If fact turmeric can be just as effective as some over the counter anti-inflammatory minus the side effects!

This is why turmeric can be so effective for those who suffer from forms of chronic inflammation.

2.    Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer which makes it something that many of us should keep in mind.

Turmeric powder has proven itself to be useful in treating heart disease or even preventing it. As it can help to improve the lining of your bodies blood vessels.

Helping to prevent one of the biggest factors of heart disease. As the lining of your blood vessels regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and several other tasks.

Since turmeric is also anti-inflammatory it helps in that way as well. Since heart disease can create quite an amount of inflammation.

3.    Can Treat Joint Conditions

The anti-inflammatory health benefits of turmeric have also proven themselves to be helpful in treating joint related conditions. Such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.

These kinds of joint conditions are tied in very closely with inflammation. Which is why turmeric is so effective a treatment.

It has shown to decrease inflammation, provide pain relief, as well as slow down the progression of the disease itself.

turmeric health benefits

4.    Might Help Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Many if not most chronic health conditions are very closely linked to inflammation that has begun to do damage to your body.

Inflammation was not meant to be a long-term reaction. So, when it became just that it can begin to attach your body.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits may prove to be a very effective form of treatment for chronic health conditions.

As it helps to decrease inflammation, fight against free radicals, and can also act as a pain reliever.

5.    It’s A Powerful Antioxidant

Turmeric is well known for its antioxidant properties that are very strong and very useful to the body.

Antioxidants help to protect the body from free radicals. Which can cause damage to your body’s fatty acids, DNA, and proteins.

Turmeric also helps to give your bodies natural antioxidant enzymes a boost. Helping your body to naturally protect itself and create its own antioxidant defense system.

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6.    Might Improve Brain Health

Some turmeric health benefits also include brain health. As turmeric is able to help treat and prevent several brain related health conditions.

Such as helping to protect your brain from Alzheimer’s by increasing the levels of a specific protein found in your brain and spinal cord. This protein is vital in preserving nerve cells and the ability to learn and maintain memory.

Turmeric powder is able to also help treat depression in this same way. As depression can also be linked back to low levels of this kind of protein.

Which makes turmeric a good treatment option for those suffering from depression.

7.    Anti-Cancer Properties 

Inflammation is often linked closely to tumor growth. Which is why turmeric might be able to help treat and prevent a variety of cancer types.

It is believed that it might be able to slow the spread of tumor cells. And might be able to prevent tumor growth from ever even happening!

Turmeric is believed to be able to do this as it might be able to disrupt cancer cells, interfere with cell signaling, or even kill cancerous cells in the body.

More research is needed of course but these benefits prove to be very positive!

8.    Can Help Treat Diabetes

Though not much research has been done in the hopes of turmeric health benefits aiding with diabetes. Some positive results have been noticed.

Such as turmeric have a positive effect of decreasing blood sugar as well as increasing the output of plasma insulin.

It is believed that turmeric might be able to treat and prevent diabetes. As well as to help treat its associated disorders. Such as diabetic kidney disease.

More human based research and testing is needed to confirm these results. But they have already proven themselves to be hopeful!

9.    Improves Skin Conditions

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric might be able to help treat several kinds of skin conditions and ailments.

Some research suggests that turmeric might be able to provide relief for those with psoriasis. By lessening the severity of the symptoms.

Turmeric might also be able to help with other similar conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis.

10. May Prevent Eyesight Loss

It is believed that turmeric might be able to help prevent eye degeneration. Especially in relation to a group of eye conditions called glaucoma.

More research is needed for a more accurate idea of how effective this treatment is. But turmeric has shown signs of being very beneficial in preserving the eyes from degeneration vision loss.

Turmeric Side Effects and Dosage

Though the health benefits of turmeric are very vast, there are also a few side effects to be aware of if you want to start to use turmeric regularly.

Like anything, turmeric can also cause some undesired side effects that you probably weren’t looking for. It is rare for someone to experience side effects, as turmeric is usually an easy herb to take. But it is possible.

Just keep these possible side effects in mind when you start to use turmeric.

Upset Stomach

Though turmeric can help people with an upset stomach, it also has the ability to cause an upset stomach.

Turmeric stimulates the production of gastric acid which can help with better digestion. However, this can also cause stomach upset in certain individuals.

If you commonly have an upset stomach it is important to remember that turmeric is also capable of worsening the symptoms.

May Stimulate Contractions

Studies have been done to show that turmeric may prove to be a useful remedy during menstruation. Which is partly why pregnant women should avoid taking medical doses of turmeric.

The fact that it is a blood thinner should also make those who are pregnant avoid this specific herb.

A little turmeric used as a spice for food should be perfectly safe, just avoid larger doses.

Thins Blood

Turmeric has the ability to thin out your blog, making you bleed more easily more frequently.

Not much is known about why it has the ability to do this. But because turmeric can affect your cholesterol and blood pressure. The might be a link to why it thins out your blood.

Those with blood disorders, who are pregnant, or taking medications that can thin your blood, should avoid taking medical amounts of turmeric.

Turmeric Doses

Turmeric is generally considered safe to consume in generous amounts without adverse effects.

It is considered to be safe to consume 1.4 mg of turmeric root for every pound of your body weight. Though more accurate, this way of measuring out doses can be confusing.

Doses of turmeric as low as 250 mg and as high as 8,000 mg were considered to be safe.

The best course to take is to follow the instructions if you are taking turmeric supplements. If you are taking turmeric powder, start with a low dose and work your way up until you see the desired results.

Do not exceed 8,000 mg of turmeric.

How to Take Advantage of the Health Benefits of Turmeric?

There are many great ways that you can enjoy turmeric health benefits in your day to day life.

It is a relatively easy remedy to include in your daily routine. And generally creates little to no side effects for the person taking it.

You can easily include something such as turmeric capsules into your daily routine without any extra fuss. Or simple use this pure turmeric powder to use in whatever way you like!

You can take a teaspoon of turmeric a day on a daily basis in forms such as:

  • Turmeric tea
  • Infusions
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • As a food additive
  • Taken directly

These are great ways of easily incorporating turmeric into your daily diet. Making it easier to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric for yourself on a regular basis.

If you don’t like the taste of turmeric like me, you have several options to help turmeric to be more appealing to you. And if you just can’t stand it, you can just sort to taking supplements.

The Health Benefits of Turmeric Conclusion

I hope that this article has proven useful in what you were wanting to know about the health benefits of turmeric.

There were many health benefits to discuss and this is just scratching the surface of what turmeric uses can do!

This is a great herbal home remedy that is accessible and easy to use. Making it more accessible to more people as it can be found in most grocery or health food stores.

Turmeric has a long history of health benefits that w can still benefit from today in our day to day ailments and aches and pains.

Have you ever tried to treat any of the discussed conditions with turmeric? Or are you doing your research because you plan to try it out?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your perspective or experience! And it would be helpful to others to hear how it went for you.


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