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10 Best Healthy Living Blogs You Should be Following

Are you wondering where to find the best healthy living blogs to read? Where to find some of the most reliable and enjoyable information on healthy living, healthy recipes and a healthy lifestyle?

Well today I have compiled a list of ten blogs that I have been looking to for inspiration on healthier living!

I am always on the outlook for new blogs to follow that will inspire and motivate me. Especially towards living healthier, being more mindful and creating more wonderful things.

I hope that you will enjoy this list of best healthy living blogs and that maybe you will decide to follow and support them as well. And if you have any other ideas for the best healthy living blogs that you personally read then do share them! I would love to hear your suggestions.

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The Best Healthy Living Blogs that I Have Read This Month

You know how many lifestyle bloggers will create monthly favorites blog posts? Well this is something similar to that.

These are the blogs that I have either found this month or have been gravitating more towards. Many if not all of them I found through Bloglovin and Pinterest the two places where I discover most blogs.

If you are in any way interested in healthy living, slow living, herbalism or recipes then these blogs are for you!

Hello Glow

I have been reading Stephanie’s posts for years now from the Hello Glow Blog and I always find her content interesting and inspiring!

Most of her content centers around skincare and beauty. All of it being natural and handmade. This is where she shares tested recipes for skincare products that you can make at home.

She also creates content around the use of essential oils, natural hair care, green living and Eco-friendly cleaning, DIY and healthy food.

Stephanie’s photos are also immaculate and an absolute pleasure to see as they are light and airy.

One of Hello Glow’s best qualities is that it is very accessible to most people with recipes that are easy to follow with easy to find ingredients!

best healthy living blogs

The Anna Edit

Anna from the The Anna Edit Blog is an exceptionally successful blogger she has been featured in several magazines for good reason!

She even has a book out that embodies much of what her blog stands for.

Anna blogs about many lifestyle and fashion/beauty topics but my favorite posts from her are her life ones.

These topics usually include healthy food, meal prep, capsule wardrobes, planning and organization. All things that I find myself needing a little bit of inspiration in!

Her tone is friendly and down to earth, and I always enjoy reading how she applies the tips that she is giving to her own life.

Anna even has a very popular YouTube channel under the same name of her blog which is just another way to catch up on her wonderful content.

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The Detoxinista

Megan from the Detoxinista Blog is a certified nutritionist consultant who has published several cooking and detox books.

Despite the name of her blog Megan doesn’t condone fad diets or extreme detoxing but more on creating a healthy life balance of eating the right foods. She encourages a kind of daily detoxing that is gentle and healthy.

Her content focuses on any kind of recipe you could be looking for whether that be main courses, breakfast ideas or a tasty smoothie!

The Pistachio Project

Brittany is the writer behind the The Pistachio Project Blog where she shares what she calls ‘green and crunch advice ‘.

She started her blog while she was on her own journey of creating a safer and greener home for her children as well as for herself.

The kinds of content that you can find at The Pistachio Project is all things natural living, natural homemade beauty, healthy food recipes and natural parenting.

I personally found Brittany through Pinterest and have been excitedly scrolling through her posts ever since. You won’t be disappointed by the information there!

Four Wellness Co.

Four Wellness Co Blog is a unique website that is run by a team of health coaches who specialize in nutrition, wellness and holistic living.

They offer courses and coaching on their website but also have a blog where they share high quality information on how to live healthier.

Four Wellness Co. covers topics like natural beauty and skincare, healthy eating, wellness and self-care. They cover just about any topic you would put under healthy living and they provide information that you can trust!

Not to mention that their website is beautifully crafted, and their photos are bright and refreshing!

Homespun Seasonal Living

There are several different writers behind the Homespun Seasonal Living Blog which is a space that is dedicated to natural and simple living information.

The topics they cover include slow living and living within the seasons, herbal remedies, recipes, DIY projects and gardening ideas.

Homespun Seasonal Living is full of content to set your mind at ease and encourage you to take a step towards more simple life practices.

Their blog is a great place to stop by for some seasonal inspiration and a helpful nudge towards taking life a bit more slowly.

Life- N-Reflection

Kristy is the master mind behind the Life N Reflection Blog. She not only runs the blog but is a best-selling author and writes for the Willow and Sage magazine!

Her blog revolves around the topics of natural skincare, haircare, green cleaning and DIY’s for the home.

You will find green cleaning recipes there as well as DIY projects for soy candles, soap and essential oil mists. She shares skincare and hair care recipes as well!

There’s a lot to love about the kind of content that Kristy puts out and I hope you take the time to check he blog out.

Plant Therapy Blog

The Plant Therapy Blog is the blog that corresponds with the Plant Therapy brand. A brand where they sell essential oils, essential oil blends as well as many more types of products.

They are one of the essential oil brands that I enjoy buying from. I especially enjoy reading the content that they create.

They write on topics revolving around how to use essential oils, healthy living, and lifestyle.

Their blog is especially helpful if you are looking to purchase some of their essential oils or products!

Cotter Crunch

Lindsay a gluten free nutritionist/specialist and she runs the Cotter Crunch Blog.

Her focus is to create simple and nutritious food that is made to fuel energetic people. Keep them feeling healthy and happy.

As someone who cannot eat gluten herself Lindsay creates easy and nutritious recipes that are gluten free and clean. She even runs her own snack bite business!

On her blog you can find meal plans and recipes that cater to all kinds of diets and allergies. She even has a cookbook out about superfood bowls.

Wellness Mama

Katie is the founder of the Wellness Mama Blog. Though now her website has grown to the point to where she has researchers and medical advisers on her team now!

Her blog caters to women and mothers who are looking to live healthier and help their family to live healthier.

You can find all kinds of helpful and reliable information on the Wellness Mama platform. Topics such as natural living, healthy food recipes, homemade beauty, remedies and parenting.


There you have it! My top ten healthy living blogs that I have been enjoying this month.

I don’t often find myself having extra time to dedicate to catching up on reading blog posts. But when I do you can bet that will be reading content from these ten blogs.

They are each inspiring and motivating in their own way and all provide reliable information that you can trust!

What blogs have been inspiring you so far this month? Any good ones to share even if they aren’t completely focused on healthy living?

If so, I would love to read your recommendations in the comments!

And if you are still looking for more inspiring reading material. Check out this article on Books to Read in 2020 for a Better You for book recommendations!

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