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10 Guaranteed Ways of Getting Amazingly Healthy Hair Quickly

Wondering how you can get healthy hair and keep it that way? How to get healthy hair quickly without too much fuss?

If so then you are in the right place because we are going to be going over ten ways to get healthy hair!

All simple and effective ways for how to get healthy hair and keep it that way! Because we all want to have nice hair.

These tips for healthy hair only require one thing and that is to keep at them! To stick to them otherwise your efforts wont amount to much as healthy hair needs daily care.

So, if you practice these simple, daily tips for maintaining happy hair you are guaranteed to see a positive difference!

So, keep reading to find out what you need to have the healthiest hair that you’ve ever had!

Ten ways to Get Healthy Hair

These are all simple tips for healthy hair, and you might even be doing some of them already which is great!

But I bet that there are at least a few that you might have not been aware of. 

If you practice all or at least the majority of these hair tips then you can expect to see healthier hair within two months. You might even be able to see resulting in one month!

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1.    Brush Your Hair Correctly

One of the biggest tips for healthy hair is the one that most of our mothers drilled into our head. And that is to brush your hair starting at the bottom.

If you start brushing your hair at the top, then you will only be pushing tangles down your hair. Creating worse tangles as you make them tighter and messier with each stroke.

By starting at the ends of your hair you can focus on brushing each tangle out. Slowly moving up the length of your hair to result in tangle free and silky hair.

This helps to prevent excessive hair shedding during brushing as well as preventing your hair from breaking which results in split ends!

The quality of your hair brush can also effect your hair believe it or not! Try to invest in a good quality hair brush that won’t be too rough on your hair.

Something similar to this amazing bamboo hair brush!

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2.    Avoid Heat at All Cost

Now there is nothing wrong with curling your hair once or twice a month for something special but try to avoid excessive use of heat.

Heating tools such as a straightener, curler and blow driers all heat up your hair which dries it out and damages it.

Heat is harsh on the hair and can make it dry and brittle which will leave you with frizzy hair. As well as split ends and a coarse texture to your hair.

Instead try no heat hairstyles!

3.    Wash Less Condition More

As a general rule you should only wash your hair 2-3 times a week depending on your hair type.

If you have oily hair you will need to wash it more than someone with dry hair would need to.

It’s also important to try to focus more on conditioning your hair then washing it. Briefly wash your hair and scalp then dedicate more time to allowing your conditioner to work its magic!

4.    Dry Gently

One big mistake that many of us have made when it comes to how to get healthy hair is how we dry it. 

Never dry your hair with a normal body towel or dry it too roughly. Doing so will result in frizzy hair that is more tangled and more easily prone to breaking.

Instead invest in a micro fiber hair towel that is much more gentle. Or try using a simple cotton t-shirt to dry your hair.

Gently scrunching your hair to dry it.

If you want to try out a towel specifically for hair then try this amazing micro fiber hair towel!

healthy hair

5.    Embrace the Cold

Now I don’t know about you but the last thing that I want to feel while showering is cold! But cold water does have its benefits.

Once you have finished washing and conditioning your hair and have rinsed everything out. Try giving your hair one last rinse with cold water.

Cold water helps your hair to be less frizzy and shinier. It also encourages more blood flow to your scalp which can even help to encourage hair growth over time!

Whereas hot water can dry out your hair and make it more prone to fizziness.

6.    Invest in Silk

Struggling with frizzy and dry hair? Then it might be time to invest in a set of silk pillow cases.

Like using a micro fiber hair towel sleeping on silk pillow cases help to preserve your hair by being more gentle.

By sleeping on silk pillow cases you are reducing the amount of friction against your hair as you sleep.

Sleeping on less gentle fibers such as cotton or polyester causes more friction on your hair as you sleep which can damage it.

The same idea goes for hair wraps. If you don’t want to invest in a silk pillow case, then you could wrap your hair in a silk scarf or head wrap to create a similar effect.

I personally would recommend these wonderful silk pillow cases as they are not only high quality. But affordable as well!

7.    Skip the Wash

As we mentioned above it is often better for your hair to wash it less often.

This is because excessive washing can damage healthy hair by drying it out and removing your scalps natural oils.

Not to mention that washing your hair too frequently can result in more hair loss as we naturally shed hair when washing it.

Depending on your hair type you might need to wah it less or more often. Just remember that you can train your hair to be washed less often. The first few weeks might be rough but eventually it will become easier.

8.    Make Sure Your Nutrition’s on Point

Many aspects of our diet can affect the health of our hair.

Protein for example is very important for hair health. Our hair is made up primarily of protein so try to eat enough protein in your diet.

A deficiency in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids can also affect the health of your hair in a negative way.

Try to take a multivitamin regularly if you suspect that you are deficient in either one of these important nutrients!

9.    Don’t be Cheap

The temptation to cut costs on hair care products is inevitable but try to resist!

Cheap hair care products often do much more harm than good for your hair.

Try to buy from high quality brands that prioritize natural ingredients. Specifically try to use products that contain biotin, collagen or proteins.

Even hair care products that are meant for damaged hair are a good option even if your hair isn’t damaged!

10. Know Your Hair

Another important thing to keep in mind for hair health is what kind of hair you have.

Is it prone to being dry, or oily or is it somewhere in-between? What is your hair texture? Is it thin or thick/ Wiry, curly or straight?

These are all important factors to keep in mind when taking care of your hair!

Curly hair needs more moisture but less brushing, fine straight hair needs less moisture and more detangling while normal hair needs a little of everything in-between.

It’s very important to understand your hair in order to take good care of it!

How to Know When Your Hair is Healthy?

  • When you have minimal shedding or an average amount of hair shedding
  • The texture of your hair is smooth and soft
  • You have very little dandruff
  • There are minimal split ends and your hair is resistant to breaking
  • The hair strands are elastic
  • Healthy hair is resistant to water and will take longer to thoroughly wet

How to Know When Your Hair is Unhealthy?

  • Unhealthy hair breaks easy and has many split ends
  • Your hair is dull, and the color is muted
  • It tangles easily and is harder to untangle
  • It is less elastic and more brittle
  • Unhealthy hair is prone to abnormal amounts of shedding


As you can see having healthy hair is very attainable with a little extra though and practice.

With just these few tips for healthy hair you can get your hair back on track in no time!

And if you really want to achieve healthy hair don’t forget to check out the products mentioned. Such as this amazing micro fiber hair towel and these wonderful silk pillow cases!


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