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10 of the Best Ways to Treat Dry Skin on Hands During Winter

Are you looking for a dry skin treatment for dry skin on hands this winter? For remedies to help treat dry winter skin that is dull and tender?

If so, you are in the right place because here are ten ways to treat dry skin on hands this winter!

With colder weather comes dry skin not to mention the fact that this is also a season where seasonal colds and the flu are floating around. Meaning that not only is your skin dry from the weather but also from washing your hands frequently.

Which is why it is so important to get to work on taking care of any dry skin on hands in order to prevent further dryness.

Dry flaky hands can easily be prevented and treated with just a few precautions and treatments.

So, keep reading to find out how you can treat dry skin on hands and dry skin patches this winter season!

How to Treat Dry Skin on Hands

Dry winter skin is inevitable for most of us especially if you are already prone to having dry skin.

Thankfully there are many dry skin treatments you can turn to ward off that pesky dry skin this holiday season.

So, keep reading to find out ten easy ways that you can treat dry skin on hands and read till the end to find out some ways to prevent dry skin this winter!

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1.    Use a Water Based Moisturizer

When it comes to treating dry skin on the hands and really anywhere on the body it is important to moisturize well.

Water based moisturizers are especially important as they are easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. Allowing your skin to get a quick hydration boost.

This shea and sandalwood hand lotion would be a great option! Especially since it contains some oil based ingredients.

Or this lemon hand lotion would also be a refreshing option.

These kinds of moisturizers are great for fast application as they absorb within minutes and leave your skin feeling and looking refreshed.

2.    Use an Oil Based Moisturizer

Much like water-based moisturizers oil-based moisturizers are also very important when treating dry skin.

In order to really take care of dry winter skin you need both kinds of moisturizer.

Oil based moisturizers are heavier and take longer to absorb into the skin because they are more deeply moisturizing and soothing.

They are good at treating very dry and cracked hands as they penetrate deep into the skin thoroughly moisturizing it.

I always suggest shea butter as a deeply moisturizing butter for dry hands! It is rich and luxurious and so very moisturizing to parched skin.

3.    Do Conditioning Treatments

One key tip to keeping your hands soft and healthy is to do moisturizing or conditioning treatments.

You can do this by applying a heavy oil-based moisturizer or body butter to your hands before bed. Or applying a heavy moisturizer before putting on gloves and letting it be absorbed for about 30 minutes.

These treatments are great ways of deeply moisturizing dry and damaged skin.

dry skin on hands

4.    Try Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a great hydrational moisturizer as it is mainly composed of water and is soothing when applied to skin.

If you are suffering from very dry, tender skin that is painful or cracked aloe vera is a great option. As it cools and sooths while repairing and hydrating.

Some water-based moisturizers even contain aloe vera for this very purpose.

You can check out this article for more information How Aloe Vera can Benefit Your Skin.

5.    Use a Gentle Soap

Having to wash our hands repeatedly throughout winter is inevitable and unpreventable. But that doesn’t mean that it has to ruin your hands.

Try replacing those harsh and drying hand soaps with more gentle and moisturizing soaps.

Doing this small preventative step can greatly help you to preserve the skin on your hands. Enabling you to wash them as often as needed without striping and drying them.

Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is just one very popular option of a more natural hand soap to choose from.

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6.    Buy a Humidifier

This might seem like an odd tip, but it can actually make a world of difference for dry skin in general.

During the colder seasons there is often hot air running wherever you go which helps to keep you warm and toasty but also helps to dry out your skin.

Try investing in a humidifier that you can have running in your home to help replace the water in the air that the heat is evaporating.

Doing this can help to bring moisture back into the air allowing you to enjoy warmth without drying your skin out.

This humidifier is a great option if you want something that looks sleek and isn’t too bulky.

7.    Gently Exfoliate

If your hands are feeling terribly dry and scaly you might want to try a simple hand scrub to gently exfoliate.

It is best to make your own to avoid all of the colorants, fragrances, and preservatives in store bought scrubs.

Try making your own hand scrub out of sugar and olive oil and use it as often as needed to help removed dead skin cells.

Doing this will allow your moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin without the barrier of dead skin cells that build up.

This article on Sugar Scrubs vs Salt Scrubs can help you decide between two popular scrubs that you can make at home!

8.    Take an Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is a great option for any kind of dry tender skin as oatmeal is moisturizing and soothing to irritated skin.

To use oatmeal for dry skin on hands you can make an oatmeal hand soak or an oatmeal bath. Soaking your hands in either one will help to rehydrate the skin and sooth any irritation that the dryness is causing.

You could even go a step further and make a hand mask with oatmeal and water made into a paste for a skin treatment.

9.    Use Gloves

Whether you are washing dishes, cleaning the house, or going out of doors it is important to wear gloves to protect dry winter skin.

If you are going to be using water, try to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from being dried out by hot water or cleaning products.

If you are going outside frequently or have cold hands, try buying some warm winter gloves to protect them from the harsh temperature change.

10.  Moisturize Throughout the Day

One of the most important tips for treating dry skin on hands and dry skin patches during the colder seasons is to moisturize often.

And by often, I mean as frequently as possible!

Try to moisturize your hands after you wash them and throughout the day if you notice them feeling stiff and dry.

Use a water-based moisturizer frequently throughout the day for a quick hydration boost. And use a heavy oil-based moisturizer at home and before you go to bed as a dry skin treatment.

Doing this will help to prevent your hands from becoming extremely dry and irritated.

Preventative Measures

Dry winter skin and especially dry skin on hands is very preventable with a little forethought.

Once the weather behind to change and become colder try to start implementing these tips. But also start to take preventative measures in order to stop dry skin before it happens.

With just a few preventative steps you can help to preserve your skin this winter. Avoiding dry cracked hands before they even happen!

  • Avoid washing your hands with hot water
  • Don’t use harsh chemical soaps
  • Use hand sanitizer sparingly
  • Wear gloves if you are going to be exposed to severe temperature change
  • Avoid cleaning with chemicals with your bare hands
  • Dry your hands with paper towels over hot air dryers


How do you avoid getting dry hands during the colder months of the season? Do you take long baths or use a special hand lotion?

Dry hands are preventable and thankfully so as they can be both irritating and painful to deal with!

Let me know in the comments what you do each winter to help prevent dry skin!


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