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10 Awesome Plant-Based Recipes You Need to Try Right Now

Are you looking for a selection of delicious plant-based recipes? For easy plant-based meals to make for your family to enjoy?

In this article we are going to be discussing ten popular plant-based recipes that you just have to try out for yourself!

Ten plant-based diet recipes that will change your mind about what plant-based meals taste like.

These ten plant-based recipes are delicious and of varying levels of difficulty so that you can pick and choose what suites your family best.

They are all great ways of warming up to eating a plant-based diet or just provide good options for your next meatless Monday dinner!

So, if you want to find some plant-based inspiration then keep reading. Because here are ten recipes that you must try!

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10 Plant-Based Recipes to Try

Plant-based meals are just like any other kind of food except for the lack of animal products.

Whether you are plant-based, thinking of becoming plant-based, trying to eat healthier or just cutting back on animal products. These meals are a great option!

As a general rule plant-based diet recipes are often a bit healthier and are definitely more creative!

They help you to get your veggies in and feel good while doing it!

If you are interested in eating healthier plant-based meals you should treat yourself to this Oh She Glows Cookbook!

Or this hassle free guide to cooking vegetables perfectly, Essential Veggie Cookbook.

1.    Sheet Pan Meals

Some of my favorite plant-based meals to make are definitely sheet pan meals!

They are fast and easy and require almost no effort whatsoever and can be made with anything that you have on hand.

Sheet pan meals are perfect for days where there just isn’t time to spend in the kitchen and are generally people pleasers all around.

They can be made to cater to certain diets, allergies or for picky eaters. 

You can read The Inspired Home’s article on 16 Plant-Based Sheet Pan Recipes for more inspiration. 

The only thing to keep in mind is the different baking times of each veggie that you decide to use. You might need to bake certain veggies first then add the rest a bit later for evenly cooked vegetables.

2.    Pot Pies

Pot pie dinners have become a recent obsession of mine and has made me wonder why I didn’t try them sooner!

Plant-based diet recipes don’t have to be dull or boring and pot pies prove that very fact. They are creamy and indulgent and oh so filling.

You can add a flaky layer of pie crust on the top to break into or simply plop a few biscuits on top to enjoy.

Pot pies are another plant-based recipe that can be made with what you have on hand. With vegetables that you have laying around that need to be quickly use up.

This recipe from Simple Vegan Pot Pie recipe from My Vegan Minimalist is the one that I often make!

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3.    Buddha Bowls

The quick and simple buddha bowl is the ultimate option of effortless meals.

Buddha bowls can be made of just about anything you have left in your kitchen including leftovers!

They are quick and easy to create and can require very minimal cooking depending on what kind of buddha bowl you are making.

They are great plant-based meals for nights where you just want to have a spread of food. As everyone can assemble their own buddha bowl to their taste!

This article on 50 Plant-Based Buddha Bowls would be a great place to start if you are new to making buddha bowls!

You can make Mexican, Asian, Chinese, or Indian inspired buddha bowls. Getting creative with whatever you are craving at the moment.

You can check out this article on How to Make a Healthy Buddha Bowl for more inspiration on making your own buddha bowls!

4.    Soups

Now I know that soups aren’t the most creative meal that there is but hear me out. Soups are incredibly versatile and can be creative depending on what you are going after!

You can make a Mexican soup filled with spicy peppers and corn or you can make a Korean inspired soup with tofu and spring onion.

The options are limitless and are another great way of getting that daily amount of veggies into your diet. Without making you feel like a rabbit!

When you are new to plant-based foods they are great starting place and almost can’t be messed up!

You can try out this Vegan Corn Chowder from Loving It Vegan or this Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup from Nora Cooks.

plant-based recipes

5.    Stir Fry’s

Stir fry’s can make amazing plant-based meals and are one of the ultimate kinds of comfort food. Because who can say no to noodles. I mean really.

You can make amazing stir fry’s that are packed with vegetables and filling noodles all covered in a glorious sauce.

I like to go for the simple option and make a homemade teriyaki sauce, but you can make all kinds of stir fry’s.

You can make light and fresh stir fry’s, sweet and sour, creamy and cheesy, or spicy stir fries. You can get very creative with it.

And the best part is that they are quick and simple meals to make!

You can try out this simply delicious Broccoli Mushroom Stir Fry!

This is a type of meal where the Essential Veggie Cookbook comes in handy so that you can cook all of your veggies perfectly every time!

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6.    Savory Oatmeal

One of my new favorite meals to make has been savory oatmeal. 

Does that sound crazy to you? I know it did to me when I first heard about it!

But oatmeal is much like rice or grits in the way that it is mild in flavor and can be doctored up with just about any flavor profile.

Oats are also very heart healthy foods not to mention incredibly filling and satisfying. You won’t be reaching for an after-dinner snack after a bowl of savory oats that’s for sure!

I usually keep it simple and make a hearty bowl of cheesy oats, but you can really step it up much further then that.

This Vegan Savory Oatmeal recipe from The Banana Diaries is a great beginner recipe for savory oatmeal.

7.    Cheese less Mac and Cheese

One very popular kind of plant-based recipe is cheese less mac and cheese. Strange sounding? Yes, I know.

But believe it or not you can make delicious mac and cheese without cheese! There are so many amazingly creative recipes out there that have accomplished what we thought could never be done.

There are many plant-based diet recipes of mac and cheese that have even managed to fit in several portions of veggies! 

Recipes like this Creamy Mac and Cheese from Produce on Parade that has all kinds of veggies hidden in it! Or you could go the simpler route with a recipe like this Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese.

Now you can enjoy that amazingly cheesy and decadent dish without guilt or an upset stomach afterwards.

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8.    Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower wings are an incredibly popular recipe. So popular that you might have already heard of them.

Cauliflower wings are imitations of the regular chicken wings that you are more than likely familiar with.

They are cauliflower segments dipped and battered and baked to crispy perfection before being tossed in your sauce of choice.

My favorite variation of cauliflower wings are the classic Barbecue Cauliflower Wings but there are so many other options.

I have even seen sweet and sour cauliflower wings which are on my list of recipes to try!

You should definitely try this recipe for Sesame Cauliflower Wings!

9.    Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers were one of the first plant-based recipes that I tried several years ago.

They are traditionally made to be Mexican inspired. But I think you could pull of other flavor profiles as well.

They are commonly made by stuffing roasted bell peppers. Stuffing them with variations of seasoned rice, rice and beans or rice with other vegetables.

The filling can be changed up according to your taste but you can check out this recipe for Stuffed Peppers for some inspiration!

They are generally simple though stuffing them can become time consuming. Which is why I would consider these to be more of a special occasion’s kind of meal.

10. Grilled Kabobs

It’s summer which means grilling season is fast upon us and grilling season means what? It means it’s time for grilled kabobs!

Now I have to be honest here and say that grilled kabobs are very similar to what you would get from a sheet pan meal. Except that they are way more fun and have that charred grill flavor!

These can be done with all kinds of vegetables and mushrooms and can be seasoned in all kinds of tasty ways. Not to mention the wide assortment of sauces and glazes that you can dunk them in.

They are also usually crowd pleasers and popular amongst picky eaters as they can be made individually by each person.

You can check out this tasty recipe for Easy Veggie Kebabs from Skinny Ms.



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  1. Jenny Payne

    Some great inspiration here. Cauliflower steaks are my current veggie obsession – will have to give the wings a try! And savoury oatmeal is a new one on me. Will have to experiment with that. Thanks for inspiring me to try new things! 🙂

    J x |

    1. I’m Glad you found it helpful! I need to try cauliflower steaks! I’ve heard of them but never tried them for myself.

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